15 thoughts on “Now Where Would Anybody Get A Stupid Idea Like That?”

  1. Who does he think is going to vandalize anything? His estranged kids?

  2. Da intertoobz iz 4evah.

    Speaking of fences... by any chance is there a chain-link one around the tincasa?

  3. The Liberal Grouch ‏@GrouchyOldLib 22m22 minutes ago
    My guess? Some dumbass who thinks that I'm the only person in Elkridge, MD that ever used Avvo?

    Heh, there is a lot more then the AVVO post but Bill over shares so much and deletes so much I guess he forgets all the crap he's spewed on his many defunct twitter accounts and blogs.

  4. Oh. There is A LOT more, indeed, AV. And, AVVO is not the only site where some "random person" who just happens to be from "Elkridge, Maryland" asks questions of legal professionals that just happen to perfectly coincide with issues the over-sharer mentioned in tweets, blogs, etc. around the exact same times. Funny, huh?

    BTW -- Does anyone happen to have a link or a screenshot related to BS whining about some bag of poo that was set next to his trashcans?

  5. Since we're in the "Make the Monkey Dance" phase of the cycle, rather than the "Ignore the Asshole" phase...


    You won't take our advice... How about advice from...


  6. And... The dumbass doxxes HIMSELF, AGAIN:


    Stupid fucker, ain't he?

  7. Poor Bill STILL hasn't figured it out. Well I'm not going to waste my time educating him. Besides, it's more fun imagining him trying to remember what he posted about the camera 🙂 We all know, but Bill has to try and remember thousands of deleted texts and blog posts.

    So Bill can go fuck himself sideways with his bogus "bets". As I clearly stated, Did he take it down? Is it still up? Who knows? We just know he had one due to his postings. But Bill being a dishonest man, skips those pesky facts to rant like a mad man on twitter. What a pathetic life he must lead.

    1. The bad news is he forgot where he put his camera. The good news is he found lots more money than the camera is worth.


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