If You Find You Need Help…

…like with a password reset or something…

…just ask.

Gotta leave an email address though.

UPDATE – I hope nobody pulls that post down.  It’s only been archived about 15 times.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “If You Find You Need Help…”

  1. We couldn't have made this up if we tried.

    What Motivated Patrick Grady to Do Something This Dumb? http://www.endtimestribune.com/2015/05/what-motivated-patrick-grady-to-do-something-this-dumb/ …

    Not a safe link, but if you venture there, you'll see that Mr. Bill is upset because WordPress autofilled his name, email, and website into the contact form. Guess what! It did the same thing to us when we first looked at the post because we were logged in to our WordPress account. When we logged out and came back, it didn't.

    Mr. Bill appears to have sent an email to the federal judge in his suit against Grady and to WordPress complaining about the autofill. He seems to think that everyone on the Interwebz sees his address.

    1. Amazingly, MY information is autofilled into that form!!!! How does KREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENDLER!!!! do that?!?


      Did Pappy tell Blob what to do when the really stupid person he was up against is that fat asshole in his mirror? That could have been very useful to him.

    2. Do not go to that site with out heavy duty protection. Odl bs has a html5 Canvas_fingerprinting tracker installed--or what I call a virus.
      You can not get much lower than that.

  2. Stupidity as severe as Bill's should not be painful - it should be terminal.

    Does that #DUMBFUCK even know what the internet really is? He should get a Dvorak keyboard - then he would be able to decode the secret messages in the other post.

  3. Hi Judge!

    We haven't met yet but we will soon! I'm BILL SCHMALFELDT!!!!!!!!

    Now, I figure right now you are thinking of googling my name so to not waste time I'm gonna quickly show you how CRAZY I can be! Ready? Here we go......

    Warble Gobble Weeble Wobble!!! Pea soup pajama party pumpkin mess on my pants! LAW AM LAW!! HEEENGH HEENGH HEENGH!

    Can't you just WAIT to see me in court!! So much FUN FUN FUN! Remember, Judge, I'm the PLAINTIFF!

    Toodles and see you soon

    -- Love, Bill

      1. Oh if I put "be well" the dumb mook might try and sue me for copyright defamation inflection of emotional ham sandwich.

      2. OMG, you just cost me a keyboard Krendler! I'll collect at our next luncheon, mmmkay?

  4. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Oh he is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving and giving....


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