26 thoughts on “I Forget…”

      1. a) Like he wasn't already...
        b) It is fair use of an image El Blobo took (Fool of a Took!) himself (SCHMALFELCH AM LAW!!!) and then posted to twitter/facebook. i.e., the base image is in public domain, a person with authority to do so, did so.
        c) Truck Stop Horta might be defamatory, if the miners had had a truck stop. Otherwise acknowledging that anyone might be a Horta involves that person looking like a pile of rocks and being able to etch "No Kill I" into solid rock. Oh, and nodules, lots of silicon nodules. Enough that Intel or Motorola would cheerfully sign a "kill" order and buy off whatever politicians were necessary.

        Finally, A Reader #1 put this up at Hoge's:

        My response:

        Interesting. About 3/4 down the page on AR’s link, he has a pic to what I assume in a Avvo law link. He says, “Posted by one of you morons. a Patrick Grady production, no doubt. I’ll just add it to his pile. Amusing. ”

        Admission against interest that he’s just blaming Grady for _anything_ _anyone_ writes about him?

        Perhaps useful for Grady? Perhaps on two fronts, shield and sword alike?

        PK, if you're Grady (SMDH), read this. If any of you know Grady, pass it on.

  1. When you can barely make yourself look away from your own...products, does it really matter what other creatures look like?

  2. You do NOT want to fuck with a man who has just been told by a doctor that his wife's condition is terminal. Mark my words. You. Do. NOT.— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 19, 2015

    Awwww.... I love the tuff guy part of the Schmycle. It makes me LAUGH!

    You shit-sniffing chancre... you are about as intimidating as a weak breeze. Go fuck yourself sideways with a frozen swordfish.

    1. So it isn't private anymore?

      Ballsack Bill is the best part of the Schmycle! For may reasons, amusement, dark amusement, Schadenfreude, admissions against interest, sheer dumfuckery, anal seepage, you know, the usual.

    2. Awww, just makes you want to pat him on the head and say "there there!" Then you realize who you are talking about and you think, yeah, not really.

  3. That settles it. Twat Schmalfledt photoshops,including donkey fucking, horse cock sucking and huge Merlot bottle cramming are being uploaded to the internet as we speak.

    Don't like it, Shakey.Don't fucking care. And wait until she takes the dirt nap. I have some DOOZIES ready for that day.

  4. So, no one can post a picture of his wife anywhere, for any reason, ever, or he's going to ... uh ... something ... because DYING!!!! HATE!!!! whatever. Even if those pictures were posted first on twitter which basically puts them in the public domain.

    But it's fine for Bill to take pictures he's found on forgotten websites of other people's childen and post them while accusing people of child abuse.

    Double standard much?

    I wonder if there should be an "everyone draw Bill's wife" day? Given the photos of her she lets him put out on the web and into the public domain, she's hardly one to complain.

    1. she's just hoping to escape as soon as she can...

      I mean it's not like she has a caring spouse who is trying to take care of her in her "final illness", all she has is a lying cyberstalking harrasser who'd rather spew shit on a protected twitter feed then spend time with her.

      Although considering how he acts, I'm sure she'd rather prefer him to let her rot away in peace.....

      1. And he's still tweeting away, although he's protected!

        Given that most of his "followers" are minders or socks (or both) I doubt they're even bothering to read his spew.

  5. The Fat Bastard, roller of turds, is one sick puppy! He needs to seek professional help!

  6. I am not in a good mood. Tonight is not the night to fuck with me. Bad things likely to happen to those who ignore that very clear warning.— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 20, 2015

    Bwahahahahahahaha!! Oh Billy Boy, you internet badass, you.

    I'm SO quaking in my Nikes that you ARE IN A BAD MOOD!!!11!!!OHNOES!!11!ELEVENTY!!

    Fuck. You. Pussy.

    Word of advice. You aren't tough. You aren't scary... or intimidating... or even mildly entertaining. You're a toad. A buttpimple. A chancre. A Twatwaffle. You're a big talking, shit-snorting blowhard that thinks he is a hard hombre.

    So you go get that baseball bat you wrote a blog post about. Bring the ghosts of your pussy brothers, the "badass" Team Kimberlin tough guys who like to write all tough and shit (I'm looking at you, Osborne). And anytime you're feeling froggy... bring it, Kermit. I'm not hard to find.

    And you will find out first hand that being all Billy Badass banging on a computer keyboard doesn't mean shit in the real world.

    1. People been fucking with you on the Internet for nigh onto a decade, Cousin Bill, and we have yet to see any tangible proof of how badass you are...

      Time to put up, or shutup, keyboard kommando!

  7. http://imageshack.com/a/img661/5238/JCL3NZ.png

    Can't disagree with you there, Bill. Why, though, would you...


    Oh, a rare moment of self-insight. Good for you!


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