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As we all know, Paul Krendler is tending to his injured child and concentrating on his family at the moment. He handed me, Zombie Morgana, the metaphorical reins to give you all the occasional update as well as an open thread for topics of interest. I had hoped to be making the occasional guest post over here, but not under these circumstances. I am your humble Blog Mistress over at Billy Sez and hope that you will peruse the content there at your leisure and to your own amusement.

So here we are, a fresh and unspoiled thread for you Zombie Horde members. Enjoy!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

26 thoughts on “Guest Host Introductions – Open Post”

  1. I, too, wish it was under far different circumstances, but happy all the same to see you at the helm, Blog Mistress.

    TMZ rests in safe hands until the return of our HZIC.

  2. An unspoiled thread for the Zombie Horde

    A Fun Payload of Nuclear Radioactivities
    Enough fun to kill boredom for the rest of your half life!

  3. So did Cabin Boy post John Lennon's "instant karma " to celebrate his double Twitter suspension today?

    Does he think he's being original?

    Does this tell us he believes what Krendler says?

    Does it tell us he's full of shit?

    Are my arms long enough to embrace the power of this AND?

  4. I'm glad someone could quickly fill the spot so tragically vacated by the HZIC. Let this be a learning opportunity for BS, if one Lickspittle isn't able to blog, another will fill his place. He's been so fixated on Krendler identity, that even if PK is sued into silence.....2 more will take his place to get the truth out there about BS. How many new Team Free Speech blogs have popped up recently?? And I hear tell that several more are gearing up!!!

    1. Don't forget about all the Zombie Lickspittles who labor in the shadows!

      Cousin Bill, have you wondered why your life has felt like such a struggle the last couple of years?

      Wise up, bubba...

      1. Remember when Blob said this?

        If you morons would just forget #brettkimberlin even exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be investigating.—
        Bill Schmalfeldt (@LiberalGrouch) November 30, 2012

        I keep asking him if he's happier, but he doesn't seem to want to face the answer to that question.

      2. Yes, Cousin Roy, there are many who labor in the shadows and they are just as important, nay, even more important than myself and the HZIC. Couldn't do this without them.

  5. Oh, Blob. You do such a marvelous job of demolishing any shred of a case you might have been able to convince somebody you might have had. Keep up the good work, dumbass!

    Suggestion: Next time, instead of shooting yourself in the foot, try shooting yourself in the face!

  6. And, in other news, Billy's headed for Number One!

    over at Billy Sez.

  7. And even more Billy Sez content for your reading pleasure:

    Bill Schmalfeldt makes some, err... promises.

    Check them out over at Billy Sez!

  8. Here's another thing to add to the stack of crazy shit that plays only on the movie screen on the inside walls of It's skull:

    "I can find no mention of an accident such as he describes on the website that documents news reports of every car accident in America where injuries are involved."

    Or yet another huge lie. Take your pick.

    1. Funny how he fails to mention this web site, which would have to document TENS OF THOUSANDS of traffic deaths and MILLIONS OF INJURIES each year to be complete.


      Bill Schmalfeldt, you're a FUCKING LIAR.

      1. He says his wife was taken to the hospital this morning. As I've said elsewhere, I hope what ever time she has left, however long or short, is comfortable and comforting to her and her family.

        My first throught was NOT that I should post, "Gee, I don't see that on the website of all ambulance calls with transport everywhere in the country."

      2. "He says his wife was taken to the hospital this morning. As I’ve said elsewhere, I hope what ever time she has left, however long or short, is comfortable and comforting to her and her family."

        I simply don't care about Gail. There are countless millions of people in the process of dying at this moment, and to be blunt I reserve my concern for those that I know, or have lived admirable lives and deserve some accolades before they shuffle off this mortal coil.

        She's remained married to Bill Schmalfeldt for decades. That's not much of a character reference.

        Not that I'd discourage anyone from expressing sincere condolences, oh no!

        After all, we all know how sincere expressions of non-sociopathic impulses infuriates Bill Schmalfeldt, not to mention committing the greatest crime against the Glory That Is Bill Schmalfeldt: Paying attention to anyone NOT Bill Schmalfeldt.

        "My first throught was NOT that I should post, 'Gee, I don’t see that on the website of all ambulance calls with transport everywhere in the country.'"

        LG, that's because you're not an evil sociopath.

        Bill Schmalfeldt? Not so much.

        Bill Schmalfeldt has taken joy in and exploited for his own twisted purposes the tragedies of many folks. Now the tragedy strikes close to him I can only say:

        Ha. HA!

        ...and yes: MOTHERFUCKING HA!

        Be well, Shakey!

  9. This is amusing:

    Looks like Twitter may have finally put the kibosh on his multitudinous Twitter accounts and perma-banned him. He has fired up a Tumblr account.

    If I remember correctly, Tumblr has no way to Block anyone, or prevent them from linking your posts and then commenting their little brains out about them. Considering how anathema both those things are to Le ChickenShit Enormite' I can't figure he'll last long on Tumblr.

  10. "A simple statement of my Tumblr Philosophy, should you care
    Twitter sucks."
    May 29, 2015
    The Liberal Grouchcast Tumblr account

    Yeah, right. Twitter s*cks soooo baaaaaad.

    That's why you created over 100 twitter accounts, right Blob? I mean, that's what I do when I hate something. I use it over and over again every day for years and years. And if I could keep on using it, I would. Yeah, that's what I do when I hate something. Exactly.

    1. Blob IOW: It's not my fault. It's Twitter's fault. Twitter s*cks.


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