20 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Good Morning Oedipal Dumbfuck!
    Dance monkey dance to twitter account deletion.
    All Of This Has Happened Before.
    Good Morning Oedipal Dumbfuck!
    Dance the monkey dance to incarceration.
    F5 will not save you.
    Good Morning Oedipal Dumbfuck!
    May you die alone, rotting in your own worm infested excrement,
    Damned for all eternity.
    Good Morning Oedipal Dumbfuck!
    All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again!

  2. That sounds like bullshit, Blob.


  3. I find it very progressive that Bill Schmalfeldt loves to keep a large number of stock photos from black men in various states of undress on his computer. I am pretty sure he keeps it current so he can use them for just the right moment.


  4. A tweet...

    -- That does NOT include his @ handle
    -- With an image that is NOT of him
    -- Tweeted by someone he claims: "I haven't even thought of for weeks"
    -- That he had to pathetically search his own name and/or stalk timelines to find

    ... constitutes a "DIRECT ATTACK" in the Loony Land of a Stalking Sociopath?

    If THIS is what he deems a "direct attack" -- do y'all think the dummy has any idea what he just said about his own Twitter timeline and blog posts and podcasts? Or, are his "direct attacks" justifiable because... raging hypocrite with raging butthurt?


    Oh. And, do y'all think his Momma could have raised a bigger, more pathetic, pansy-ass sissy if she had tried? *SMDH*

    1. I'd like to hear from Cousin Roy to confirm, but I'm thinking his mother was as useless a parent as Bill himself. I mean, just look at the insanity that his 'sister' posts on Twitter from time to time. Bobbers may have been the best of the bunch, but damn if that isn't a low hurdle to clear.

    2. Grace, of course he is a raging hypocrite. When they write the entry for "[laws, standard, (fill in the blank)] for me, not for thee", all they will need is a picture of him.

      Of course he knows that almost the entirety of his twitter feeds, blogs, podcasts, books, etc is hateful attacks, but he thinks he's so much better than everyone else that he's justified, because he's such a special snowflake. We know he thinks he's better than everyone here because he constantly harps on about how we don't have books and CDs to our name. That they don't sell enough for him to put them on his tax return doesn't matter; in what is left of his diseased mind the fact that they exist is what counts.

      I do wonder what he would do if a real author, radio host, or recording artist started calling him out? I'm sure he'd find a way to justify attacking them, but he'd have to do some work to find grounds for thinking he was superior to them in the only fields of endeavour he thinks count.

      1. I actually have had a book published. Well, just a couple of chapters in a technical "how to" guide from Cisco Systems, but hey, it was real non copy/paste writing.

        Even my dry technical prose surpassed in quality the raving lunacy Bill produces.

      2. My hat's off to you. Technical writing is quite a skill. I've read enough bad manuals to really, really appreciate the well written ones. And since I've had to create my own how-tos for when I was on medical leave at my last job, I know the time and effort it takes to do them right.

      3. I've been "published" in multiple books that our Navy pilots use to figure out what the hell they need to do to fly their wonderful jets. I was also a real reporter and newspaper page editor for six years. Unfortunately none of my work is on the internet. Mainly because the newspaper stuff was before our paper archived the stuff they stuck on the internet and the Navy stuff, well, let's just say we don't want a lot of that on the web, mmkay?

        But I obviously don't count, because I don't do RADIO. WTF man.

  5. Now, see, here's what gets me.

    Bill actually thinks that post makes Ali look bad. It really just makes Bill look like an a$$.

    Bill, consider the works of Viligans Vindex above. They mock you and make you an object of ridicule.

    Until you see why they are effective, and your images are not, you will continue to [REDACTED, don't educate the monkey - PG]


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