Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Good Lord!  For those of us who spend much time mAkIng jokes, there are so many names for that.  We couLd call it “a fat pitch riGht down the middle,” or it could be “A straIght Line directly from God.”

All any gIfted LauGh mAnufacturer Is required to do for the crowd to join in the LauGhter is mAke sure the plaInLy obvious punch line Gets mAde for the crowd.

If that simpLe task Gets AccomplIshed?

Laughs for everyone!!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

79 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. What do you call a biological male who has sex on stage in front of a paying audience?


    Heard tell today that ShitExpress shipped that package in early March, it contained a plain old candle (not "shit-scented"), and it was delivered in late March, i.e. two months ago.

    Is DUMBFUCK lying about THIS, TOO?


    We're all DYING, Blob. One of us will make the world a much better place by leaving. That's you, DUMBFUCK.

    If one of my loved ones was passing, I certainly wouldn't relate upsetting things to them. I wouldn't go looking for things to upset either of us. I would have more important things to think about than flame wars. But then, you're a miserable asshole, and abuse is the only thing you have in your life, so do yourself and your wife a favor and...


    1. Oh, and you report facts like cockroaches sing opera: Not even a little bit. Just fuck off and die, k?


        It's got one thing right - I am a clown. Funnier than it ever was or will be.

        The rest - not even close. This is not about the Stranahans. Well...not entirely.

        It's about the Stranahans.
        It's about the Hoges.
        It's about the Causeys.
        It's about the Gradys.
        It's about faildoxes by the score.
        It's about harassment and cyberstalking.
        It's about Peace Orders not being worth shit.
        It's about a woman whose kids he "pretended" to threaten to have taken away.
        It's about Doug. I want it all!
        It's about what happens if you would just leave this guy it barely knows alone, how we would all be happier and no one would be investigating.
        It's about emails to employers various and sundry.
        It's about the heat in the kitchen and what to do if you can't take it.

        In one simple word, it's "CUMULATIVE."

        Why is it cumulative?

        Because it is a walking, talking, dripping, chafing testicle-footed human schlong, both figuratively and REALLY, REALLY FIGURATIVELY, and its chickens are coming home to roost.

      2. Everyone on that list?


        What we comment on and discuss with each other at TMZ?


        What we comment on and discuss with each other at Hogewash!?


        What we comment on and discuss on protected and private blogs?


        The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt wants to make it his business which is why he stalks people on the Internet. No one is talking TO the stalking sociopath. And, there is not a damn thing anyone is doing wrong by talking ABOUT the stalking sociopath, and repeating things HE HIMSELF PUT OUT ON THE INTERNET FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.

        A Federal Judge isn't going to give a rat's ass that someone called someone else's wife a whore on the Internet. And, Bill Schmalfeldt would be none the wiser if he didn't SEEK OUT comments made by others that are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.


        GFY, BS.

      3. To Bill Schmalfeldt alias The Elkridge Horror:

        In many ways, you are Cain remember Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve. Cain, like you, was so jealous of Abel that he eventually murdered him. Why? Because, like you, Cain was obsessed with "Self". You are so obsessed with your "Self" that you cannot feel compassion for anyone else. Everything that happens is directed at you. Instead of comforting your Gail in her alleged final struggle, you focus on justifying your crude, criminal actions of the past. Like Cain, you have no soul. The "hell" you claim that you are experiencing now is nothing to what awaits you.

        Remember the innocent dentist you DOXX'ed, causing him great mental anguish, from Johnstown, PA? Did you ever apologize? NO! You simply justified your cruelty as an innocent mistake and moved on. This is your life story. You are always a victim. You are always a loser. Your hate is so laser-focused because you are so angry at ever having been born.

        Your victimology is LEGEND, EH. Your alter-ego, CAIN, awaits you in HELL. Humanity has rejected you for all time.

        Be Well,

      4. The only person harassing Mrs. Blob is Blob. No one here has said a word to her. If I were going to say anything to her, I'd just apologize for not following through on my idea to crowdfund a gun for her a while back. It's a pity that she's having to spend her final days, Blob. No one deserves that. I haven't told her that, though.

        You should just shut the fuck up, Blob.

    2. BS writes a lengthy and scathing blog post about the Stranahans, and then tweets directly to Lee so he is clearly aware that BS is re-abusing and re-victimizing Lee and his wife AGAIN.

      Then dumbass has the gall to blame others for his evil behavior because they are pointing out his evil behavior.

      And all the while he's asking people to stop talking about his wife as he places her front and center -- WHILE he's mocking and abusing other men's wives.

      You just can't make this stuff up.

      GFY, BS.

      1. If he went away, nobody would care.


        Only when he does outrageously on-screen thing do people care.

        So he was to keep doing them. So somebody cares. Ignoring him would just up his ante. Wick is why he desperately needs a 5150, and why he'll avoid it at all costs. It's all he's got.

  4. Bill's "undisputed fact" is nothing more than "someone told me so". Maybe someone will report about Bill's butt raping of little boys. It must be an "undisputed fact" because someone told me so. World's Most Stupid Man™

    1. I think that view of "facts" is also how you get from a cop reporting what it claimed, to cop declaring said claims to be true. Pustule is so dedicated a liar that he can't even define the word truth, much less actually tell it.

      On another front, the Christians among us likely hope that GS goes to her Maker with a saved soul, but I don't see how that would require any of us to mourn her passing, much less care how Pustule feels about it. I'm pleased, myself, to see Pustule get a little of the medicine he prescribed for the Stranahans, the Breitbarts, etc. As PK says, it's cumulative, not any one of Pustule's evil deeds; it pays for its own numerous sins, no one else's.


    My reply is the same as it was last year.,,


    After watching that sick twisted fuck use that day after day to inflict pain, I decided that he deserved everything he got. I also hoped I would see the day where he lost someone he loved, so I could watch people joke about the vet putting her down.

    I'm getting my wish.

  6. Full meltdown mode this morning.

    And as usual, twisting facts into complete pretzels. Again about how the Causeys LIED on their restraining order applications. Again how he's only had ONE fail dox, when I've seen over a dozen in the last year alone. There was tomblvd who wasn't the guy in New Jersey. And pemason, who wasn't the woman in Oregon. And then several fails on Howard. And several on Jerry Fletcher. Has he ever apologized to Chris Heather who was two or three people at once, and living in Wisconsin AND in Arizona at the same time?

    And he wonders why so many of us think he's completely insane.

      1. Oh Lord yes, and then there was the policeman who was supposedly harassing him from work, which necessitated an apology email to the guy's boss.

        And those are just off the top of my head. I wonder what a definitive list of his fail doxes would look like, and how many pages it would take to print out?

    1. Hey Bill hasn't fail doxed me!

      I'm a video game playing teenager who had never been to war... oh wait he was wrong about that.

      I'm Petty Officer Robert "Bob" Albee with a WHOLE WEBSITE devoted to me... oh wait he was wrong about that,

      I'm Andrew Ballard and a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and he had my picture on his twitter feed as proof, proof, proof of who I am.... oh wait he was wrong bout that too.

      I'm a black, Zambian lesbian princess.... or am I?

      And that all happened within three weeks.

    2. Yep. He's over at that cesspool of lies (aka: his Twitter timeline) attempting to justify and explain away his evil.

      Lee Stranahan's photography business?

      The Stranahan's poor, deceased baby?

      The Stranahan's other children?

      Anyone and everyone who chooses to write about the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his criminal, evil past -- and, his current criminal antics?

      The personal lives and children and families and jobs of those who comment in ways the stalking sociopath doesn't like?

      By sticking his big, fat face, and his retarded, fucking mouth into things that are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS -- he has brought attention upon himself, and has created a vast group of people who know him for his evil and will not sit back and be quiet about it. IT IS ALL BILL SCHMALFELDT'S FAULT. HE ONLY HAS HIMSELF TO BLAME.

      And, because he's such a freaking dumbass he won't simply shut up and go away.

      GFY, BS.

      1. Oooh, but he thinks he's got you by the shorthairs now, Grace. Are you quaking in your boots yet? Whatta maroon!

      2. Grace. It is a shame that women groom themselves "down there" differently today than times past.

        You could make a fortune combining your hairdressing and midwife careers.

    3. I like this:

      He hasn't even gotten past servicing yet in his case. He honestly (irrationally) believes he will prevail. He has little chance to get past MTD or Summary Judgment. If he somehow makes it to a jury trial, he's going to end up like Butthurt Brett with a directed verdict. No jury is going to award him anything. He's just going to have to admit to never winning in court, or in life and die a poor lost soul. Whatever time he's had left, its been squandered.

      Sorry Billy, your life is in shambles. Your chance of winning at life died when you chose to make everything personal. All you had to do was walk away. And you couldn't even do that.


        I wasn't referring to your close escapes of the law from judges who gave you unearned mercy. I was referring to cases you have initiated and filed. Dipshit.

      2. It's funny how getting what amounts to a waiver not found in statute is a win. Then again any time Bill leaves the court house through the front doors is a win for him.

      3. He counts nolle prosequi as a win. He doesn't seem to understand prosecutorial discretion. Hell, he doesn't even know how to file a civil complaint without screwing it up.

    4. Yeah, you can chalk up my doxxing as a fail. Complete, utter, more than 1,500 miles worth of fail. lolz!

  7. Groucheaux Marks @Grouchcast · 43m 43 minutes ago

    ...calling my terminally ill wife a WHORE is better than what I did to anyone? SERIOUSLY? You just bet your family's future security, son.

    Groucheaux Marks @Grouchcast · 42m 42 minutes ago

    And you will lose everything as a result.

    Isn't this the 12th or 20th time Bill has threatened to take everything from someone? What has he ended up with? Nothing. A big fat empty hand and life to show for all his harassing and stalking and threatening.

    1. "Isn’t this the 12th or 20th time Bill has threatened to take everything from someone? What has he ended up with?"

      A dying wife, a trailer in Maryland and the privilege of calling Brett Kimberlin a friend.

      1. If you're gonna make your "living" add a deranged cyberstalker ... MD's the place to be.

      2. Haha. Yup!

        Because when you read it without the quotation marks you stop and say "Really? I mean.... REALLY?????!"


    2. Hey, at least this time he didn't threaten to take the wife too. 😀

      Calling someone a whore who wouldn't even know about it if her husband didn't tell her (and we don't even know that he has) is worse than calling a grieving mother a whore and the greiving husband a pimp? It's worse than publishing their address and suggesting people go there and rape the wife? It's worse than making a parody of them pimping out their pre-teen daughters?

      Actually, no, it isn't.

      And BK hasn't actually paid his debt to society yet. He won't have until a) his parole is up in another decade or two and b) he's paid Mrs. DeLong the money awarded her.

      1. Just because he won't use the entire plot doesn't mean the cemetery should mess up their surveying.

        p.s. They're usually 5x10. Easier to parce out.

    3. He may have some counterclaims to contend with once his bullshit, vexatious LOLsuits go down in flames. Here's to hoping.

      I'm, too, still hoping something is going to come of his numerous violations of the Illinois Stalking No-Contact Order.

      And, two more Peace Order appeals are in play.

      Yep. A big, fat, empty hand and life. And, the dumbass cannot manage to connect his stalking, harassment, and threatening abuse to any of it. Fucking idiot.

  8. Hey, if having sex with strange men makes a woman a prostitute, then what is a woman who had sex with Witless Willie? I mean, who is stranger than the witless one.

      1. Always with the butt stuff!

  9. Well, Batman has certainly been unseated now as the Greatest Detective.

    But Batman has morality, common sense, and the ability to get into a tight-fitting suit. Plus a nice place to live.

    OTOH, someone would probably drools over the concept of having "Robin" down the hall

    1. He's gonna give himself an embolism if he keeps up the rage threats. Don't say I didn't warn you Bill!

        1. Embolism? You mean like this?

    2. Yep. And, he keeps whipping that Hoggy Pot out like it's some winning hand.

      You see, Your Honor. Some kindred spirits got together and compiled a lot of the things I have willingly posted on the Internet over the past decade in my attempts to abuse, threaten, and harass those unfortunate enough to cross my path.

      Did they show it to me? No. Did they harass me with it? No. Did they splash the information all over blogs and Twitter timelines? No.

      BUT, BUT, BUT... YOUR HONOR!!!

      LIBEL!!1!!1! CONSPIRACY!!1!!1! BUTTHURT FOR THE WIN!!1!!1!1!


      1. Because he's a dumbass.

        Actually, part of the problem is that he doesn't know how to argue or win an argument - bluster or meek acquiescence is all he's every learned.

        He think it's a"win" because he's a... Dumbass

      2. Everything was something he had previously and willingly posted himself. Everything was/is publicly available on the Internet.

        So is dumbass claiming that he originally libeled himself in his decades worth of crap that was found on the Internet IN HIS OWN WORDS?

        Damn. He's dumb. He wrote all of it. And, he's retarded enough to believe it's libel because people found it and reposted it elsewhere.

        Stupid should be far, far more fatal.

      3. It’s got one thing right – I am a clown. Funnier than it ever was or will be.

        Sorry, O Prince of Parody (FBUY), but this is the funniest thing EVER and it was written by none other than DUMBFUCK:

        Now, if you're talking about intentionally funny, then your statement stands true.

  10. So glad my tax dollars are at work making sure Bill gets picked up.

      1. According to the website, it's a garbage truck. I thought it most appropriate.

        If it's actually a recycling truck it could still work. They could render it down and make tallow candles. Thousands of tallow candles. Plus bone meal for the hogs, etc.

      2. They could render it down and make tallow candles. Thousands of tallow candles.

        Shit-scented tallow candles, coming from that corpse.


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