Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Either DUMBFUCK is a practiced sadist, or it is batshit crazy and does not realize the pain it has caused for most of the past decade.

Or it has not yet learned to embrace the power of “AND.”

Really. What has DUMBFUCK ever done to Suzy Breitbart? Connie Hoge? Lauren Stranahan? How many other wives of its “enemies?” Why has it not only written vile and hateful blog posts about some of these women, but created disgusting photoshops, posted photographs incorrectly identifying others as erotic models, as well as publishing their home addresses and encouraging other DUMBFUCKS to visit their homes and rape them?

That was harassment. That was intentional infliction of emotional distress. It did this on purpose when it could easily have kept its stupid fucking mouth shut instead of showing the world what a DUMBFUCK it was and continues to be.

Someday, a DUMBFUCK is going to be sitting by the bedside of a dying wife. I hope the image of what it did just a few short years ago haunts it forever, unless it takes THE CURE before its wife.

Either way, I choose to embrace the power of “AND,” and say — good.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. There is this guy on the internet who is complaining that he controls his image and publicity.
      He has a problem, the rights/licences of most of the "quotes" and "images" he is complaining are not owned or controlled by him. It pays to read TOS before posting, it pays even more to not be a butt-head.

  1. I'd like to point out a difference between what even the most hard-nosed zombie has done and what Witless Willie has done. The difference is certainly meaningful morally and may be meaningful legally.

    As far as I am aware, no zombie has attempted to intrude on the life of its wife. (I see what you did there with the pronoun; nice touch.) Any pain caused her by any zombie has been because her husband has transmitted it.

    That of course is not true of the witless thing. For example, it endeavored to separate a mother from her children because it had a political disagreement with her husband. Now I personally do not find Lee Stranahan particularly admirable, but threatening to separate a man and his children shows the mentality of a guard in the gulag. Actually attempting to separate a woman and her children shows the mentality of an Eichmann. In short, Witless does not merely try to cause pain to those whom it dislikes by disparaging their spouses and children in an obscure forum that they, their friends, and fellow employees will likely never see, it also disparages them in ways that they cannot ignore (such as by delating them as unfit mothers). Willie has forfeited any claim to moral consideration as a human being. It deserves its pronoun.

    Now legally this site has found a way to make parody a performance art. Witless calls a woman a whore. A zombie on a zombie site (so of course what is said there is to be taken as veridical) calls Willie's wife a whore. Willie then has conniptions on the legal and moral horror of impugning a woman's honor. THIS is art.

    1. The purported "apology" is as usual, admission against interest.

      I really have trouble belching he could actually believe ask of these mutually contradictory thoughts.... Well, did. Then I met a guy who worked at NHS.

      1. Belching should be believing.

        But on second thought, that might work just as well.

  2. Oh, his latest screed claims he's never posted his victims' addresses as his has.

    What the hell does he think he put under my name in his damn book?

    So, if he wants to make things right, he can send me $5K (I'll cut him a break since he claims he's a pauper) AND he can take the book off the market (that will count for the other $30K).

    Anyone want to give odds on either, never mind both, of those things happening?

    1. He didn't do it, you can't prove it, and you deserved it anyway and it's completely different.

      1. I'm waiting for him to prove, without using a BU site that Lauren is a prostitute. Funny thing, given all he reported to the police over their children, you think that would have come up if it were true, no? And the woman in the photos has come forward and, fancy that, she isn't Lauren, and she isn't married to Lee. But Bill can never, ever let the truth get in the way of his attacks, can he.

        I never, ever put his address out there until AFTER he put mine in a book. And mine was in a much more ephemeral form.

        So, if he wants to show good faith, he can take the damn book down.

        Will he? No. Because "good faith" and "Bill Schamfeldt" don't even live in the same universe.

      2. But see, he's already proven it, you're wanting to rehash the old proven stuff.

        This is also the sort of ex post facto argument about, say, WMD in Iraq.

        I'm hardly a "fan" of Lee Stranahan, but what what Bill did to the family was utterly sick, twisted, and obviously so. Even to Bill.

        But being decent doesn't pay the light bill. Or the mayo.

  3. Either DUMBFUCK is a practiced sadist, or it is batshit crazy and does not realize the pain it has caused for most of the past decade.

    Or it has not yet learned to embrace the power of “AND.”

    Gotta disagree with you here. DUMBFUCK would like to be a practiced sadist. Might even think the it is.

    But it's obvious that like everything else he's done in his life, DUMBFUCK is a miserable failure at being a sadist.

    There's a term for his sort in the BDSM world. Let's see, it's ....

  4. We're being treated to a truly festive, delightful holiday feltdown. Though I must say that I'm really missing the YOU'RE KILLING ME!! portion of the schmycle. Can't wait until we get that back.

    1. Thank God for "Caught on Camera" to take someone's mind off the fact that she's terminally ill and her husband has better things to do.


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