Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


I betcha DUMBFUCK didn’t pay no $35,000 in licensing fees for the right to publicize Pablo’s nice rack.

And I’ll bet Pablo will confirm in very short order that your average DUMBFUCK BLORKHUFFER is a gigantic hypocrite whose life could only be improved by going Tango Uniform.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

32 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Well, duh! Those are nice breasteses! Of course you've never been anywhere near them, Blob. Oh, and DUMBFUCK? I'm a dude. A quick look in your mirror will show that man tits don't look like that.

    That jawline sure looks familiar though, doesn't it?

  2. What sort of man would display his DYING (allegedly) WIFE's "breats" online in a public forum??? Obviously one who absolutely heartless, without any remorse and soulless.

    Good example of FAIR USE though!

    I think we need a second confirmation of M.D. Bill's "opinion", STAT!! Health & Welfare check immediately.

    1. "What sort of man..." The same sort who demands payment for using his name online. the kind who live blogs the deteriorating health of a loved one. More than once. The kind who sniffs poop in an online video, and is shocked that people make fun of him. The kind who tries to extort other people by invading their privacy. The kind who thinks he's being harassed, because other people fight back after his harassment. Someone with no shame, class or courage.

      Bill Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD.

  3. It really chaps Cousin Bill's ass that the Lickspittles/Zombies have FUN, have REAL LIVES, with HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and FULFILLING WORK.

    Everything you don't have, Cousin of mine, and never will have, and it's all your own damn fault.

  4. Cousin Bill:

    It sounds as if your time with Gail is short; suggest you see to getting her affairs in order, and plans laid for life without her.

    IOW, FOCUS!!!!!!


    Blob, I hold you responsible for the Kennedy assassination, the death of Jon-Benet Ramsey and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Also for being supremely repugnant and thoroughly useless.

    Well, hell! That sure is some shit, isn't it, Blob? Maybe you could compare notes with Suzy Breitbart, you despicable fucking maggot. You remember Suzy and her late husband Andrew, don't you, Blob? Do you remember the website you created, Blob, you hypocritical pile of rat shit?

    There's one way you could get people to forget all about you and yours in short order, Blob. TAKE THE CURE!

    1. Ooooh, yeah, I forgot about that website. lolz! Yet again, rules for thee and not for me! Dumbfuck!

    2. I was about to say almost the exact same thing Pablo. The man will write the most vile shit about a man that suddenly left his family devastated, but takes mighty umbrage at a blog that actually mocks him more then his wife.

      1. Exactly. What a whiny, hypocritical POS. And, that site definitely mocks him more than his dying "beloved" who he cares so much about he lives on the Internet.

        The first thought I had when I saw that site was someone was attempting to create a victim status for themselves (once again!). I smell BS.

      1. Yup.

    3. Didn't Pustule also have some things to say about the late Mike Malone that an actual human would be somewhat ashamed by?

      I hadn't heard of him then, but I think I've seen those comments referred to, a time or two.

  6. @dead_bill @DeadAndrew Give her my love and advice to choose more wisely for her next husband. Bye now.

    Bill Schmalfeldt proves once vagain he has no interest in justice,decency, or fairness. He just wants to hurt those that disagree with him. What a useless piece of shit he is.

  7. Bill is now threatening Grace. Again.
    I'm not sure what with, since I don't think an avatar that he doesn't approve of is grounds for a criminal, or even civil, complaint.
    But we all know that his explanation of how it is will be FUN!!

    1. Didn't seem to me like he was thinking of court action. Seemed more like he'd ask the diddler if he has any more timers and duffle bags.

  8. I love it. How dare Grace mock his wife!!! Or she can pay him $35K and it will be fine.

    Proving he's the whore we always suspected, we just now know his price. Not that anyone would ever think he's worth it.

    Is Bill going to offer all of us $35K a year each to John, and Patrick, and Paul, and Diane, and me, and [fill in the blank with another Lickspittle] for the licensing rights to use our names and/or likenesses? He's actually put stuff up for sale with all of them; none of us have done anything monetary with his name or likeness? (And why would we; you'd have to pay people to take the stuff!)

  9. Would it be impertinent to note that if Bill were really serious about these avatars, he'd take it up with Automattic and quit pretending that Hoge and Krendler have any control over the Gravatar service?


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