Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


You know what I love about a DUMBFUCK?

Nothing.  There’s absolutely not a single lovable atom in its entire being.

This is not to say it has no value.  As a source of unintentional entertainment, I’m nearly prepared to say that this particular DUMBFUCK is currently without equal among its peers on Team Kimberlin.

For instance, the monologue above made me laugh so hard I nearly threw up my lunch.  The constant and unerring ability to carve out an exception for its own behavior while condoning far less in others astounds beyond description.

It claims control over its name and its image.  Anyone who uses it is guilty of heinous crimes.

Here’s a hint about privacy for a DUMBFUCK: if someone sends you a stinky candle, and you don’t want people to laugh at you over it, you poor, pitiful sociopath (tough shit because it’s a fucking laugh riot), maybe you shouldn’t make and post a goddamn YouTube video about it.

Just sayin’.

If a blogger writes about you, quotes you, uses images of you – THAT YOU HAVE MADE PUBLIC – in writings that he published free of charge, while making available through his website unrelated products, links to unrelated retail websites, and a tip jar for unreciprocated donations, he has fairly RAPED your reputation.

But let you take that blogger’s name and his photograph, plaster them across the cover of one of your copyright-infringing cut-and-paste masturbatory fantasies, and put it up for sale on multiple retail websites? Oh that’s just fine and dandy! There’s no violation of the “right to publicity” in selling a book with someone else’s name and photo on the cover!  

FIRST AMENDMENT!  Amirite, or what?

That’s good to know, because I’m thinking of writing a children’s book.  Tell me what you think of this title:

Everyone Poops, But Not Everyone Picks It Up, Rolls It Into a Ball And Sniffs It
I think it’s got the potential to be a best-smeller!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

45 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Brett was "He Who Must Not Be Named" for a few weeks in 2012 after he got a Montgomery County District Court judge to make an unconstitutional gag order part of a peace order against Aaron Walker. First, the gag order, and then, the whole peace order were overturned on appeal to the Circuit Court.

    With his over-the-top cease and desist missive, if looks like Mr. Bill wants to follow in his "excellent friend's" footsteps ...

  2. Oooh! You could write a series of children's books! Next could be "Green Eggs and My Rectum." Then maybe "Billy the Butt Spelunker and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!"

  3. He's so precious when he gets his "Serious you guys!" Big Boy Pants on.

    Krendler/Grady needs to contact me so we can set up a licensing agreement for the use of my name and image. No license, no permission.— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 23, 2015

      1. "He has lucid moments?"

        Probably when he runs out glue and plastic bags......

    1. Who does he think he is, a.... um... you know... well, I can't think of a single example of a human being that holds a license over his/her name and image when there is no direct profit being made by the name/image explicitly. Hell, by BS's "logic," all newspapers would probably be out of business in a day, let alone private individuals doing everything from public documents for free.

      Though BS makes a good point about the book being off the shelves... if only we remember why it was taken off?

  4. Telling others what they need to do?
    "Twat is going nipples north sooner than expected. I should tweet about Krendler."

    Just a,phenomenal asswipe, is this fucking guy.

    1. I think everyone who has had BS use their name and or likeness, ever, in his "comedy" or "investigative reporting books" should do the same. Because he's obviously just using our names to make money, right? And contrary to his personal belief, books don't count as "investigative journalism", requiring permission of those mentioned in them, unlike a newspaper article.

      Of couse he was such a crappy reporter and editor, he never kept a single job in those fields for more than what, 18 months?

      I wonder if any of the places he reported for had threats of legal action due to his "reporting"?

      1. I would be willing to sign an agreement identical to the one he signed for Lauren Stranahan. Or even Ali Akbar.

        Provided he also furnishes a report prepared by a CPA at his expense detailing exactly what he paid them.

      1. His favorite words are “__________ for me but not for thee!”

  5. He has got to be just the thickest creature ever spawned.

    I suspect he really doesn't see that what he's done to some of us (e.g. using our names and photos in books he sells for profit) is the same thing he's accusing John of doing. And that John hasn't actually done what he's accusing him of.

    I think a copy of that "license" needs to be taken to both of the appeals hearings along with copies of the crap Bill has "written" solely to harass John. Any judge who has half a grain more sense than God gave marshmallows would see from those that nothing short of removing internet access from Bill will stop him.

  6. Does DF have an alibi for this?

        1. "Very good friend" was flying, trying to do recon, and airman Bill just couldn't hold it in any longer? I like it, but it falls apart when you notice it was a 'sweet 16' party. Way too old for the pilot to be interested.

  7. Dumbfuck is a stupid one...he makes a bag of shit, I mean doorknobs sound smart!

  8. I'm pretty sure the reason anyone except Roy even types the word "Schmalfeldt" is to comment on some really foolish/obscene thing he's done. If Bill Schmalfeldt could refrain from doing these things, we'd quickly run out of things to write.

    Since Bill Schmalfeldt's career as a pro se litigant, author and faux virtual porn comedian makes him both a public person and an embarrassment, we'll just keep going.

    1. Speaking of that word:

      The "related words" are instructive.

  9. Bill Schmalfeldt hits the big time...

    ...over at Billy Sez! See 'ya there.

    1. The difference, Dave, between "Billy Sez" and Bill Schmalfeldt is that Billy Sez has a sense of humor. Bill has no FUN.

  10. $35,000??!!!

    I tripped over that figure and busted out a LULZ gasket.

    Nothing about him, not even including his elemental composition is worth that much.

  11. GrouchyOldLib: Gail seems a bit stronger this morning, but showing signs of confusion.

    She keeps asking "HTF did I end up married to this idiot?"


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