Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


This sure explains why he’s so angry. 
When you reach the point in your life that you have to tell yourself it’s an annoyance to wake up with a tent that’s taller than your gut, you’d probably be angry too.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Bill???? Wake up with a measurable tent????? Our Bill, who had to let other men cuckold and impregnate his mates so that he could have children????

    Surely you jest!!!!

    Anything measurable on Bill would have been due to fear pee.....and only in the small .mm size.




    What a maroon!!!!

  2. I admit it did seem rather ... interesting ... for him to use that phrasing, since as part of his oversharing he's informed the world that that sort of activity is no longer possible for him.

    I guess that explains why he's so angry all the time.

      1. Hence that dark, dank, humid place with all those foot-longs and gobs upon gobs of mayonnaise!

      2. Remember Cabin Boy's story about having sex in front of an audience?

        Was he pitching or catching?

        And was this a donkey show? Poor donkey if it was, having to penetrate Cabin Boy...

  3. Child porn producers sometimes have wild vacillations - saw that on some cop show

  4. Just doing some free thinking here: we know that Brett gives Bill rides to the courthouse. I think we can safely assume, given Bill's self-acknowedged mobility issues, that Brett picks Bill up at his trailer. I wonder if the other residents of the park are aware of Brett's past. I think that those with young daughters would be very interested in knowing this. I'm just thinking of the safety of the children.

    1. Also, given Bill's incessant writing about penises touching young boys faces and nether parts I'm sure his neighbors might want to know what kind of man has a camera attached to his tincasa to keep an eye on the neighborhood children. What exactly does Bill do with those tapes?

      1. seems like someone was acting out scenes from his own childhood, I recall a chain link fence in some family pics - but it's something I saw on a cop show somewhere..

      2. Seems like I hit a nerve with Bill. If he didn't over share everything we'd never know about the camera. Did he take it down? Is it still up? Who knows? We just know he had one due to his postings. So Bill can suck it. Until he proves via notarized photographic evidence to be submitted by 5 PM today that he has removed the camera, we'll just use Billogic to assume he still has it in place. Tick Tock.....

      3. How does someone who requested and was granted IFP status with the court -- asserting under penalty of perjury that they didn't have $400 to file a lawsuit -- now have $1000.00 to offer up in a bet?

        I'd wager Patrick Grady may be interested in this latest development. Tis definitely information I would think the judge may be interested to know.

  5. "Grace3g? Can I offer you a word of advice?"

    Yeah. No. I truly cannot think of a single thing in my life that would require the need for a stalking sociopath's advice.

    BS really has this thing for calling others (really just female Zombie Lickspittles) "angry" when they express a truth that hits just a little too close to home for him. This makes Biwwy mad. So, the seething-ball-of-hate kicks into project-and-deflect mode, and accuses the other person of being angry. This is because the simplest "insult" for a simple-minded, misogynistic asshat is accusing a woman of being emotional when she has just delivered a verbal gut punch.

    See... since BS is all about the rage, he assumes this is the state in which others live their lives. He rages over his life, he rages over his failures, and he rages at people on the Internet he just can't seem to quit... because his life is a failure and this enrages him. But, Typical Bill wants to ignore all of his rage-y rage, so he attempts to assign it to others. Which doesn't work, of course, because Zombie Lickspittles are the happiest of warriors, and we are all about the FUN.

    And, even if dummy were right about "getting laid" being a solution to working off rage -- he's shit out of luck. Courtesy of the over-sharer, it sounds like BS is going to remain damn good and pissed off 'til kingdom come. Ya almost have to wonder if his inability to perform could explain a lot of his rage. Don't they make little, blue, happy pills for such things? I know I've seen commercials about them. But, then again -- I have no idea if they would work for a "man"-child who considers the ability to "get laid" to be an "annoyance." Probably not.

    So... rage on, dummy.

    1. Seems logical. After all he spent a lot of time on his podcast yesterday talking about men with no testicles. And we all know how Bill projects his shortcomings onto his targets of hate.



    1. I know, right? And, it's not like BS offered up a $100 bet, or a $200 bet, or heck... even a $500 bet. Oh, no. Mr. Money-Bags Schmalfeldt likes to willy-nilly toss around $1000.00 bets.

      So, he's either lying about having $1000 to bet -- meaning that if he lost the bet he would renege on paying up... OR, he has the money for a lawsuit filing fee and he flat-out lied to a court of law.

      He is such a dirtbag.

      1. Actually, it would be funny if Army Vet actually did show up and point to the camera...


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