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    1. He is such an excuse for a Y chromosome. /sigh

      Also an editor.
      And a writer.
      And a broadcaster.
      And a musician.
      And a journalist.

      Is there anything he isn't a sorry excuse for?

      1. Human. (Ipso Facto)
        Hominid. (The skull structure doesn't support this)
        Great Ape. (Actually the jury is out as we don't know if he has a tail)
        Primate. (While there are gross similarities we can't be sure)
        Mammal. (While there have been sightings with what appear to be hair; further and more extensive study is prohibitive due to the erratic behavior of the subject)
        Vertebrate. (This is the foundation for dismissal of the more refined taxonomies as we know he does not have a spine)
        He's passable as an animal due to his respiration and circulatory system.

        It's very possible that that he's some type of gastropod. The trail of slime keeps suggesting such.

      2. "Great Ape. (Actually the jury is out as we don’t know if he has a tail)"

        No tail. Just-A-Private-Guy Classy Bill Schmalfeldt proved as much when he tweeted and shared with the entire internet a picture of his ample ass.


      3. I can only imagine how much of the Stalking Sociopath's over-sharing, vile, and abusive Internet postings are going to be used to destroy his LOLsuit claims.

        And, how lovely is it that as his wife lay bleeding and swollen and dying -- her "caring" husband is on social media making sexual comments directed toward other women?

        What a swell guy and devoted husband he is, eh? *SMDH*

  1. Personally, I was shocked to see him refer to his wife in this manner. Shameful.

    1. When my grandmother had nosebleeds that went on for any length of time, she went to the doctor's or the ER.

      Is he saying that she's lying there sleeping while actively bleeding? Sounds like good way to drown in her sleep!

      1. I assumed he was talking about himself: annoying, drippy, disgusting, messy, but not likely to be any danger to a healthy person.

        You think he was saying Gail literally was sleeping with a nosebleed? Well I guess there are higher priorities than doctor co-pays, when you're on a fixed income but you've got a lot of hating to get done.

    2. You shouldn't be. Remember this is the man that discussed his daughters "twat slime" on an internet forum with and underage boy.

      1. Reading that "twat slime" again, something struck me. This is a man so unfamiliar with the way of a willing, excited woman that he's disgusted by it: he thinks of natural lubrication as "slime."
        This goes a little way toward explaining his fascination with anal. He has no idea what straight sex is supposed to feel like, so he goes looking for something to make his teeny weenie feel bigger. Got to be something better, you know?

  2. Mmmmmmm, cake! I make a damn good one, too, if I do say so myself.

    Now I need an Italian Cream. *sigh* And no, Bill can't have this one. 😛


    1. Oh, and by the way Blob. Instead of insulting some woman who took charge of her life and did something about her fatness, you could do with some weight loss surgery yourself. Or maybe you'll just take the cure. Same difference in the end, I suppose. You'll shrink one way or the other.

      And you're just jealous that I get to take the cake from my ex. You want it all, don't you Bill? Fuck you. It's all mine.

    2. Outraged? No, not in the slightest. Just laughing my ass off at your stupidity at your supposed doxx. But then again we all know what happens once you get something in that little acorn you call a brain in your head, now don't we? Plus I'm a GIRL so obviously you think you can cow me. Fuck you.

      Plus I think that weight loss progression is good. I wonder how much time it is between those pictures. Guess I should google her, eh?


    3. I find it amusing that Billy, such a wonderful and loving liberal progressive, is a misogynist.

      1. Gosh, just imagine that! And what on earth would he say about me if he thought I was a lesbian?

      2. Oh, he'd just use the word "twat" again, but follow it up with the word "slime" -- like he does when he speaks of his lesbian daughter and her partner.

      3. Trends in Team Pedo-Bomber:

        1. Hating women. BS's treatment of his ex-wives who cuckolded him to how he talks about his own daughters "twat slime". BK's actions against Mrs. DeLong, Julia Scyphers, underage girls and his own wife and daughters. The child pornographer Craig Gillette. The felon on the run Neal Rauhauser for skipping on tens of thousands of dollars of child support payments. The way William A. Ferguson talked about and treated his first wife who got so sick of him she ended up sleeping with other men.

        2. Calling other people's spouses mail order brides or worse. Wait didn't William A. Ferguson divorce his first wife (Filipina) because on her birthday she was banging some other guy? And didn't he spend thousands of dollars flying back and forth to Inodnesia to acquire his current wife? What about BK flying to Eastern Europe looking for underage tail to bring back to the states?

        3. Supporting a terrorist and saboteur or military equipment while claiming you are proud of your military service. BK's cheerleaders quickly and quietly gloss over this uncomfortable aspect of their support. IS2 William A. Ferguson (US Navy), HM3 and JO2 William M. Schmalfeldt (US Navy) and SPC Matthew B. Osborne (US Army and Alabama Army National Guard) absolutely love beating their chests and claiming they are proud veterans. So proud that they will overlook BK's deliberate sabotage of military equipment and jeopardizing military lives because... you know... politics. Honor is bought cheaply in Team Pedo-Bomber.

        4. Associating with disreputable folks. BK = terrorist, suspected of murder, severely injured people with bombs, perjurer, drug dealer and pedophile. Craig Gillette = pedophile and possessor of child pornography. Neal Rauhuser = felon on the run for skipping out on tens of thousands of dollars in child support payments (why do you hate your kids????). BS = possessor of multiple peace and restraining orders for stalking and harassment.

        Not quite the Legion of Evil but close enough.

      4. He's not a prog; he's just a Marxist stooge that thinks he should get a free ride.

  3. "If it doesn't have a tail,
    it's not a monkey, even if it has a monkey kind of shape.
    If it doesn't have a tail,
    it's not a monkey, if it doesn't have a tail it's an ape."

    We have been wrong all this time - it is Ape Dance, not Monkey Dance.

      1. Don't know. My niece (who has young children) was signing it to annoy us the last time they came and stayed. It was annoying, but it also "stuck".

        And I just like thinking of BS more as an ape than a monkey.

  4. Hmm. Such derogatory comments towards women. And calling his "beloved" a "twat?" Seems Bill really has a hatred toward women. This makes me even MORE concerned for Gail's welfare and the distinct possibility of neglect.

    1. It appears it was a typo. But he really believes I am Sarah Pugh. *sigh* Never has someone been ever so wrong. lolz!

      1. Temecula, CA he is claming. And oh lookie here! If you get a California restraining order you cannot own a firearm or have on in your house! Oh dear, dear, dear. Such a shame that would be.

      2. I'm pretty sure Billy boy will figure out how to surpass his fail dox efforts. He's a winner like that.

      3. "And oh lookie here! If you get a California restraining order you cannot own a firearm or have on in your house!"

        Ruh roh. His stepson TJ that lives with him may not appreciate having to relinquish his firearms.

      1. Shakes the Clown likes to call women twats. I'm just reminding him that he doesn't even have to log into his computer to do it.

    1. Speaking of Bill Schmalfeldt's violent nature...

      Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt has made it very clear on his Hate Blog (theliberalgrouch dot net) that he is furiously working to d0x anonymous Zombie Lickspittles, and off-handedly remarks he means none of us any violence.

      BUT THEN -- Bill Schmalfeldt immediately turns right around and in a tweet (@GrouchyOldLib) threatens Howard Earl with a nosebleed if Howard and Bill were to ever meet.

      Sooooo... if Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt deems Howard Earl to be a "minor player" and has threatened to give "minor player" Howard a nosebleed -- what exactly would Bill Schmalfeldt do physically to ME (grace3g) as Bill Schmalfeldt has declared that I am his "CROWNING JEWEL?"

      All archived and safely tucked away.

      Dumb. Really, really, really dumb.


        1. Interesting how the threats of violence are most often directed towards those who Brave Sir Robin hasn't even come close to doxxing.

      1. Heh. If he ever thinks it a good idea to come at me: (1) He more than likely would have to get through hubby first; (2) He can consider himself duly advised that I would not hesitate for a second to defend myself; and, (3) It would be my pleasure to make it very clear to the sociopath that this particular "twat" is not a victim.

      2. Where dumbass proves (once again!) he completely lacks the ability to read.

        "Self defense" (as Howard CLEARLY stated!) is NOT going to someone else's residence and attacking THEM.

        He's. So. Damn. Dumb.


      3. Grace: He's a big dump dope. trying to turn everything into either butthurt (grow up sissy) or a death threat (such a coward, afraid of pixels). A major weeping sandy Mangina ...

      4. And, I wouldn't have thought it possible, Father Paul, but he's just getting to be a bigger sissy, and more whiny, and definitely more vile. Oh. And, dumber. Waaaaay dumber.

        Big dump dope, indeed.

    1. Wee Anklebiter Willie is one sick creep. The things he says are just vile. It's always perverted sexual comments.

      I can't help but wonder -- if these Team Kimberlin goons feel that free in what they say... what about the actions and behaviors they don't speak of?

      1. I'm gonna leave this here ;D




      2. He is just letting the world know he is a pussy. His wife even thought so before she decided to go with another guy. Instead of just realizing he was better off, he had to cry and throw a tantrum, for all the world to see. Such a little boy.

  5. It appears Bill is finally calling in some medical help for Gail. Guess he fears that welfare check.

      1. Roy, you know this could be the end for cousin Bill ... medical folks are required reporters where neglect or negligence is suspected or evident. Let's hope the folks that respond to the tincasa find incompetent Bill actually causing harm to Gail. Off she goes to hospital then nursing home/hospice center ... Bill get a mandatory psych eval and TJ inherits the tincasa is a haze of dope smoke ...

      2. Oh. He's making it very clear right now for sure, Cousin Roy, as he sits on the Internet making sexually-explicit comments directed toward other women as his wife lay dying.

        He has no regard for her well-being. He makes that very, VERY clear. Selfish, stalking creep.

      3. No, lets hope that Gail hasn't come to any harm not caused by her illness, and as little of that as Providence will allow.

        But let us also hope that Bill and Gail get the help they seem to need.

  6. The DUMBFUCK is too stupid to get help...that costs money he needs for the law suits!

  7. Here you go, Shakes.


    1. So he's going to put his beloved twat in a dildo so he can finally get sexual pleasure from her?

    2. Ok, the sentiment I can see, but, given the clear container of the dildo, has the artiste that came up with this piece actually seen "cremains"? Gray ash, teeth, bits of bone - cremulators don't completely reduce everything to dust.

      I'm thinking...no.

  8. More hits from that tolerant liberal William A. Ferguson:




    Racism. Sexsim. Anti-semitism. I wonder what else is out there?? ;D

  9. Bwahahahaa! Why yes, Billy. Yes. You DO need to show your work. Because I know with 100% certainty that I am not Sarah Pugh, have never been Sarah Pugh, don't even KNOW a Sarah Pugh. But you just go right on believing that. Until you collect a few more restraining orders that is. Gotta add to that collection!


      1. Oh, I know. I just like poking with a stick to make him bleat. Because all we have is FUN!

    1. Please let him show his work.

      That's when its' the funniest. and if he produces a Feldtchart showing his incontrovertivle gee-oh-metic logicz it can be so funny you are in danger of injury.

    2. I certainly hope his website scrubbing was as a result of him finding out that he was doxxing the wrong person. Because that sure as hell wasn't my kids nor was that me nor anyone I know in the picture he posted as he attempted to "prove" his case.

      Toldja Bill. You should have listened. SMH

  10. I wonder if after posting this:


    If BS had any marital advice for the "mail order Asian" that William A. Ferguson had to go... err.. find.


    Fergie is fine with his friends calling other peoples wives "mail order", "whores" and "twats". But don't you dare call his internet-ordered juicy-bar girl a cheap whore! Plane tickets to and from Indonesia are NOT cheap.................

    I do wonder if the reason Fergie works from home is so he can keep an eye on his woman and make sure she doesn't sneak around on him!

    1. "I do wonder if the reason Fergie works from home is so he can keep an eye on his woman and make sure she doesn’t sneak around on him!"

      Especially on her birthday would be my guess.

  11. Apparently someone needs to show his boss that he's productive, and seems to be doing so by creating bogus twitter accounts and then doxing said twitter accounts. "See, Boss? I'm causing them grief!" I wonder if Boss is buying this scam.

    1. Oh, and by the way, Boss is a sociopathic midget diddler bomber.

    1. BS never, ever, ever gets the identities of his victi....err... persons of interest wrong.

      Until he actually calls them with his "Gotcha!" voice and heavy breathing and within a few moments realizes that maybe this isn't who he thought it was. Also some states citizens are more litigious then others. You know... retaining lawyers and stuff to handle harassment from serial harassers.

      Damage control didn't save the Titanic a century ago...................................

  12. http://i.imgur.com/AmInLzf.jpg

    You know who else can't can't leave young girls bodies alone? That's right BK and Craig Gillette! And yet William A. Ferguson, Matt B. Osborne, BS and Neal Rauhauser are only toooooooo happy to help out the pint sized pedophile and his creepy sidekick.

    1. What do you call it when one person who is "debilitated" from his disease and can barely function is taking care of another person who is debilitated from their disease and can barely function?

      I'm sure no state agencies have been notified that two people who can barely care for themselves are living in a trailer with one wasting away.

      I'm sure no state agency was sent screen caps of tweets describing the difficulty of life, difficulty of mobility and pictures of one person wasting away.

      I'm sure no state agency was informed that the people living in such pitiful conditions in a trailer were both elderly and possibly suffering from dementia (with plenty of helpful tweets noting of the same!).

      I'm sure no state agency is going to check on their condition and determine if they need professional care at an appropriate facility.


      1. Oh, but dozens of local, state, and federal agencies could be notified when one of those people gets hurt feelings.

  13. Did the coward really just delete all the tweets that could be used against him in court?

      1. He might have tried, but unless he's got administrator access to at least three archive sites...

    1. I'm certain he did. There should be one pissed off mama to find out he used her picture of her and her children to doxx someone. She can always contact us to get archieved copies for her restraining order. Just sayin'.

      1. Mother of God! Could my grammar and spelling have been more atrocious? Ugh!


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