177 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

      1. LOL! You're right. That should read:

        Obvious fat monkey dancing is fat and obvious and dancing.

    1. I see Cabin Boy took this cartoon and used his usual defensive mode of whining: "I know you are, but what am I?", as he used to toon to attempt to turn the joke back at someone's son.

      1. Yeah, the someone who hasn't even commented on this, nor has his son. What was that about obsession again?

  1. Bill is such an idiot that he steals/reposts short posts that are nothing but placeholders of our mocking him.

      1. He wishes, Grace. Heh!

        Just who has a no-stalking order against him? Oh yeah. Right.

  2. If his wife is slipping away, is losing control of her bodily functions, and can do nothing except sleep, who mailed the forms to the court? His step-son?

    Or has her condition not deteriorated as much as he'd want us to believe?

      1. I know, right? If he is just sitting there watching her slip away (no control over bodily functions, doing nothing but sleeping all day, etc.), he is one sadistic bastard for not getting her somewhere to be cared for and appropriately looked after. IF she is truly final stage/end stage/dying as he has stated (and, he's simply not just lying and attempting to garner sympathy once again), then she needs medical attention.

        I know of many people who have chosen for their loved ones to go through the last weeks/months of their illness at home, and eventually pass away there. BUT -- with all of BS's Stage Eleventy PD talk, he has asserted time-and-again that he's pretty much helpless. He has claimed he can barely take care of himself... so how the hell is he caring for a dying woman? Is she drinking enough fluids? Is she eating? Is she being kept clean as she's apparently too bad off to care for these things herself? If he's not lying about GS's condition, someone needs to get her the help he is obviously unable to provide and obviously unwilling to get for her himself.

        With that said... EVERYthing BS says must be taken with a grain of salt. He said so himself.

      2. All the needful things for GS cost money Grace my dear. Money Bill needs for filing LOLsuits and for paying for those background checks he uses for faild0xxing ... and podcasts, etc., the things he loves more than his 'beloved'.

      3. Of course you're right, Father Paul. I guess not being an evil, vexatious, butthurt, demented freak prevents me from thinking in those terms, and having such ridiculous and awful priorities as BS does.

  3. I present to you a match made in hell, to populate your nightmares.
    Deb Frisch--poster girl for bat-shit crazy--and Bill Schmalfeldt--poster boy for butt-hurt crazy.

      1. eye bleach as requested


  4. Guys, really, he's serious now..


    1. http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb150/TOTO-LERO/gifs/jagxw8jpg.gif

    2. BUTTHURT!!1!!1! LOLSUIT!!1!!1! DOCKET!!1!!1! SUMMONS!!1!!1! RAGE!!1!!1!

    3. oh2noes!
      let the fear pee squirt – NOT!
      Jebus Crisco on a cracker, Cousin Bill is a complete and total fuckup.
      Go ahead, Bill. We is afear’d of you. Snort.

      1. Also, If I am named, can we set venue to Florida? There are multiple reasons for this ... you all get to see Bill humiliated in sunny Florida and Florida has a criminal defamation statute that sets what he is doing as a 2nd degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years per count in state prison, no sympathy here) ... If he loses here, each defendant can request criminal charges ...

  5. Well, noon EST came and went without a peep from you about where in the Constitution you find the inalienable right to contact folks, Bill. Just like your current failure to post on John Hoge's blog even though you claim to have every right to do so- you talk big but can't back it up. That's because you are a coward and a blowhard. So, Bill, what should we do with you?


    OK, stupid. You got it.

  6. I just told my daughter that Bill thinks she's fat. She curled her lip slightly and then went back to her reading.

    So, now that he's proved he can't upset her, what's next on his agenda? Going to try to destroy her reputation online so she won't be able to get a job after she finishes school?

    1. So now Bill is about attacking the appearance of children? He is stooping to new lows, while claiming the moral high ground? I'm sorry, but attacking children by going after their self-esteem is outrageous.

      1. Bill is a worthless cur. He has no redeeming social qualities. As for his "one truly good deed", the risk/benefit ratio was bordering on zero.

        Bill needs to just leave Mr. Hoge alone. No contact means NO CONTACT.

      2. Attacking women and calling them stupid and twats. Going after children and attacking their appearance and calling them names.

        Yep. He's in his sweaty-palmed, happy place alright.

    2. That fat thing really gets to him. Heh.

      Gotta love how he judges and ridicules others for making fat jokes and/or just generally referring to his fatness, and then IMMEDIATELY turns around and insults others about their weight.

      "I know you are but what am I?" -- Grown-Up Bill

    3. She's already said she thinks he's a moron. Does that mean he's going to add her to his latest tort claims?

      And of course he's calling someone fat based on a pic taken when she was about 10.
      Not that she's ever been even pudgy, she just has a square jaw.

      So, here is my "fat" child:

      I've got a few others photos online (we don't post most of them, to avoid assholes like Bill) which show how much trouble we had finding pants long enough for the girls which weren't so big around they wouldn't stay up. Eventually we just gave up and their pants hems never reached their ankles. But hey, we all know that's the textbook definition of fat, right? 😀

      He's not going to bother either of them one bit, especially since anything and everything he posts about me and my family is a lie.

      1. Bill Schmalfeldt simply can't comprehend that someone would react to him with laughter.

        He has too much of his psyche twisted up into believing he's got that power that Martha Stout was talking about to deal with the fact that he provokes not fear or respect, but LAUGHTER.

        Sociopaths gotta socio!

    4. An appropriate response for a comment from someone lower than whale shit on her totem pole. Heh! Tell daughter I approve of her disdain!

    5. I just told my daughter

      .... Now you're rubbing it in.

      When was the last time he spoke to one kids? Much less in a non-antagonistic way?

  7. Ooooh! Now I'm a dimwitted cow!

    He's just admitted that what he said might upset someone. And that telling them upsetting things that some asshole on the internet posts is wrong.

    So what does that say about the guy posting those things?

    My kid is one of those who doesn't care what people she doesn't know think, especially people she's already determined to morons, and when what they are calling her is provably a lie.

    Bill has accused me of physically abusing my child, and now he's accusing me of psychologically abusing her. And I'm the one guilty of "tortious conduct"?

      1. @Father Paul Lemmen
        A good but oldie.
        "Почему вы чертовски корову"

    1. He keeps using those words. I do not think they mean what he thinks they mean.

    2. And I’m the one guilty of “tortious conduct”?

      Aha! You admit it!!! To the judge!!!

    3. I don't have any specific lost to point to, since he deletes his posts so often I'm don't really wan to look... But I think he did, irrc, prior to his latest wackadoo suit, go on for a bit about his relating to his wife just what he's denied relating today. I'm pretty sure he claimed to have done so.

    4. A rule to live by: "the opinions of worthless people are worthless".

      Cabin Boy Bill? You're worthless.

    5. Blob is suggesting that you're psychologically abusing her by exposing her to Bill Schmalfeldt. That's actually pretty tough to argue with. 😉

  8. The dumbfuck sees the jackhammer pic, and spends all day proving it a true prophecy.

      1. There, there you poor, poor thing. Have a cookie. It may make you feel better. Onward and upward little camper!

      2. I’ll probably give up again tomorrow, too.

        "Good night, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning. "

  9. So I guess her organs haven't shut down which is what he was posting a few days ago. Because shut down organs usually don't mean you might survive another 10 months.

    He posts what would seem to be lies about her condition to try to get sympathy (see the book on sociopaths) and then when people question things based on what he himself has posted, we're the ones who started it all, by simply questioning the total contradictions in his statements.

    Perhaps if he could bring himself to not overshare.....

  10. Oh, he's really in love now, Grace! Next step is a pair of Irish Sunglasses for you!

    1. Yeah. I figured as much will be coming from the big, fat sissy when I posted that comment, gm.



  11. Remember when Bill harassed the crap out of a family in Texas when their daughter died because he was a "journalist"? Now that we are ALL journalists in this new digital age I guess that gives us the right to harasses the crap out of Bill should he lose a loved one right? And I"m sure Bill will be most gracious in answering all questions no matter how personal they are right? Because after all, that is the Schmalfeldt model of reportage. I mean it would be very hypocritical of Bill to refuse to answer any question since he himself has demanded the same of others. Why if he were to refuse it would be proof that he is just a harassing asshole who harassed a family over a death just because he is a harassing asshole. Now we know he would never want anyone to be able to prove he is a harassing asshole so I'm SURE he will open his entire life and answer any and all questions. Especially ones about the pink trailer. ESPECIALLY those questions.

    1. Especially since his own twitter testimony seems to evince his negligent culpability in her demise.

  12. We really are all he has, aren't we.

    Honestly, if he stopped tweeting at us, and about us, and attacking our friends, within a few days, we'd leave him alone, and he knows this. We've done it before. And the offer is right there at the top of this blog. Two weeks pretending we don't exist, and we'd stop "investigating". He'd have that lovely, Lickspittle-free existence he claims to want.

    I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for him to actually start acting like it.

    1. I'm a big fan of Instapundit's go to response regarding the scourge of Global Warmening: "I'll believe it's a crisis when the people telling me it's a crisis start behaving like it's a crisis."

      The same sentiment applies here.

  13. Uh oh- the enraged Twitterz have stopped. That can only mean one thing- a "podcast" is IMMINENT!!!! Prepare for the further documentation of diminished mental capacity.

      1. Well, he's threatening to sue me, since I'm one of those whose address he knows. Heck, he printed my full street address in one of his books.

        But allegedly I'm the one who's harassing him. I don't send him anything directly, I don't address him directly. On the other hand, he calls me out by name, and disparages my child. He sends me extortionate emails. I just question whether his wife is as sick as he says she is. I'm not questioning her, I'm questioning what he says about her. But he's too damn stupid to see the difference.

        1. I may be part of that illustrious crowd. The only problem is... Ahh, nevermind, I'll share it if it comes to that.

      2. Bill Schmalfeldt is a known liar. It's reasonable to question anything and everything he says and writes.

      1. The above podcast is sponsored by:

        Depends: For when the big ones come unexpectedly


        Preparation H: When the butthurt is too much for a good night's sleep.

  14. I think Grace is on to something. There are laws in Maryland dealing with elder neglect. Given her current status, and Bill's admitted limitations, it is entirely reasonable to be concerned for her welfare. Perhaps a state wellness check is in order.

    1. I'd like to know where I said anything about a State Wellness Check. Oh. Yeah. That's right. I DIDN'T. I didn't say ANYthing about Social Services being contacted, and I certainly didn't allude to nor claim I would ever make such a call.

      Bottom line? I don't give a shit about Gail Schmalfeldt. And, certainly not enough to waste my time hunting down a phone number and making a call. If BS and his "beloved" are all hunky-dory with her wasting away and dying in that tincasa, who the hell am I to get in their way? Carry on. I bring her up in my comments solely to highlight the demented freak's sick-and-twisted hypocrisy and lies. Past that? *PFFT* Let her rot.

      Ya know? It's way past time for this fat, retarded fuck to stop with the threats, and step up. Call the cops. Get a subpoena for my IP. And, send the cops right on over. Considering it will most likely be one of a dozen cops I already know, they are more than aware that we take our Second Amendment rights and our Castle Doctrine quite seriously around this homestead. So, unless they plan on coming over and providing me with Irish Sunglasses, they shouldn't have to worry about me "killing" them.

      Oh. And, since the stalking sociopath will then have my true identity, he can add me to one of his LOLsuits. Do it!

      Bring it, bitch boy.


      1. He's awfully outraged that someone expressed concern for his dying [DYING I SAY!!] wife, enough concern that perhaps the authorities should be asked to check on her. Almost like he's got a guilty conscience something to hide. What's the matter, chubs? Some difficult-to-explain bruising? Don't want your beloved to have any contact with people with badges? Is it fear of what she might say?

        And swatting? No, obviously not. The nice young men in uniform aren't going to bust in weapons drawn just for a wellness check. You don't have drug paraphernalia lying about, or unmistakable odors emanating from certain rooms, do you?

        Do they do much asset forfeiture in MD? You know, where the cops just take your stuff, even your home, if they determine it to be connected to an ongoing criminal activity? Yeah, I can see how somebody who admits to hitting the ol' bong on occasion might be worried about police taking a look around the homestead.

      2. "He’s awfully outraged that someone expressed concern for his dying [DYING I SAY!!] wife, enough concern that perhaps the authorities should be asked to check on her."

        Heck. He alerted the authorities all by himself.

        "@GrouchyOldLib: Save your dimes, lickspittles. I've already alerted Law Enforcement, with a full screencap of the blog post/comments."

        Hopefully, an officer or two will head on over to the tincasa to interview BS -- and, especially GS considering she has been mentioned numerous times in the comments, and many concerns about her welfare have been expressed.

        I'm going to toss out a wild guess here and assume this won't be the first time the name "Bill Schmalfeldt" has crossed their desks.

        LEOs tend to do many interviews while investigating a case. I'm sure nothing BS has ever claimed would ever come up in one. Mr. "Don't. Fucking. Do. It." may have just brought a welfare check upon himself and his "beloved."

      3. There's probably a Fritzl-inspired basement under Tincasa. Don't want the authorities to hear those muffled cries.

        Has anyone seen the son-in-law lately?

  15. Wherein Schmalfeldt reveals his laughable understanding of what constitutes tortious conduct:

    All I got from “Krendler,” all I CONTINUE to get from “Krendler” is the same kind of 3rd Grade P.E. Locker Room taunting bullshit I’ve been getting all along.

    Let's repeat that, shall we? Bill Schmalfeldt is SUING a man in federal court over what he himself characterizes as "3rd Grade P.E. Locker Room taunting bullshit."
    Wherein Schmalfeldt reveals himself to be delusional:

    Let’s see what Grady’s answer is. Then we move on to discovery.

    "Move on to discovery." That's a real hoot!

    1. that's 3rd grade PE locker room taunting bullshit on a blog Shakey does NOT have to visit...

      the reality Shakey refuses to admit is NOTHING on this blog or Hogewash is being sent TO him, it's just ABOUT him, no matter how much he doesn't like it.

      if he'd just leave people alone, he wouldnt be getting butthurt hourly would he?

      OT, back from a lovely mother's day weekend with several moms. Mine, my wifes, her grandmother and my great grandmother. Can't say how happy the kids were to hang with 3 generations of Moms.
      Too Bad others aren't as blessed.

    2. ...move on to discovery

      He's reportedly been sued before and lost, IIRC. You'd think he would remember discovery.... like his "get Hoge under oath" fantasies about finding out who Krendler is that never work out ... Is a cast iron biatch to go through, especially with as many things as he's alleged.

      (And all the relevant websites and email accounts and Twitter accounts that would have to be produced... Heck, he'll have trouble remembering them all, much less imagine a judge/jury looking at the dozens of Twitter accounts and websites and...the sheer mass of self-refuting....MASS of writing. (For a man disabled from Parkinson's....))

      It's not going to be pretty, and certainly not easy.

      1. Yeah, I think he has no clue whatsoever how much work this is going to be for him. Or how he can even comply.

    3. Can't say I'm in the least surprised he was taunted in PE. The shocker would be if ever stopped before HS graduation.

      1. It didn't - he and Bob caught a lot of crap, and whined about it, so they got even more crap for being snitches.

        If it weren't for bad character, he'd have no character at all...

      2. Damn. Bob, too? Don't know why... but, I pretty much had always assumed Bob was the "good" twin out of the two -- considering BS had the "evil" role locked down.

  16. The Dumbass strikes again...they should make a movie about his fat ass! Nope, nobody would fund it!

  17. So Bill insists that WE stop saying anything about him, even as he attacks John and Patrick, even though he's the one who started with all his "investigating".

    How 'bout HE doesn't say anything about anyone either, whether or not he's suing them?

    1. What the fat freak and stalking sociopath doesn't quite understand is that HE doesn't make the rules. HE doesn't get to dictate anyone's behavior.

      HE sucks.

      1. OH but its ok when Shakey threatens innit??

        I'm sure since he deleted that account, it doesnt count anymore in his warped reality.

      2. Sammy,

        Or he's a sociopath that will deny his own wrongdoing despite obvious evidence of guilt, and BELIEVE HIS OWN LIES.

      1. Didn't he report that he likes to fire one up with his step-son?

      2. Indeed he did, Gus. Perhaps he thought he was administering "medical" marijuana. Who knows- he might be masking Gail's wails of pain by keeping her too high to cry out!!

    1. yet he was justified in calling CPS in Texas on the Stranahans because of his own fevered imagination...

      well, at least when Gail does pass, we'll all know it was helped by her loving husband ignoring her to threaten/harass and lolsue as many people as he could instead of taking care of her.

      what a piece of shit Shakey is.

  18. Sorry, Billy, but reports can be made anonymously. However, your threat is duly noted.

    1. actually now that he's made that threat - it should be forwarded to the appropriate agencies

    2. It would be hilarious if Stranahan c called it in. After all, he's a JOURNALIST. And we can't forget Schmalfedlt's respect fit the JOURNALIST exemption.

  19. Or he'll do what? Seems to me he's threatening the social workers that are no doubt on their way. We better call Howard County and tell them to get SWAT ready.

    ...will pay a legal price for it. I have you all on record as threatening it. So don't... fucking... do... it!— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 12, 2015

    1. Section 14-309 of the Family Law Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, states “any person who in good faith makes or participates in making a report under this subtitle or participates in an investigation or a judicial proceeding resulting from a report under this subtitle is immune from any civil liability that would otherwise result.

      1. If there's nothing to hide, why wouldn't he welcome some folks who simply want to make sure that his "beloved" is doing okay?

        They pop by, iced tea all around, some scones, a few chuckles about us dim lickspittles and our fevered imaginations... No big deal right?

        Oh, there is that trail of tweets and blogs; maybe nobody has cached them, maybe...

      2. Is possessing marijuana legal in the state of Maryland?

        Asking for a friend.

      3. According to norml.org:

        Simple possession (possession without the intent to distribute) of 10 grams or less in Maryland is a non-arrestable, non-criminal, fine-only offense ($100 fine for first-time offenders, $250 for second-time offenders).

        1. Hell, he might need to take out a third mortgage to cover that. (Or buy a dozen fewer domains for a month).

          On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 8:56 AM, The Thinking Man's Zombie wrote:


    2. He can't do anything. If he gets a welfare check, the only thing that can happen is that a social worker will investigate if there are any improprieties. If there aren't any problems, case is closed. And if the caseworker does find an issue, generally, they can provide information on government programs that can assist them, with little or no cost. Imagine having someone that can help you navigate the local gov't red tape to help you better take care of your loved one!

      While he may think he can get a "name" of someone anonymous, he may find himself in a precarious predicament because state case workers generally don't tolerate belligerency like Willie boasts. Most of the time they are caring people who want to help.

      Unless he is hiding something. He seems indignant that someone would come check on him. Usually, that's an indication that someone doesn't want their story told. They don't want others to hear the truth..

      Wait, where have I heard this before?

  20. So, it's okay to call if you suspect children are being abused/neglected, but not if a terminally ill person is.

    Strange world he lives in.

    1. Yeah: https://viewfromnl.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/is-bill-schmalfeldt-a-sociopath/

    2. No, no, no...

      It's okay for HIM to call any agency on any person for any reason he sees fit, but not for anyone to call any agency on HIM.

  21. But WE think you are a "real threat" to Gail!!!!! Don't you see!??!!?!?

    "Oooh! We're so mad at Bill for not ignoring what he thought was a real threat. So we'll pretend there's a threat to his wife. That will...— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 12, 2015

  22. Here is the web page for State of Maryland Adult Protective Services notifications:


      1. Except that's a Brain Bug. If Starship Troopers featured a giant Ass Bug the symmetry would be perfect.

  23. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/598234233476382720

    William thought nothing of his "most excellent friend' having as a house guest a man who was convicted of possessing child pornography, despite the presence of two underage girls in the domicile.



    1. OMG he could NOT have been stupider. No, really. I call him the World's Stupidest Man™ but he really does continue to sink lower and lower on the stupid scale. Does he have proof? Oh his proof is NOT for a swatting? Oh dear, it appears that good old Bill has lied to law enforcement yet again. I wonder how many lies to the cops it takes before [REDACTED – DON’T EDUCATE THE MONKEY – PK]

    2. interesting how he turned a wellness check to make sure his "dying" wife is being taken care of (not that he really seems to care about her) into a threat of swatting innit?

      gee, it's as if he has experience with people who do such things.

      of course since NO ONE in this entire thread did anything more than suggest that the state check on the state of his "dying" wife, {you know the one he claimed was suffering organ failure and slept all day just the other day, (not that he can tear himself away from his computer long enough to check on how long she may be asleep)} and NOTHING else, I'm sure the state will file his email right where it belongs, in the trash.

      but I do hope they check on her, just to make sure she's not lying in her own filth while he screams on twitter for a few more hours.

      1. When her caretaker has diminished mental capacity, there's good reason to be concerned for her well being, especially when he seems more concerned with suing people and telling the internet about the gory details of her condition than he is with attending to her.

    3. He's soooooooo concerned about a "SWAT threat" that he sent an email.

      Bwaaaaahahahahahaha! He needs to be held to account for all of his false reporting.

      1. I've been busy taking a final (two classes down, three to go!), and look what I miss. He really equated a report to request a wellness check with calling in a shooting to get a SWAT team dispatched? Maryland must be pretty damn hard core!

      2. Even the Dog Catchers wear kevlar and carry AR15s in MD. They drive M1A1s too. The bigger dogs are a pain to get through the hatches though.

    4. You people really need to stop harassing Blob by not making any contact whatsoever with him! Stop not writing to him! Stop not commenting on his blog! Stop not emailing him! Stop not tweeting at him! Stop not calling or visiting! THIS NON-CONTACT HARASSMENT WILL NOT STAND!!!ELEVENTY!!1!!!

      "ACME Law - When actual law just doesn't work for you!"

  24. Child porn producers don't like police and agencies in their domicile - saw that on some cop show

  25. BREAKING NEWS: Maryland has followed up their NO TRESPASSING ban with a new regulation that anyone filing a wellness check on a resident of Maryland will be arrested and held without bond until the wellness check has been completed.

  26. After reading today's episode of the Monkey Dance..

    The irony of the first tweet..


    Which then follows:

    55 tweets
    3 Blog Posts

    Topics discussed:

    An email sent to the authorities regarding the use of the word SWAT
    Hoge's legal record based on distortion of facts.
    An attack on a child of both Hoge and another commenter
    A line in the sand to "DARE YOU TO CALL SOCIAL SERVICES!!!"
    A challenge to stop talking about him.
    A challenge to not stop talking about him.
    General threats about Grady and his desire to sue the world.

    All this leads to one, inescapable conclusion:

    Bill's F5 button on his keyboard is possessed and is in complete control of his mind.

    Wonder what tomorrow will bring..


    1. You forgot the podcast where he talks about touching a dick to the face of a minor boy again. That topic seems to come up a lot in Bill's recordings and writings. Why I remember a forum post where he wanted to touch his dick to the "swollen anal tissues" of a minor boy. KOOKY that he hangs out with adjudicated pedophile Brett Kimberlin who, in turn, lets a convicted pedo live in the basement with his young daughters. I can't imagine what they could possibly all have in common........

  27. "If" It looks like Shakey is admitting he never actually believed in God. "If" is a tragic "tell."

    Matthew 7:21-23English Standard Version (ESV)

    I Never Knew You
    21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

    If God truly dealt out appropriate punishment, the tongues of hypocrites would rot in their mouths.— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 13, 2015

    1. I'm sort of impressed by its attempt to stand in for the Lord, as if DUMBFUCK could ever truly understand what God would or should do. It can't even figure out an appropriate way to deal with its dying [DYING, I SAY!] spouse.

      I believe the spiritual reality is much more dire than DUMBFUCK could possibly understand.

      If God truly dealt out appropriate punishment, He'd be a very lonely God. The standard of Heaven set by His Son is impossible to meet. Every one of us deserves to be condemned.

      This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Romans 3:22-24

      Outside the redemptive sacrifice and saving grace of Christ, we are every one of us doomed. Only the sincere acceptance of that gift can bring us to God, and only that is required.

      DUMBFUCK will never get that. It will never understand that we have it figured out, that its bully tactics and its nail-me-to-your-tree Passion plays are nothing but comedy now, and it is the (can I say it?) BUTT of the joke, and as Howard likes to say, we aren't laughing WITH him.

  28. I was equally horrified and fascinated by today's "podcast." One takeaway is that Shakey sees any question posed relating to him as a COMMAND to answer. There are no rhetorical questions, or questions posed to OTHERS. No, if the issue has anything to do with Shakey, he is being COMMANDED to answer. And he answers by saying its none of your business, or screw you, or whatever.

    What's fascinating is that he cannot comprehend that you are NOT TALKING TO HIM, and NOT ASKING HIM. He sees any question posed about a subject relating to a certain individual as an ABSOLUTE COMMAND that the person answer. Which is, of course, completely insane. But it goes a long way towards explaining why he feels entitled to DEMAND ANSWERS from employers, the Stranahans, etc.

    I'll Switch to addressing him directly.

    Newsflash, you damaged, diminished fool- there are very few instances where an individual is obligated to answer, and the officers authorized to order those obligations are few and well defined in law. And Shakey? YOU AIN'T ONE OF THEM. You are just some obnoxious jerk in a trailer park in Elkridge that feels other people are somehow obligated to answer your insane questions. Newsflash 2: you are absolutely powerless to compel anyone to answer anything.

    You have delusions of a judge ordering your enemies to disclose the identities of people who mock and criticise you. It is not going to happen. Not on the stand, and not through discovery. You have NO RIGHT to demand that a court of law enable your psychotic fantasies of doxxing your critics.

    This will end when 1) you are declared a vexatious litigant; 2) you die. There is no option 3.

    Let's look at a person similarly situated. Well, not really, because I'm going to use, as an example, an individual that has actual achievements, is fabulously wealthy, and has unmistakable power through political allies.

    Tom Cruise has repeatedly been accused of being gay and a member of a cult that psychologically abused his wife. Tom Cruise has filed various lawsuits and has called upon the financial resources of his cult to defend him. You know what? Everybody knows that Tom Cruise has been accused of being gay and tried to silence his ex-wives. Millions of dollars spent on lawyers, but South Park still gets to put him in a closet with R. Kelly.

    Another Newsflash- You ain't Tom Cruise or R. Kelly. You are just some obnoxious jerk in a trailer park in Elkridge that feels other people are somehow obligated to answer your insane questions.

    You do not have that right. You are a nobody living in a trailer with an (allegedly) sick wife. Yet you believe your time is better spent screaming on the Internet, doing podcasts, and making demands on blogs, rather than spending the time you have left with your ailing wife.

    Good luck defending your "good name."


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