Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Nothing to share today except invisible non-mockery of obsessed DUMBFUCKS who are guaranteed not to respond in any way.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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      1. good question. It's not even it decent attempt at an ASCII translation.

    1. You need a woman reading these numbers in Russian over shortwave.

      (Quiet John, let them figure it out) 😉

      1. Indeed.

        I spent an amazing amount of time as a kid searching for those broadcasts on my shortwave. It was the coolest (or kinda scary when you were a little kid) thing to find one, even though you had no idea what was being said.

  2. I'll share -- on DUMBFUCK'S podcast today:


    -- A shtick involving shooting puppies complete with sound effects

    -- Discussed dead family members/age when they died

    -- Stated when he dies he has left his mark on the world because... comedian, books, CDs, blah, blah, blah

    -- Stated as fact that God is punishing the red states with tornadoes and stuff because red state citizens are against Gay Marriage (complete with him singing his blasphemous "Our God is a Pissed Off God" song)

    -- The Butt Stuff: His butt and how it looks now that he's 60 years old

    -- TMI: He cannot get erections anymore (but, on the rare occasion he awakes with one it's just an annoyance)

    -- Read the "Open Letter to WJJ HOGE III" that he furiously pounded out on his Hate Blog yesterday... EXCEPT he left out the entire paragraph+ concerning:

    * Yesterday was his final Mother's Day with his wife
    * His wife is slipping away
    * His wife has lost control of her bodily functions
    * His wife sleeps all day
    * His wife refuses to go to a hospital
    * Nothing can be done for his wife anyways
    * He's watching the love of his life slip away

    -- He has filled out the form that will trigger US Marshals serving Patrick Grady. The form will be mailed tomorrow.

    He did not mention if it would be his "beloved" (who is slipping away, has lost control of her bodily functions, sleeps all day, and just celebrated her last Mother's Day yesterday) who will be making the trip to the Post Office for the butthurt, vexatious, stalking sociopath or not. It sure would be kinda odd if she did considering she doesn't even go to a hospital for that slipping away/dying thing he likes to conveniently mention.

    Hospital. Post Office. Whatevs.

    What a guy!

    1. Oh, and I find it eminently laughable that he thinks that Hoge is working in his retirement because he is insolvent. I can't count how many people I know (including my father) who went back to work at least part time after retirement because it was so damn lucrative for them.

      1. Exactly. Hubby has MANY work acquaintances and friends who after retirement go back to work (many times for the same corporation they retired from, and many work part-time according to their own schedules) on a contractor basis and are making bank. Hubby has pondered doing as much after he retires... IF he feels like it/NOT because he would have to (much like John).

        A few of hubby's friends have done it to help them transition into retirement. Hard-working and committed individuals can actually find themselves at somewhat of a loss when *POOF* all of a sudden they find themselves with a lot of time they didn't have for decades.

        Ya know... some people, too, actually enjoy working and contributing and earning and interacting with others outside of the home.

        But, of course dumbass doesn't understand any of it as it involves careers and work and money and effort and success and relationships and the real world.

      2. For an engineer of Mr. Hoge's professional stature, retirement is the time that you no longer HAVE to go to work, but rather the wonderful stage where you GET to continue to be paid to do the things you love and have great skill at; without the worries of needing the income.

        Yet another reason Bill rots with envy.


        Let's see, Anger √, Envy √, Greed (lulzsuits...) √, Lust (well, it's unnatural, but(t)) √, Sloth √, Pride...nope lack of shame or humility, but not really pride, nor will I call gluttony, but it's really close on the last two.

        Fr. Paul, we'd better redouble our prayers for this poor sinner.

      3. I know retired people who work simply for something to do. A number of people here retired from the mine, spent six months or a year at home, and then find a job because they need something to do besides go fishing.

      4. Bill, you'll know when John's insolvent if he moves into a trailer park's wheeled hovel.

      5. Gus:
        He's on a full schedule know! I even have him as an intention on my prayer rope everyday. Short of travelling to Elkridge and performing an exorcism, there is not much more I can do ... but I will keep up the prayers until he either accepts reformation and redemption through Jesus Christ or passes from this life ... and even then I'll pray for the repose of his soul.

  3. I have a serious question:

    What's the over/under on how many faildoxxes will occur?

    Serious guesses only.. which, is pretty much anyone's..

    1. In fairness MJ, he's reigned in his Faildoxxing to folks who use their real name and have PII all over the web anyway. He still fails, but he's sticking to folks that are essentially non-anon to begin with.

      The extortionate threats and declaration of vexatiousness are nice touches though.

    2. *yawn* More impotent threats from a butthurt, vexatious kook. Watch. He'll start harassing and going at that @grace3g Twitter account again in 3... 2... 1.

      The dumbass has had all of this explained to him numerous times in the past. Calling someone a "sociopath" is no more actionable than calling someone "deranged" or "crazy" or a "lunatic." This simple truth just doesn't manage to sink in because... stupid.

      And, he can yap all he wants about being referred to as a "stalker." He is under a STALKING NO-CONTACT ORDER for two freaking years because a court of law found evidence that proved he was engaging in STALKING behavior... hence, STALKER.

      GFY, BS.


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