Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Oh, look!  A DUMBFUCK is giving advice – that he would never take himself – about personal responsibility – that he’s never had the fortitude to shoulder.


If I were Grady, I would 

  1. remind a DUMBFUCK that I no longer HAVE a blog;
  2. tell a DUMBFUCK: “Sorry you’re such a worthless DUMBFUCK, DUMBFUCK;
  3. hire a legal shark to gut a DUMBFUCK six ways from Sunday;
  4. offer a reminder that the path to shutting up Krendler has always been simple and clear, and therefore far beyond the diminished mental capacity of a deluded DUMBFUCK.

Have fun storming the castle!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

42 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Oh, are we back to "Sanctimonious Bill", already?

    That's one of the rarer phases of the Schmalcycle, give that it gives so little opportunity to discuss poop or buttsecks...

    (Hi, Cousin Bill! Had enough?)

  2. Sanctimonious Bill is one of my personal favorite iterations, mainly because it is so fleeting, yet delicious in its mockability for its triple dose of idiocity, cognative dissonance, and pomposity. It's a perfect flavor combination.

  3. I would remind DUMBFUCK he violated the restraining order against third party contact numerous times, then crowed--like a bantam rooster--on twitter about being a CC on the email.

      1. It may be that he was taught the proper way to handle a weapon; it may even be that he was able to demonstrate it sufficiently to earn that certification.

        However, there is no guarantee that he retained that information for any significant period beyond that training. He does have, by his own admission, significant mental issues, after all.

      2. I believe that his preferred terms are "disease or defect."

      3. Remember the it is the all time master of al things in it's own mind.

        It probably spent the entire training session grumbling and griping to itself that it damn well knows best how hold and use a weapon. The only reason it kept its mouth shut and mimicked the actions of its instructor enough to get certified is that it's a complete pussy and knew exactly what it's Navy leadership could lay down on him for being an insolent jerk.

      4. As the saying goes, Minemyown, Marines are part of the Navy; the BEST part.

    1. Hey Bill, you don't put your finger on the trigger like that unless your ready to "kill". You really are a dumbfuck.

  4. The Liberal Grouch @GrouchyOldLib
    · 48m 48 minutes ago
    Like I said, "Krendler,: If you're not Grady, we'll just keep assuming you are. You're making a lot of trouble for him.

    Somehow I don't think that plan is on the soundest legal footing.

    The Liberal Grouch @GrouchyOldLib
    · 45m 45 minutes ago
    How odd. The morning of a peace order hearing, and no mention by Hoge of the utter defeat awaiting me. Maybe I'll just stay home,

    WTF? That makes even less sense than his usual rantings. Is he trying to imply that because John isn't ranting about Bill's utter defeat (something John hasn't done before either), that this means that Bill doesn't need to go to court? Does Bill think that his "poison pill" is so obvious that the court will administer it anyway? Or does he think that John will administer if for him?


    Of course if he'd just take his own advice and pretend that John and the rest of us didn't exist there wouldn't be any "investigating".

    Here's hoping the morning is at least the teensiest bit educationalal for adjudicated poor Bill.

    1. He can't. Bill believes he is going to break John's spirit, his will. He has imagined this scenario for a long time. And I imagine every day it doesn't happen, Bill gets more and more insane.

      For me, I have eaten a lot more popcorn lately watching these meltdowns. mmmm.. popcorn..

    2. LG, you are trying to ascribe to Bill something beyond his character. Specifically sanity.

      I am reminded of the PSY 101 snark/mnemonic,

      "A neurotic builds castles in the sky, a psychotic lives in them."

      1. Mr. Krendler, Mr. Tao;

      1. Ahem. You forgot the quotation marks, MJ. According to the Adjudicated Harasser and Adjudicated Stalker Bill Schmalfeldt, it is a "hearing."

    1. Yes. Pustule 'won' the argument as to proper venue for a MD civil case. Needs to be filed in the defendant's home county.

      1. ἂν ἔτι μίαν μάχην Ῥωμαίους νικήσωμεν, ἀπολούμεθα παντελῶς.

  5. Odds that William will spin this as a huge victory despite having to admit he sent harassing comments to Hoge's blog and just blowing up his own case due to venue?

      1. A really, really good start would be for Bill, once he gets back to the tincasa, to jump on his computer and post right now on Hogewash giving John what for while there is no peace order in effect (and not through a sock- doesn't count). Of course, that would be if Billy had the courage of his convictions, which he doesn't. Instead, he'll pound his chest and spew "Victory!" from a distance like the slinking sh-tweasel that he truly is. Nothing will show Bill Schmalfeldt up for what he really is better than this. Nothing.

    1. Eleventy billion percent. lolz

      God, I love me a good a Xanatos gambit!

  6. Dumbfuck at it again...

    Dumbfuck doesn't realize Hoge is not done yet. The ram is just getting warmed up...

    1. "Mais non"? Is THAT how you pronounce "mayo" when you've been sticking your head in the fucking barrel of it and got some stuck up your nose, DUMBFUCK?

  7. Oedipal Dumbfuck: "Mais non turns my face dark red! Julienned, stir-fried, jelly doug-nut mind is fungal glazed optimal. Me win Crisco oil lease! Me now Brett Kimberlining into sweaty palm happy place. Me feel like pedo cesspool with mayo slathered footlong attached to forehead. Why me worry admitting future harassment?"

  8. Things handled quietly and out of the public eye often go the way one wants them to. There is less opportunity for misunderstanding. One need only make sure that his message is clear and delivered to the right party. When the courts get involved things become more complicated than they need to be.

    "Never let the decision go to the judges."


    Oh, BULLSHIT, you gigantic weeping sand-filled mangina!

    "Delete them and go on"? Is THAT how a DUMBFUCK spells "go apeshit on, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google to dox the person, Tweet and blog all manner of threats and apophasis against the supposed culprit I've identified (along with photos of the victim's home, family, and whatever else I managed to dig up—regardless of whether I've gotten the ID right), then escalate even further and start trying to fuck with the victim's employment (and even family member's employment) if they dare push back or ignore one of my DOOM CLOCK deadlines"?

    Good to know, DUMBFUCK. Also, you're a lying sack of shit.

  10. Still attempting that get rich quick failed extortion game, eh Bill?
    At least against people with morals, ethics and the sense God gave a cat.
    Of course, that lets you and your buddies out!


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