Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!



When you are a private person…
Building your “private person” blog…
Building your “private person” podcast…
Building your “private person” Twitter presence to promote and publicize privatize your “private person” blog and your “private person” podcast…
To create a “brand” so that everyone knows what a “private person” you are…

Check the spelling of the link.

Don’t be a #DUMBFUCK

Of course, another FABULOUS branding technique is to Tweet out a link to your latest bit of butt-trumpetry…  

…and then take down the file.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

104 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. "Like a #DUMBFUCK"

    Reminds me of those old Winston cigarette commercials - "tastes good like a cigarette should." Is "like" being used as a conjunction? Should it be "As a #DUMBFUCK"? Sounds weird to me.

    I'm making a shift in my commenting. I am no longer directing anything to Bill, even though he reads this blog more than any of the rest of us, and hits F5 harder and faster than a 12 yo fapping to Kate Upton videos. He has proven himself to be just too fucking stupid or unwilling to understand most of what it said to him. Maybe that should be "stupid AND unwilling"? Anyways, you can't teach a pig to sing, so I'm not going to bother trying to educate the pig anymore.

    1. "...hits F5 harder and faster than a 12 yo fapping to Kate Upton videos."

      This phrase has no business in a comment about Bill, inasmuch (one word) as the 12yo boy is what titillates Bill; but it is absolutely brilliant!

      1. I don't think so - he spelled it right in his email contact, so a search would find it anyways.

        Nope, he just misspelled his own name, as a #DUMBFUCK would.

    1. For someone who is claiming to be on a fixed income just spent at least $30.00 for a domain name, wonder how much the server is costing for a months lease.


    Whenever William does something especially stupid, I always mutter to my monitor, "Don't you go changing, m'lad,"

    And he never does. It really is becoming the great love of my life.

    This lulzsuit should die within minutes of the judge looking at it.

    1. So his perjury is now official, and recorded in court documents.

      1. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? I'm almost certain there's a name for that ....

      2. And he paid $400 to do it.

        The real question now is if a judge will see through his laughable charade and realize that Schmalfeldt KNOWS he can't prove that Grady is Krendler.

        Schmafeldt apparently thinks he can get away with vexatious harassment-via-LOLsuit despite a restraining order, by feigning a false certainty he's got a valid complaint against Grady.

        At some point the cycle of harassment followed by "hyuck-hyuck, I'm just acting in good faith, blah blah blah" is gonna be broken by a judge who has lost his/her sense of humor with his bullshit.

        Or not. It's often not hard to determine how a judge should be ruling according to the law... but the days where the letter of the law mattered is over in America. And Maryland Is For Stalkers!

    2. A little walk down memory lane.

      1. It's funny. He doesn't write like the zombie..

        This isn't going to go well.

  3. "13h13 hours ago
    The Liberal Grouch ‏@GrouchyOldLib
    I don't have any enemies. You have to know someone to be that person's enemy, and none of you know me, "

    Sorry, Cousin, but you don't get to redefine words at will. You have neither the authority to make it stick, nor the ability to do it right.

    And you do have enemies.

  4. In the words of an idiot:

    The Liberal Grouch ‏@GrouchyOldLib · 1m1 minute ago
    If I were Grady's lawyer after reading the complaint, this would be my advice.
    1. Admit it. 2. Apologize. 3. Shut down blog. 4. Seek help...

    1. If Blob had the sense of even the most dimwitted member of the Bar, he'd take the standard, stone obvious advice: Shut The Fuck Up.

      Of course, Blob is an idiot. Grady is not.

    2. Why people never learn?

      Because they are too stupid to know better. Schmalfeldt, the infamous stupid person of all time. Pat yourself on the back.

  5. annnnd the he goes proving a frivolous sanctions is not just a dream in a Grisham novel (Grisham is an author that actually sells books )

    The Liberal Grouch ‏@GrouchyOldLib · 12m12 minutes ago
    ...for your anger management problems and other mental issues, 5. Hope that Schmalfeldt drops the suit. 6. Never do this again. Simple.


    Here's to hoping Grady shows his lawyer these tweets.

    BS: "Do this, this, this, and this... and I might drop my lawsuit against you."

    Just wow. *smdh*

      1. No. No, he doesn't, Ash. And, it's absolutely fascinating to witness.

  7. Its too funny he knows the suit will be thrown out, that's why he's talking trah because there is no way it prevails past an MTD

  8. The Liberal Grouch @GrouchyOldLib · 8m 8 minutes ago
    If were Grady's lawyer after reading the complaint, this would be my advice. 1. Admit it. 2. Apologize. 3. Shut down blog. 4. Seek help...

    What will really happen is that the Lickspittles and Zombie Hoard will smack Bill down once again then he will delete his twitter account and slink away like the coward he is.
    All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again: Suicide is Painless Oedipal Troll!
    F5 will not save you!

    1. Perhaps he really wants to see Midway airport before he croaks. It's pretty nice.

      1. Heh. The airport at Midway isn't bad, but the airport at Guam is much nicer.

      2. The first time I was ever on a plane, we where landing in a snow storm at O'Hare, hit wind shear, the engines went to full power and did not back down en-till we where miles away from the airport. Being a dumb 18 year old I did not realize that came within 50ft of never seeing 19. Landing in Chi town in the winter is an adventure.

      3. My mother remembers coming into Logan over the water, looking out the window, and realizing she was looking UP at the runway.....

        I had a landing at Bradley on a flight from OHare which hit the ground and stopped so quickly that I had a stiff neck for a week. The flight attendant sitting behind me (he hadn't been to Bradley before so he wanted to watch out a window) was also muttering "That's odd". Found out later that a small plane had taxied right in front of us just as we touched down.

      4. Midway is a bitch to fly into:
        1) approach over neighborhoods with multi-story buildings
        2) short runways
        3) altitude restrictions
        4) strict noise abatement procedures
        5) stupid tower personnel
        Ask any commercial pilot who regularly flies into Midway.

  9. Good thing I'm not Grady's lawyer. (yet).

    I'd be too busy quoting [REDACTED - Don't Educate The Monkey - PK]

    Which included... [REDACTED - Don't Educate The Monkey - PK] He never learns, do he?

    [REDACTED - Don't Educate The Monkey - PK]

    The Motion For Leave to Educate The Monkey is DENIED.

      1. I don't think it's -possible- to educate the monkey after yesterday.

    1. Wow, "Grady", you must hate free education more than those "tea-baggers"!

      1. I'm sure if Grady were here he'd be in favor of free PUBLIC education.

        But the plaintiff purports to be a PRIVATE person, and TANSTAAFL.

      2. TANSTAAFL.

        Totally Awesome Neighing Shit Transporting Association, Acting For Lucre?



        Manny, Prof, Wyoh, what do you think?

      3. Kyle -

        Dumbass is funny always.

        Lickspittle is funny once. Use it once, you're a wit. Use it twice, you're a half-wit.

        Geometrical progression? Or worse.

      4. Ah, Kyle, you'd probably select coordinates like, you dumb felon.


    Gimpy Bloated Matlock has a point! And I'm sure that if what is stated above is true (which is unlikely, given that William is a congenital liar) and Mr. Grady decides to pursue it, the Cook County Sheriff's Department might want to take a look at the records of any such conversation. I sure hope that chat-logs, emails, Twitter or Facebook direct messages, or phone records don't go missing! TJ better hold on to that computer, too.

    It's not like disinterested third parties who would send such an email would have opened themselves up to a suit for interference with contractual relations. I understand that's a thing.

    Potential civil AND criminal violations in just one night. Good work!

    1. Bwahahaha....

      Hey hasn't Team Freedom been saying that Bill's "friends" in Team Pedo-Bomber REALLY don't have his best interests at heart?

      And I wonder which "friend" it was that sent the email because that is a mighty short list.

    2. Well we do not know who PK is, so who ever sent that email just might be in for a false accusation. Dumbfuck brags about be a CC, LOL

    3. "Now, I did not ask anyone to do this for me..."

      1. Apophasis. That was the word I wanted.

        That's what happens if you post before seeing if someone has posted in the time it took to type your comment.

        Someone should ask Ken White whether he thinks the line was crossed this time.

    4. Dear Avvo;

      What is "interference with contractual relations" and is it really "a thing" ?

      Elkridge, Maryland

      1. Dear Avvo;

        What does "third party contact" mean?

        Elkridge, Maryland

      2. MMO -

        Third Party Contact:

        It's like when you go to a party, and someone you know invites this chick. And you totally chat her up but she's just not in to you.

        Then you meet her at another party, and you totally chat her up but she's just not in to you.

        Then you meet her at a third party, and you helpfully get her a "wine" "cooler" full of "roofies" and she totally melts (passes out) in your arms, and you try to score but you just don't "have" "enough" "dopamine" to "get" it "up."

        So you "motorboat" her "boobies" ( *ass cheeks, actually* ) and tell your friends you "totally" aren't "teh gay."

        Then you take the next "boat" to a "stage" in "Japan."


    5. Wait wait wait.. so let me get this straight..

      He fully admits that he was talking with friends that he can't communicate with Grady's employer. And then he is "copied" on an email sent to the legal department of Grady's US headquarters?

      He ACTUALLY SAYS THIS ON THE INTERNET???? I sure hope someone archived this somewhere and sends it to Grady.

      OMFG, I need to run out and buy more popcorn..

  11. Watching schmeltdowns in real time is just fascinating.

    And dang, but I've got a paper to finish up by tomorrow evening (as well as a take home exam, and studying for the non-takehome one, and prepping for a project presentation).

    So, Bill is suing Grady, claiming he's got PROOF!!! that PG = PK. If BS believes that to be true, wouldn't that make his writing about PK be a violation of PG's no-contact/stalking order? Even if PG =/= PK? And isn't contacting an employer a violation of the order, no matter who PK is? I wonder how Ken White would describe that artless tweet of Bill's yesterday since Bill is now indicating that someone did it. (I wonder, was it a real live "friend" or a sock "friend"?) That tweet sure looks like incitement.

    1. if nothing else, Shakey's behaviour over the last few days is more than enough for Grady to get that restraining order extended along with [REDACTED don't educate the monkey - PK]

      which Shakey is going to regret BIG TIME.

      get the popcorn


    In fact, those are the very best ones. And a really impressive display of "emotional distress" to boot.

    1. "Yes, Your Honor, I was publicly tainting and baiting the defendant (who also has a restraining order against me 'cause I'm special) as furiously as I possibly could. For a whole week, even. On my "very private person" blogs, on my "very private person" podcast and Twitter feed. Branding, you know!

      But I was crying on the inside."


    Laugh it up, DUMBFUCK.

    Keep on entertaining those delusions of adequacy and competence before reality beats you about your dick-dented head like a barbed-wire-wrapped 2x4 yet again.

    Because rest assured, we'll be here to point and laugh at you when it inevitably does!

    1. considering he views our howling with laughter at his own bumbling ineptitude as "fear" along with thinking sueing someone who has a restraining order against him for harassment claiming they are someone else is in anyway a good idea...
      yeah I'd say that diminished capacity defense is going to be heard loud and clear over the next few months.

    2. Sure it counts.

      Cuz we're standing over here wondering what in hell you're pointing and raving about as you teeter about the villa.


    Directly. Or indirectly. Or through any third party.

    Oopsie poopsie!

    1. actually the statute under which the restraining order was issued includes the provision that Shakey isn't to write about him either, and if he didnt want to be bound by that he should've appealed it, which he didnt.
      don't take it up with us Shakey, take it up with the court.

      I hear Cook County is very nice this time of year.


        Funny... if the law saying a Illinois protective or restraining order includes an order not to write about someone is so UNCONSTITUTIONAL then why is it still a part of the law in Illinois? You would figure a COURT somewhere would have managed to strike such language out of the law. I mean... really how many people do you think have probably challenged it on 1st Amendment grounds in the courts?

        And yet it's still there... Interesting that.

      2. Shhhh. Justice Jones is explaining the Constitution to us.

        Funny thing about the First Amendment, I'm almost certain that it starts by saying "CONGRESS shall make no law." It turns out that the courts can relieve you of any number of rights once they've determined that you've been naughty. That, I suspect, is why Boom Boom isn't out applying for concealed-carry licenses.


        You know this is bill second best twit of the day.

        An early Christmas present from BS for PG, WJJH and et al.

      4. He seems to forget that a court has full authority to limit your constitutional rights as part of a sentence. I myself hhhave my right to vote and my right to keep and bear arms limited by a court order. Thus, I neither attempt to vote or the possess and bear arms. I guess that's because I've reformed my life ans am a law abiding citizen, one who is redeemed by Jesus Christ.

  15. Yes indeed, I remember that one. I remember that Aaron very carefully obeyed it until he got it overturned by the court system. I also recall that Bill worked really hard to try to get Aaron to ignore it, presumably so BK could use it against Aaron. I guess Bill thinks that only people he doesn't like have to follow improper rulings.

    Did we all miss Bill's appeal to the court asking for an improper ruling to be overturned? Does Bill have a copy of the order specifically overturning it, or does he just have folks saying, "Yeah, that shouldn't have been done that way"?

    1. It was very hush hush. Just like Boom Boom's many secret exonerations.

      There's a VIP room at the Star Chamber. .

  16. Dim, Dim Nancy. Remember when everyone was up in arms when Walker was ordered not to write ABOUT BK? That got tossed.— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 1, 2015

    except Walker appealed and got it overturned, so he was no longer bound by that ruling.
    you were/are to stupid to do that yourself, so you ARE still bound by it.

    Do any of the lickspittle zombies agree with that provision? Immaterial,

    1. Remember when some intrepid internet reporter tried to get Walker to violate that illegal order, while it was active, in order to get Walker thrown in jail? Asking for a friend.

    2. Why, TJ, that sounds familiar!

      Those of you having a problem with the Illinois stalking no contact order can take it up with the judge. Not the masses on Twitter. DECISION MADE.

  17. And Bill gets another PO filed against him today - just a temp one, but a PO none the less.

    I guess he can take it up with the court - Decision made!

    1. issued by Judge Ellinghaus-Jones, now where have I heard that name from. Why from here:

  18. The Liberal Grouch @GrouchyOldLib · 3h 3 hours ago
    Frankly, I would rather put a garden slug in my mouth and chew on it for 30 seconds than ever even SEE the disgusting senile old man again. to

    Bill must want to document what types of exotic slimy creatures he has put in his mouth. It may go to show how Distended Abdomen G actually feeds him. One can only shudder at what flaccid, slimy things Team Kimberlin actually treats the roly-poly troll with. Well, some things even penicillin can't treat.


    I don't have my reading glasses on... what was the name of the judge granting the latest peace order?

    Judge Elinghaus-somethongorother......

    1. How happy do you think she was to see the name William M. Schmalfeldt.
      Check out this addendum:

      1. There it is. The Fuckdumb actually went and contacted Goddard. No telling what kind of holy hell is running around after that one. For the slower readers (F5 jockeys) that makes it a "fed to fed" matter which means the too serious no smiles gentlemen take care of the giggling fuckwits who try and fuck with their quantum mechanics.

    2. It must be a different Judge Ellinghaus-Jones. Very common name in those parts.

      1. Her jaw hits the floor every time a tour bus stops at the Gas & Go.

  20. Shakey claims this comment by Father Lemmen was "profanity laced".

    can someone please point out the "profanity" this comment by Father Lemmen is supposedly "laced" with???

    from Hogewash
    "Bill, even illegal and unconstitutional orders from a court must be obeyed until overturned by the court that issued said order or a higher court. HIGHER, not lower. Your feverswamp of a mind has deluded yourself that the opinion of a lower court judge somehow absolves you of adhering to a circuit court order. That is false and you know it. The law is the law and just as Aaron had to comply with an unconstutional court order (which was vacated by a HIGHER court), you know that you must do so as well. You blew it chump. So, take your comment, fold it into all corners and stuff it up your oubliette. I know you’ll enjoy that idiot."

    yet again lying liars gotta lie and Shakey is nothing if not consistant in his lying.

    1. Oubliette - (noun, french) a little place of forgetting. A small, windowless room where someone is locked away, forgotten, left to go mad.

    2. While the occasional spicy term may be used in reference to Comrade FD, I know he can't turn up anything resembling actual quotes that we have flung at him, especially from the people that are his fixation and lawsuit victims. It's all in his head.

  21. I hear Cabin Boy got a new job. He's the new paint mixer at Home Depot.


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