Good Morning Again, DUMBFUCK!


And when I am done taking care of you for allowing these evil offensive images on your blog, I will DEMAND that my blog be permanently removed for intentionally posting the same images that you passively allow your readers to use as Gravatar images.

Why don’t you encourage them to use something more appropriate, like this:


Oh, would that a simple flush were all it took to be rid of it…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

37 thoughts on “Good Morning Again, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Let me guess, chubs, you're going to tell WordPress that you have parkinsons, so they have to do whatever you want. Because that's the way the world works.

  2. You set the bar with the Stranahan family, EH. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    You know not when the taxman cometh!

    Death Threat !!!!111!1ELEVENTY!!111Parkinson's!!111!!

    1. DING DING DING! You said the magic word Tao. Stranahan. For all the grief he gave to Lauren, we give back ten fold. Fuck you Bill Schmalfeldt. Fuck. You. Don't fuck with queen bees. I thought that was a lesson EVERYBODY learned in High School. So we have to take you back there and give you the appropriate punishment.

    1. Blob would also be surprised by what he hasn't shared with us, namely descriptions or photos of things best left in the bathroom.

  3. Cousin Bill Sez:

    "Now, if you will pardon me, I will go hover over her, floating, just above her, like a guardian angel, in case she should need something."

    Funniest thing he's written in a while. Images of dirigibles dance through my mind...

    Or maybe the giant pig balloon at a Pink Floyd concert...

    1. Oh for a Hindenberg moment, when the methane within him bursts into flame! Oh the huge manatee!

  4. You know, no one would know that the underlying picture was Saint Gail of the Perpetual Suffering, except that Cousin Bill whines about it...

    If it weren't for bad attention, he'd get no attention at all...

    1. He's like a two-year-old, throwing a tantrum. I have extensive experience with those at the moment. They never work.

      Pro tip, Bill. Don't post things on Twitter that can be altered and used to poke you with a sharp stick. Because you have to love that Twitter copyright clause. Sit and spin, buddy boy!

      1. And, as we all know... dumbass pretty much invented the "alter images of family members" game. At least ours are not p0rnographic like the ones he creates.


        Oh. And, Google is your friend. Dumbass needs to do some learnin' with regards to the Salt Monster. The Salt Monster is not a freaking corpse. And, really... the demented freak is pretty much the only one who has said anything about his "beloved" dying. He's been beating that dying drum for quite awhile now (WELL BEFORE the doctor visit) -- it's almost as if he's willing it to happen.


      2. I'm considering doing a cheap rip off of that darling of the Liberal/Left artist Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" but with the change being a fair use picture of Dumbfuck in one mason jar full of urine and Salt Wife in the other. And oh are there ever so many fair use pictures to choose from thanks to Twitter Terms of Service!

        I'm trying to decide how to do the lighting...

        I think I will make them into stickers and graffiti bomb them around Baltimore sort of like Shepard Fairy (look another darling of the Left!) did with his Andre the Giant/OBEY stickers and various other "art".

  5. Here's a stumper; On Bill's podcast the other day he claimed that the tiny diddler was "running circles around Hoge" on the legal front.

    Now it seems to me that to be "running circles" around someone you have to win your lawsuits. Brett has lost every suit he's filed against Hoge except for his latest pile of steaming shit that hasn't gotten to the MTD phase yet.
    So maybe Bill can explain how his pedo pal losing every single lawsuit is "running rings" around someone. Is Bill so stupid that he thinks that merely filing a lawsuit is some kind of victory? Oh wait, we are talking about someone what has filed and dropped lawsuits and peace orders just so he could harasses people and cause them emotional and financial harm, so I guess that, just like his bestie the diminutive diddler, Bill DOES think the mere filing of a lawsuit is a kind of victory.

    1. Army Vet --

      Your comment just reminded me of something else BS was popping off about the other day...

      Heh. Yeah. I'M the stupid one. *PFFT*

  6. Shakey is living (sort of ) proof that a body can still function (sort of) without a working brain.

    If you don't want to see those avatars Shakey then stop visiting Hogewash and TMZ and breaking your F5 button.

    it's that easy. Of course if you did that then you might actually have to spend time with the woman you claim you love more than anything..
    how sad she will be escaping your clutches sooner than later, sad for you of course, I'm sure she is overjoyed to be getting way from you FINALLY.

  7. William John Joseph Hoge III, Now It Is Time to CEASE AND DESIST via @grouchcast— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 21, 2015

    Cease! And DESIST!!! NOW!! ELEVENTY!!!


    You are so fucking stupid that you fucked up your own blog and your CEASE and DESIST demand can't be viewed in it's entirety. Intelligence FOR DAH WIN!!!

    You truly are a special kind of stupid.


      1. Making a demand that cannot be met, because the person has no control over the matter, is not a "legal purpose". It's harassment.

      2. Oh for fuck's sake. Did he seriously post that?

        Not only does he act like a diva, he is single handedly killing his chances of any success with his legal suits.

      3. He's be in trouble if he "won". It would be over. The point of lawfare isn't to win.

        But that's an interesting question... If he did get a check, would he have to split it or reimburse somebody?


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