10 thoughts on “Earworm Wednesday!”

  1. What about this in honor of Cabin Boy's tweets?


  2. Got a fun surprise tonight.

    Clicked over to http://"XXX"patriotombudsman.com/2015/05/27/hmmm-smells-like-fear-pee/

    and got this message:

    "You are banned

    Your country is banned! I have no patience for cowards who hide behind off shore servers to gain access to my blog. If you have something to say to me, say it to my face, not hiding behind an anonymous server.

    If you are actually from the country involved, contact me via e-mail and we'll discuss how to get you onboard."

    I offer It a riddle to see if it can winkle it's way to the real state of things:
    "I am not hiding behind an off shore server, much less an anonymous server".

    I shall now set my stopwatch and my calendar and we'll see which is the more useful tool for measuring his cognitive processing speed.

    1. A new one.

      By the way I can and do config to use on shore servers at need.


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