4002 Words on the Subject

…of Bill Schmalfeldt’s assertion that he must give permission before anyone can appropriate his name or image for commercial purposes:

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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

59 thoughts on “4002 Words on the Subject”

    1. I wonder if we could get BS arrested for harassing a man with serious heart problems and another man with learning disabilities

      1. Brava Dara, except as we know, physical or mental imperfections are only reasons to pity Bill. Granted of course that John's only attention to his heart is his exercise, diet and medication; and Aaron has made a successful life IN SPITE of his handwriting issue.

    1. It's funnier when he thinks non-laws apply to everyone else. Would explaining the nature of the Restatement of Torts come too close to educating the monkey?


      1. Best not, tjfc. We do nothing to educate the rabid, dancing monkey. He counts on others to point out his mistakes and misunderstandings.

        It's way more fun to watch him fall on his stupid, fat face.

        1. And Rule number 1 around here is DO NOT EDUCATE THE MONKEY.

          Rule #2 is ALL WE HAVE IS FUN.

          I don't think there is a Rule #3 yet...

      2. Actually #3 is " Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to"..

        Oh wait, that's the Ferengi Rules..

      3. I thought the third rule was about the entropy of a crystalline structure at absolute zero?

      4. No, that's not it. It's the equal and opposite reaction one. Yup; Bill needs to study up on that one.

        I personally like the biblical one about reaping the whirlwind.

      5. Somewhere in there, not sure what number to call it though...

        Rule #? Embrace the power of "and"!

    2. Not quite sure how to embed....

      The reading of the rules:


  1. I want to see how fast Bill takes down all his commercial ventures which involve the names and or likenesses of John Hoge, Patrick Grady, Paul Krendler, myself, Kyle Kiernan, and every other Lickspittle.

    I'm not going to place any bets on it happenning without a court order, and perhaps not even then.

    1. My points exactly, LG. BS better get busy. He has a lot of purging of social media, and a lot of books to edit, and a slew of CDs and podcasts to edit/take down.

      Did he give Hoge a deadline? Does BS have to work within the same timeframe?

  2. "It's quite a simple concept, really. ... you're too stupid to understand simple concepts." ("Private Citizen" Bill Schmalfeldt)

    I'll ask again -- to what degree does SCHMALFELDT LAW apply here? Is BS taking down all of the material in his books, CDs, podcasts, etc. that make reference to John Hoge and other private citizens such as: Lee Stranahan, Ali Akbar, Aaron Walker, etc.?

    I mean -- law is applied fairly and across the board, right? Just how far and to whom does SCHMALFELDT LAW apply?

    1. Grace, you really shouldn't use Degree and Law in the same sentence as Schmalfeldt without the "Wednesday Afternoon" or "Bus Pass" caveats.

  3. Oh no. He is trying to play the sympathy card again. He's just a helpless innocent bullied gratuitously by others.

    The fact is that he is losing a flame war he himself started and is demanding sympathy for someone who has never shown sympathy to others.

  4. He cannot take down anything. It is the sum and substance of his whole life, his entire existence, his all. If he takes down it all, he no longer exists. His hate has become him.

    1. Considering he can't tell his wife from a salt vampire, he does deserve pity.

      1. I do feel sorry for him.

        If he lives for another thirty years, he still has to wake up every morning as him.

        God isn't punishing him with his affliction. He's punishing him with his life.

      2. Nah. Life is never a punishment. Life is an opportunity to do better.

    2. He deserves nothing but ridicule, contempt, and where practical, for rotten vegetables to be hurled at his dick-dented head.

      I'll forgive him, after he's dead. But not because he DESERVES forgiveness.

      1. Maybe he would find that others would stop discussing him and his behavior and the things he says and writes if he would just stop writing and saying horrible, libelous things about others, and would simply LEAVE THEM ALONE.

        No contact. No LOLsuits. No nothing.

        But, he can't do that... all of the hate and dissension is the air he breathes. But, how dare he demand others stop when he is unwilling and incapable of doing so himself. He will leave the name Hoge off of his blog up until the time something new gives him raging butthurt. He has zero self-control, and he lives in a fantasy world that allows him to believe he can do and say whatever he would like, but everyone else must sit down and shut up as far as he's concerned.

        BS wants to be able to control his contact with Hoge, and wants to be able to call the shots and basically make Hoge bend to his schizophrenic will.

        In short: He's nuts.

      2. Katie, It is my understanding that the Good Lord is standing ready to do just that, all Bill has to do is repent and ask for same.

      3. Just so Katie and Gus, just so ... I have urged that course of action to Bill more times than I can count. That is also what I ask our Lord and Savior to inspire Bill to do in my prayers every day (multiple times a day in fact) If Bill would do that one thing, I would embrace him and do all in my power to help him on the hard road of reform and redemption.

  5. OK, which of you undead comedians sent the air freshener to the tincasa? That was very thoughtful, whoever you are.


    1. I'm on the phone, talking to the home hospice people setting up that service for my wife, when my son comes home with the mail. Here I am, facing the death of my wife, and someone thought enough to send a shit-scented candle.

      Glad to see that they are looking into hospice for his wife.

      But seriously, who get's a "shit-scented candle" and instantly does a youtube video about it?

      Isn't that time away from taking care of his dying wife? I seem to recall him shrieking about what a bad husband John was for having two or three posts a day, which probably don't take more time total than this video alone. And he's practically living on twitter, badly researching the law, filing bogus legal suits and charges, making two hour long podcasts everyday, and now this?

    2. Obviously, it's a lover from Europe. They have weird customs over there.

    3. So he's talking to the hospice people and has to put that on hold so he can make a YOUTUBE VIDEO!?!


      About a tacky prank candle.

      "I'm sorry nurse, I realize there are a lot of details to cover for my dying wife, but I need to get back to you on all that. Someone sent me a prank candle.......yes, a candle.......and I need to make a video about it, STAT!"

      Bill, I know this might surprise you, but your priorities in your life are really, really screwed up.

      Of all the shitty things you did to all those people in the past, this tops them all as the worst, most shameful, devoid-of-soul thing you've ever done. You put making and posting a youtube video about a prank above the well-being of your dying wife.

      Don't ever lecture us on being Christians and treating you the way you say we do, because you are beyond the help of any deity or god that could possibly exist. If Dante came backk to life and decided to write another book and add a lower level of Hell, he'd call it 'Schmalfeldt'.

      Then he'd kill himself.

      At some point someone might say "May God have mercy on your soul." But it would be a waste because there isn't enough mercy in this and all the other universes, and you have no soul.

      Dear God, I need a shower.......and a drink or ten.

      1. Niccolo would not have killed himself. That would have been mortal sin and put him in jeopardy of being sentenced to eternity in Schmalfedt.

    4. A shit-scented candle must be the most second-most redundant thing in that glorified dumpster.

    5. Why the fuck would he broadcast to the world that somebody had sent him a “shit-scented candle”?
      An he wonders why PK nicknamed him "DUMBFUCK".

      1. Isn't it great? You can pull whatever stunt you want and you can always rely on him to provide the punch line. It never ever ever fails!
        I never occurs to him that if he just shut up about it, all the fun would get sucked right out of the gag and there would be no FUN in them. The mind reels at the dumbfuckery.

  6. Given TurdBreath's proclivity for smelling bright green shit, I think it was the perfect gift for any occasion!

  7. Private life? No one would know a damned thing about that "private" life if it wasn't constantly regurgitated onto the internet via who knows how many outlets, in frequently nauseating detail.

    Just shut the fuck up, Schmalfeldt. There is literally no one paying any attention that isn't laughing at you. AT. Not with.

    No one is defaming your wife. Even if they were you do not own her. I know, she's ugly, but that's a marriage license, not a dog license. You don't own her reputation, such as it is, either. You have no standing to demand anything or sue anyone on her behalf.

    You are also not being defamed. Insulted, yes. Mocked, of course. Worst of all, quoted. Not defamed. To the extent your reputation is harmed by anything we write, it is only when we repeat those things you have said about yourself, for the decade-plus that you've been making an utter ass of yourself all over the internet.

    So, again: Shut the fuck up and leave John Hoge and everyone else alone. Stop obsessively reading Hogewash and this blog. Stop creeping our twitter timelines. Drop your pointless unwinnable lawsuits, and use the money you don't waste to buy your wife something nice before you don't have a wife anymore.

    Go write about the real news of the day. No one will read you, much less care what you think about anything, but no one will bother mocking you for it, either, and I guarantee your wife will utterly disappear from anyone over here's radar.

    ...false charges, and using a person's private life to raise money on a website. I'm not surprised that the distinction is HARD for you...— The Liberal Grouch (@GrouchyOldLib) May 22, 2015

  8. Let's see, who is selling merchandise devoted to mocking other people?

    Who is selling merchandise with another person's likeness on the cover?

    Who is selling merchandise containing other people's names and addresses?

  9. Bill Schmalfeldt:

    You are a liar! You are a hypocrite! To act so piously when your wife Gail is, according to you, on her deathbed is utterly contemptible.

    Amid great fanfare and hoopla, you offered up a pledge to rid your websites of Hoge and related material. In fact, you have preserved every bit of it on www.patriotombudsman.com as anyone checking it can see. You lied to get sympathy instead of being truthful.

    You, sir, are a weasel and a scallywag, a most contemptible human being who dishonors his wife at the very time she needs you most. You are absolutely despicable!

    You big baby.



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