You Keep Using That Word

I do not think it means what you think it means


Just one zombie’s humble opinion here, but I think if you tallied up the total number of uses (and misuses) of this word and its many variants in every published work across the entire history of the written word, you would find three things:

  1. It is used incorrectly more often than not
  2. Its usage has spiked over the last 45 to 55 years
  3. That spike in usage is attributable to one person


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “You Keep Using That Word”

  1. Oh, you've stepped in it now...

    1. Yeah, it does. Above is only the definition of poot as an interjection. It is also a noun and verb.

      I'd prefer to just join the mockery...but I'm too much of a language nerd for this one.

      1. Okay
        and Merriam-Webster's free online version only has the interjection, but also says that if you pay money you get the full definition.

        That, plus having heard this word in use for decades as a noun and verb meaning 'fart' but never as an interjection tell me that using it to describe the action of a printer producing a page is infantile, but not incorrect as a matter of usage. Not any more incorrect than describing a printer as farting out pages, anyway. It's a stupid metaphor, but cognizable.

    1. Hehehehe ...
      Caller: Hi, this is Bill Schmalfeldt ...
      Receiver: *click*
      Caller: Dammit! Somethings wrong with the NIH phone system, it always disconnects after 5 seconds ...

  2. Bonus Billy Sez!!!

    You really don't want an answer, Bill, do you?

    1. How far apart can you hold your hands?

      Lots more than that!

      How high is up?

      Lots more than that, too!

      (Hi, Cousin Bill! Enjoying the life you've created for yourself (and your "beloved")?

      Yep, you suck...)

  3. I'm fascinated by the parallel between the fundraising efforts for the O'Connors of Memories Pizza and the times in the past when Dumbass tried to solicit funds for his efforts.

    Much vs none.


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