So This Comment Came In

4-17-2015 9-14-33 AM

And after thinking about it, I realize that Bill, for once in your miserable life you are absolutely right.  The fact that you won a court case is not a good reason for you to “need to die.”

In fact, I doubt it would crack the Top 50.

But as a gesture of goodwill, I have identified grace3g.

So there you go.  Happy?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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    1. Why do think that getting what he wanted isn't going to make William happy?

  1. As a gesture of good will, I also identified grace3g.
    Grace3g has been officially identified by multiple people, some using pseudonyms, others using their IRL name and identity.
    There you go Bill, we have multiply complied with your ridiculous demand.
    Now, go pound sand you pervert.

    1. Grace3g is [redacted]. Koo koo kajoob.

      Just trying to do what I'm told.

      He asked if you know what time it is. He didn't ask you to tell him what time it is. - PK

        1. Grace3g is always a woman to me. Indeed, "She can kill with a smile. She can wound with her eyes."

          Hopefully the police find that helpful.

      1. I thought she was Dynamite with a laserbeam, Guaranteed to blow your mind

        Be well, or be the target of female ninja assasins transported here from feudal Japan.

      2. Way to look out for my private, identifying information, NBN.

        Damn you! And, koo koo kajoob right back 'atcha.

      3. Of course they have ponies, They're girls and girls love ponies. Whats more they're ninja ponies that have been rigorously trained from birth in the ninja arts of invisibility, They strike hard and fade away, clip clopping so softly that you can barely hear them, the only sign of their presence little tupperware containers they leave behind as their calling card.

      4. I heard she's built like a car and has a hub-cap, diamond-star halo.

      5. "Oh, and just HOW IN THE HELL would female ninjas get here from feudal Japan…Kyle?"

        They hitched a ride from the Tranny?

    2. Maybe one of you helpful Zombies could simply give the drama queen one of your Christmas Card Mailing Lists. Then he would not only have my real name, but he would also have the exact address to forward to Law Enforcement. By the lack of visits I've had from the police today, I'm assuming they are having a difficult time finding me and arresting me for the "death threats" and "veiled threats to judges" I post willy-nilly all over the intertubez.

      And, as I told you on the phone a few months back, Father Paul, your beautiful card and your thoughtful wishes for a wonderful holiday season were very much appreciated. 🙂

      1. It seems as though we're all so accustomed to William's constant geysers of ignorance and insanity that we miss some true jewels.

        Case in point, his contention that the police won't investigate “death threats” and “veiled threats to judges” unless and until they have the full Christian name and mailing address of anyone suspected of having made them, which doesn't seem like much of an investigation at all. Accordingly, anyone convicted of those offenses much have been breathtakingly bad criminals.

        Sheriff Schmalfeldt appears to have an even lower opinion of the intelligence and initiative of the constabulary than I do!

        Or it could be that he's too lazy to pick up the goddamned phone and the Incredible Shrinking Woman is too exhausted by his madness to do it for him.

      2. Just the personal one will do, Father Paul. That mailing list alone should keep the Deranged Cyberstalker busy for awhile attempting to match one of 60K real-life names to one Grace3G internet pseudonym.

      3. Excellent observation, NBN. I'm sure that we Zombie Lickspittles are so used to his insane and misguided droolings that we most likely do miss some true jewels here and there. That is definitely one of them.

        Maybe he is simply too lazy to place a call and file a police report. Then again, maybe he's just a big, fat, lying chickenshit who knows he's got nothing, and fears LE will finally haul his crazy ass off to either jail or a mental institution if he were actually retarded enough to place such a call and make such blatantly false accusations. Of all the LEOs I know, I cannot think of one who appreciates being downright lied to by a hyper-emotional, impulsive, mentally-diminished, obsessed drama queen with raging butthurt.

  2. We all "need to die", it's a biological imperative. It'll just happen sooner to some than others. In some cases, not soon enough. That's why people make dead pools. I myself have Bill crapping his pants for the last time on February 16th 2016.

  3. here's a clue for Fat Ass,
    the comments are coming from inside the house...

  4. Why does Blob think he knows what others *need* to do, but that others don't know what he *needs* to do? How long have you been dying, ya dumb son of a bitch? Shouldn't you be busy writing your End Times Tribune, you drain swirling motherfucker?

    I wonder if there's something you can take for this, Shakey. Maybe Howard has an idea.

  5. I used to know grace3g but I gave her up for grace4g. A new and faster model. 😉

  6. I have some advice for him:

    Go to the police and file a report. If that doesn't work out, then file for a PO against the offender. If that doesn't work, take the serial offender to court and sue the living crap out of them. Make sure you document all this on twitter and on a blog, complete with podcasts of satirical figures taking it up the ass as you bring sweet justice on them in your magical world.

    If that doesn't work, you should probably just focus on your career as a stand up radio comedian. Hopefully, you'll get a cult following worthy of your work.

  7. So now he's libeled you by falsely claiming you make death threats. Your sterling reputation... oh woe!

  8. I just had a thought... the comment I made here at TMZ, that quite obviously has the drama queen's mayo-crusted pajamas in a wad, is pretty much the same comment I posted over at Hogewash!, too.

    I think now is a perfect time for the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt to test his theory on that Peace Order issue he was droning on about yesterday. Blobby Boy should most certainly forward the very same comment he attempted to post here at TMZ to Hogewash!. He should demand that the owner of that blog identify Grace3G and do so immediately, as well. BS did, after all, pound out on his sticky keyboard just yesterday after the hearing that the judge assured him the Peace Order was invalid, and that contacting Hoge would be perfectly legal because it wouldn't be a Peace Order that stops him, by golly. If fathead wants my identifying information so badly, he should leave no stone unturned, right?

    But, alas... I'll just take, "Bill Schmalfeldt is a big, fat, lying chickenshit for $500, Alex."

    1. Yes, but William's too "disgusted" with WJJH to fight crime and save his own life and that of a judge.

      The man has principles, after all.


        Big, fat, lying chickenshit says what?

        Dumbass even knows he received much undeserved mercy yesterday. Mr. I'm-Forgetting-Hoge-Even-Exists can now only obsess over his victim from behind hate blogs and childish, poop-fetish insults on pathetic podcasts. It is truly the end of the line for old Blobby Boy. He MUST leave Hoge alone now. And, he not only knows it... he freaking hates it.

        The most precious thing of all? The Biggest Loser actually believes he won something. Yay! Whew! I didn't go to jail! -- is actually an accomplishment to him.

        It just can't get much more pathetic than a Bill Schmalfeldt. *smh*

  9. And, bwaaaaaaaaaaak- it's the Daily Double!

        1. While there would be a certain degree of poetic justice in that, let's face it: it'll never happen. No, not because he's a chickenshit. But because he is a failure. Like every other thing he's ever tried in life, he'd fuck it up. He would still be alive. The only way it would work is if someone (Gail? The pedo chauffeur?) helped him. Help by people who pity him is the only reason he isn't in jail today.

      1. "And for the record, Shakes.

        You DO need to die.

        The sooner the better."


        This world could sure use an obsessed, stalking, worthless, lying sociopath...

        ... said no one ever.

    1. Heh. I'm afraid that Bill's carcass would be rejected at the Soylent Green processing facility as unfit for human consumption. Unlike the remains of Michael Valentine Smith, whose remains were shared by his followers ...

  10. If the taste and feel of doing it creeps you out too much, you can talk to your neighborhood guns smith about attaching a scrap barrel on a stick as a kind of training muzzle you can practice on to work your way up to the full monty.


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