Poor SIT-DMC Must Be Confused


Stop bothering him?  Who’s bothering him?

Are any of you bothering him?

Bothering him would consist of doing things like:

  • Sending unwanted emails
  • Mailing extortionate letters to people
  • Making phone calls to people less than three minutes after finding out they’ve been granted a Stalking No Contact Order against you
  • Tweeting directly at them after being told repeatedly to stop
  • Commenting at blogs where you are clearly not welcome

Stuff like that.

Thankfully, this is the sort of thing that we expect only from demented freaks, Oedipal cyberstalkers, admitted, confessed, and adjudicated.  People who email confessions of peace order violations to the State’s Attorney, who make shit up in their deteriorating minds and quickly decide it must be God’s truth delivered by the disembodied voices of what could only be His angels (*snerk*), and certainly not a symptom of the sociopathic narcissism and schizoid paranoia that are so plain to an objective observer and would be quickly diagnosed and treated after a proper psychiatric examination, and roundly mocked until the end of time.

That’s what it means to “bother” someone.

And we aren’t doing that at all.

All we’re doing is enjoying humorous conversation and Constitutionally protected mockery.  There’s no carve-out in the First Amendment for butthurt, you know.

And so does he.

If he’s bothered, NOT MY PROBLEM.  Nor any of yours. Comedians who can’t take a joke aren’t worth the piss wasted to put them out if they spontaneously combusted.

If I’m in a conversation I’m not enjoying, I go elsewhere.  

There’s a word for people who keep going back for the same pain, the same avoidable suffering, the same…BOTHER, over and over and over again.


They scream in pain, because everyone screams in pain.  

But they love it, too, and never want it to end.  So they keep coming back.  Because what they want – pain – and what they say they want – not to be bothered – are two very different things.

And the server of pain knows the difference.  The clearest signal is the F5F5F5F5 knock at the door.

“Anybody here wanna make me dance like a monkey today?”

Who is the server of pain to say no?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “Poor SIT-DMC Must Be Confused”

      1. I wonder if Asian Transvestites charge extra for that? He does seem to enjoy spending copious amounts of money on low return investments.

  1. if he doesn't want others "bothering" him, maybe he should stop F5'ing their blogs.

    seems like a good idea to me.

    1. Nope. Masochist. He derives sexual gratification from having pain inflicted upon him. He's a bit of a sadist, as well, with a nice dose of misogyny tossed into the mix.

      1. The masochist gives pain the submissive dances when told to--i.e. monkey dance.

        1. You're getting sadist/masochist mixed up with dom/sub.

          Sadist gets off on inflicting pain.

          Masochist gets off on being hurt.

          Dominant gets off on controlling.

          Submissive gets off on being controlled.

          I got a graduate-school level education in this stuff many moons ago, courtesy of a very kinky girl. The kind you don't take home to momma... Gnomesayin'?

      2. No, a sadist enjoys giving pain. Bill is a textbook masochist who gets off on being humiliated. This is a guy, who spent TWO marriages sitting in a corner crying and jerking off, while watching a real man screw his wife.

  2. “'Anybody here wanna make me dance like a monkey today?'”

    Not I.

    "Who is the server of pain to say no?"

    I'm not in the business of providing sexual gratification to perverse evil impotent old cripples. Period. End of discussion.

  3. Awww. How sweet. The Stalking Sociopath is giving the Zombie Lickspittles his permission to post comments on the Hogewash! and Gaelic Pundit blogs.


    I have never seen a blogger so committed to having no traffic and no comments on his blog. Not to mention, with a whole 12 followers on Twitter, he is very much against others engaging him in conversation there, too. Weirdo.

      1. Yeah. Don't think so either.

        a) BS opened his sock drawer
        b) Forgers gotta forge
        c) Last time was on 4/16/15

        Um. Yeah. I seriously doubt people attempting to contact BS is much of a problem for him. His tweet reeks of attention whoring, and... well... BS.


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