18 thoughts on “Oh, Dear!!”

  1. I'd be happy too if I went to court and used my legal prowess to force Hoge to reveal the secret identity of my imaginary tormentor.

    Oh....my bad.

      1. Hmmm...pretty sure I read something about someone somewhere who was gonna' get HOOOOOGEEE on the stand where he'd be free to medically extract that information from him and televise the proceedings on pay per view.

        Like I said, my bad. I'm not as fluent in all caps rambling screeds as some journalists are.

  2. https://twitter.com/EndTimesTribune/status/588887429978988545

    William has kept his lying muscles in fighting form, I see. He did tweet to @asideofbacon, asking if he/she was Grace3G and why she wanted him dead.

    I guess "lying" might be inflammatory language. Let's just say that he has a diminished capacity for telling the truth.

    1. well I guess it's a good thing for him no one managed to screencap the tweets he's lying about deleting...

      or did they?

      Oh well, lying liars like Bill Schmalfeldt gotta lie dont they?

      1. https://twitter.com/EndTimesTribune/status/589051293437657089

        Did you lose something, Paul? I didn't even know you had a game on the schedule.

        Did you quot being Grady and start being HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!! or something?

        1. Wait, what?


          I thought he had gone off to pursue other interests...are you telling me that deranged, demented, serially adjudicated harasser and cyberstalker, anal-obsessive Boy Scout rape fixated, confessed peace order violator Bill Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland is not only in the court record as self-admittedly of diminished mental capacity but is also a despicable, filthy, two-faced hypocritical liar on top of everything else?

          Wow. Must be Friday.

        2. And why would he think that exercising "the self-control God gave a child" is a good thing when he's the guy who shits on everything he touches and then cries for someone else to clean up the mess he's made?

          Oh, right...the self-control God gave a child. Makes sense now.

      2. The proof of diminished capacity piles up ... first, alternately identifying multiple real people as a pseudonym that they do not possess or share, then thinking being declared 'not guilty' of violating a peace order, said charge brought by law enforcement and prosecuted on behalf of the citizens of MD by the State Attorney's office and declaring a 'victory' over anyone, especially someone not involved, is proof of delusion. He fails to recognize the gift God gave him in a soft-hearted Judge, willing to ignore the law. His further delusional trumpeting of the Judge declaring the PO void is patently false. A district court Judge has no ability to declare void anything done by a circuit court Judge. He needed to address that during the hearing or within 30 days of the order of the court. Too late to appeal. Even an illegal order must be complied with until voided. Just ask Aaron Walker.
        I guess Bill is just immune or has diminished capacity where truth and facts are concerned.

        1. I strive to always be fair, so I'll point out that a number of those things are also proof of stupidity.

          For example, how do you get to be sixty and not know that pleading diminished capacity is anything but a binding admission that you're guilty, but a fucking lunatic?

      3. You missed CTRL-C/CTRL-V copyright infringer, FAILdoxer, forger, honeypot dupe, self-doxer and a quite few others.

        What a long list Bill Schmalfeldt has built up. I'll need to keep this link for future reference.

        BTW, did anyone notice yesterday that he first denied the use of the diminished mental capacity defense, then later explained why he tried to use it but could not?

        "Actually, I didn't use that defense. But I missed oo!"
        @EndTimesTribune April 16, 2015 10:45 AM

        Followed later by:

        "Why would I plead diminished mental capacity? Well, I do have a problem with impulse control. But I wasn't aware that such a plea would..."
        @EndTimesTribune April 16, 2015 6:54 PM

        "...require a full mental workup. It's something I'm working on with my neurologist, and I thought it was a valid plea. I was wrong. So..."
        @EndTimesTribune April 16, 2015 6:55 PM

        "...I offered a not guilty plea. I sure as HELL was not going to take supervised probation for a nice note I wrote. I've gone 60 years..."
        @EndTimesTribune April 16, 2015 6:56 PM

      4. Maybe I should have said CTRL-C/CTRL-V out of context copyright infringer.


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