Now THAT'S Defamation!

John Hoge notes the Daily Caller’s story of the Big BM’s palsie-walsie, Roger Shuler, and the $3.5 Mildough judgment he was just hit with down in Alabama.

This is what happens when you target public figures with real reputations for abuse.

I find it much easier to stick with tossing quotes back at trailer-dwelling lardasses who have spent the best part of the last decade crankstomping themselves into oblivion.  Much less risk, much more fun.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Now THAT'S Defamation!”

  1. A single-wide trailer is essentially worthless as soon as it leaves the sales yard. It adds no value to a piece of real estate. It costs more to haul it to the junkyard than it's worth as scrap. The only thing you can do with it, really, is rent it out to some poor bastard whose credit is too bad to live anywhere else.
    Oh yeah; you could live in it yourself, if you are that poor bastard.

      1. It can be, if set on a real foundation. Net positive, if not so much as a stick-built house of the same size. Counts as a house, rather than debris awaiting removal.


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