More Weaponized Stupid

First there was 


And then came  


“Hey look all you fair weather followers who came crawling back after abandoning me in my hour of need!  I creeped Hoggy’s website for the 100th time today to see if he can ignore me, and guess what?  HE CAN’T!!  I bet he won’t be able to tomorrow either! Or the day after that! And you can bet I’ll be checking.  Every day!”

I can’t wait to find out what his “other interests” are.  

Maybe it will turn out to be his wife…eventually.  Is she still walking the Green Mile, or what?

Big fucking dummy.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “More Weaponized Stupid”

  1. I did notice all his "friends" are back. Some friends. Let him twist in the wind alone when they thought he was facing jail time. He wiggles out of it by claiming first he's demented then pulling his sobbing victim act and all the cockroaches come back out. You would think this would show Bill they really aren't friends, but just handlers pulling his strings at the direction of????

  2. Three things;

    I) "Take everything I say with a grain of salt."
    II) Diminished capacity.
    III) "Impulsive"

    Combine the three and you've got a big pot of mental illness, seasoned with intellectual inadequacy!

  3. And more people read that two year old re-run than have ever read any of Pustule's subliterate blogs.


    Well, then, you'll be doing it for the rest of your pathetic life. Because you will be called out on your malevolent harassment until the dirt hits your (rather large) casket.

    1. The guy that has a peace order against him is telling everyone to leave him alone.


      1. He's so convinced of his inane "There is no peace order" theory but too much of a pussy to test it.

  5. If the state lulzsuit isn't dismissed for pants-wetting hysteria, nonsensical applications of law that only exists in the plaintiff's head and comic levels of paranoia, the “considerable network of spies” and “trained psyops fols (sic)” should make for downright fascinating discovery and cross-examination. Perhaps even provide some names for a counter-claim.

    William can't stop screwing his friends, can he?

    Of course, that assumes that he's not lying, which he is. It is, as virtually every article of clothing he owns reminds us, "a Schmalfeldt thing, you wouldn't understand."

    I would also caution our dent-domed friend that even the best information is of questionable use to someone that only learned that "diminished capacity" means "nuts" or "retarded" literally yesterday.

    More amusing still is William's shock at learning that such a plea would require a medical assessment. What did he suppose would happen, they would take his goddamned word for it? Did he brings a doctor's note?

    First, the man is a balls-out, no-holds-barred moron.

    Second, I thought those fucking people were supposed to be jolly.


    Just like that extra flush after taking a particularly rancid dump, Billy Sez visit often and click twice for good measure. Like they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

      1. Well at least they showed your good side. My biggest fear is anyone seeing my latest photo shoot from the DMV.

  7. So, the "man" who claimed a grand conspiracy (which he believed/believes to be criminal to some degree) against him is now discussing his "network of spies" and "psyops" folks advising him on how to deal with people he claimed to want nothing to do with... as perfectly reasonable? Embrace the power of "mutually exclusive"...

    While I hope he gains self-awareness for redemption purposes, part of me loves this moronic gift that keeps on giving. He's a comedy genius, just not for his "comedy skits." I never much found pedophilia and anal fascinations too humorous, but each his own.

  8. Oh, really...

    I don't think so, Bill. You make such a fetish about speaking your mind, but are so afraid of what others have to say. Hell, you're probably scared to death of what you've had to say.

    1. You mean like this?

      Yeah, I can't imagine how a guy running his own lulzsuit admitting to impaired impulse control and executive function could be bitten by that.


      1. Why does he describe his condition in vague slang terms? It's just confusing the issue. He should stick to clearly defined technical language, like 'crazy as a shithouse rat' or 'addle-pated' so we'd all know exactly how brain-fucked this stupid man-baby really is.
        Or, he could just fuck off and take the cure, already. That would work even better.

  9. Fun fact: I'm reading a biography of Neil Young right now. Guess what it's called?

    1. Curious.

      Next Friday I will attend a show at Cain's Ballroom.

      Showcased artist... "Shakey Graves."

      1. Hmmm ... Isn't that Shakey's 'Final Destination'? Physically at least. I hope he comes to his senses before he shuffles off this mortal coil and avoids the 'Fires of Gehenna' until the ultimate end of our finite existence (all that exists is finite, that is, has a beginning and an end only God is eternal). Read Genesis. God created the Heavens and the Earth, thus they are finite and will have an end at sometime in the future. All of creation exists within time while God alone exists outside of time, which is also a creation of God.


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