13 thoughts on “Mmmm…donuts…”

  1. You'd think his association of StopRush group could give him like 100 pity followers..

  2. Let's see, I don't spend any real time updating my twitter, don't really care about it, and I've got over 70 followers. Most of the folks I follow or who follow me have more than that.

    But we are the ones whom no one thinks worth listening to or reading because we're stupid, evil, dim, (uncomplementary adjective of your choice).


  3. "Grady is not a fictional zombie. He's a fictional human with fictional readers."
    @endtimestribune 6:06 AM - 6 Apr 2015

    Fictional readers? I object to that. I'm a ZOMBIE reader! And I can assure you I am quite real.

    And Krendler is a fictional ZOMBIE, not merely a human, let alone a fictional one!

    Hey Blob, or should I say, Hey @F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5 - read up on your civil war history lately?

    Didn't think so.

  4. Poor cowardly Billy runs away again. He posts a bunch of threats then, like the coward he is, runs and hides. Pathetic.

    1. The protected TL is particularly amusing in light of the topic of this very post!

      1. Gone but not forgotten.


      2. Best idea he's had in a while - take his medicine, come clean, make amends...

        Of course, since it's a *good* idea, he finds it repulsive...

        Much as we find him.

        (Hi, Cousin Bill! I'm enjoying some time in Kona, with Teh Rule 5 Wife. She's damn hot in that bikini...)


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