Massive Mockery from the European Union

The following post is reprinted with permission and by request of ViewFromNL:

Bill Schmalfeldt says we’re utter failures.

I think not.

Mocking my disease = Fail

Bill, you keep whining about this, but we wouldn’t know anything about your infirmities if you didn’t insist on oversharing… and on trying to use your ill health as a weapon.

Mocking my size = Fail

Bill, you keep whining about this, but we wouldn’t know anything about your obesity if you didn’t insist on oversharing… and on insulting other people on the basis of their weight.

Mocking my wife = Fail

Bill, you keep whining about this, but we wouldn’t know anything about your wife if you didn’t insist on oversharing… and on trying to use her as a weapon or to solicit sympathy.

Mocking my court record = Fail

Bill, you keep crowing about this, but you also keep ESCALATING your stalking and harassment… and at some point a judge is going to lose patience with your bullshit and put the hammer down on your ass.

You don’t know me.

You don’t know US.  We know all about you.  You can’t shut the fuck up, can you?

You don’t know the first thing about me.

We know your address.  We know what you look like.  We know what your wife looks like.  We know your relatives, and for the most part we know why you’re estranged from most of them.  So, yeah, we know MORE than the first thing about you.

You act as if you’re some unique and special personage, Sir Schmalfeldt of Elkridge. You’re not.  Does the phrase “just another asshole on the Internet” ring a bell?

I’m as happy as a man with 15 years of Parkinson’s can be.

You have Parkinsons!?!? OH SHOCK AND DISMAY! Why didn’t I get the memo?

I’m very worried about my wife, but the Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh away.

Yeah, we can tell how worried you are, as you hunch over your computer and peck out insults and threats at strangers, and wait to find out if you you’re going to jail or not.

There is really nothng you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest.

(Note: you shouldn’t oughta challenge me like that. -PK)

Your actions reveal your words as lies.  Why do you bother lie to us?

You amuse me.

You have interesting ways of displaying your amusement.

You are a diversion.

Sure.  Because you’ve got nothing on your plate.  Date in criminal court, a wife you claim is dying, working on your LOLSuit and waiting to piss on yourself when you get served counterclaims?  Perhaps less diversion might be in order.

For now.

Well, we can always hope you get tossed in jail, prohibited from the Internet, or perhaps you’ll do us all a favor and just die like you keep teasing us about.

If I go to jail for offering cancer information…

Bullshit.  You violated the peace order because you simply couldn’t stop yourself from putting Bill Schmalfeldt in the middle of the Hoge’s business.

to a the wife of a guy who has tried to frame me over and over and over again, oh fucking well.

Bullshit.  Out of over SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE on this planet, you need to quit harassing ONE OR TWO.  Boo fucking hoo!  You’re in trouble because you insist on pushing the boundaries of the law with your harassment and stalking.

Your claims of forgery and such silly shit is just that:  Silly shit.

Bill, by and large, normal folks don’t deal with bat-shit crazy assholes like you.  Prosecutors, judges, law enforcement?  All the time.  They may not want to deal with you, because of the paperwork involved if nothing else…  But at some point their sense of humor is going to run out.  And it will be HILARIOUS.

The only truly tragic element is I won’t be there to see your face when that ton of bricks finally comes down on your dick-dented head.

It ain’t gonna happen, of course, but if it does?

You keep pushing Bill, and it’s gonna happen.  If not this time, than the next time. Or the next. Because we’ve seen you over the last decade, and you simply will NOT FUCKING LEARN.

You’re at the end of the road, Bill.  Nobody reads or listens to your drivel, except to document the harassment and to LAUGH.  Nobody allows you to comment on their blogs, besides ME…  And you pay the price for that, in humiliation.

Jail is just another place to be.

Brave talk, from the man with urine flowing down his leg.

Now, go pop your zits, lick your fingers clean, and go to bed and dream of the bitter disappointment you will experience in the week ahead.

Sounds like you wish you were back in the days when acne was all you had to worry about… and the occasional transvestite, of course.  FOCUS, SCHMALFELDT!

Everything about you = Fail

Yah ya yadda ya.

Oh, I was just wondering, Bill…  Where are all your good “friends”?  It seems to be just you, against all the Lickspittles.

They can’t even spare you a few lines of support in your time of (literal) trials?

You don’t have to DREAM about bitter disappointment, do you Bill?  YOU LIVE IT. EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY.

Dwell on THAT.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

30 thoughts on “Massive Mockery from the European Union”

  1. "There is really nothng you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest."

    You know, nothing screams "intentional infliction of emotional distress" quite like that sentence.

    It seems to me that someone once said something about walking into a courtroom and stepping on his own dick. I wish I could remember who that was.

    1. Yes, Neal, that sentence plus "I’m as happy as a man with 15 years of Parkinson’s can be" and "You amuse me."

    2. Yeah, that one is a keeper. Nothing like evidence based on admission of the absence of any injury to stop a tort case dead in its tracks.

      1. It would make for a delightful cross-examination, though, wouldn't it?

        "Mr. Schmalfeldt, one of your claims is intentional infliction of emotional distress, is it not?"

        "Yes. They ruined my good name and made my life a misery for over two years."

        "How do you square that claim with your statement of April 11 - well after you filed the present suit - on the "View from NL" blog that “There is really nothing you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest.”?

        "Uhhh, well, I'm a congenital liar?"

        "Your Honor, the defense rests."

  2. He doesn't have Parkinson's. Its just a pathetic ploy for attention. And Gail probably doesn't exist, either. He's by himself in Tincasa, with his sweaty palms and his computer.

  3. I’m as happy as a man with 15 years of Parkinson’s can be.

    I'm not much of a gambler but I'd bet every nickel I've got that Michael J. Fox is many, many orders of magnitude happier than The Elkridge Horror.

    Almost 25 years with Parkinson's and MJF is still doing more for humanity in an evening than Blob has done in his entire miserable life.

  4. On the other hand, William is promising a new amended complaint, which is thrilling. There's literally no end to the amusement they bring. Kimberlin's filings are confusing and boring, but Schmalfeldt's are the funniest things ever.

    And the fact that he's spelled his own name correctly in his last three legal actions says more about the man than I ever could.

    Oh, and if you're reading, William, have a grand day in court Thursday. I'll be laughing at you.

    1. Ah, yes. An amended complaint in which he will name so many others who have damaged him!

      There is really nothng you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest.

      Oopsie poopsie!

  5. “There is really nothng you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest.”

    He does seem to have a certain fascination with little boys doesn't he?

    1. “There is really nothng you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest.”

      For example, "Ouch, please stop that, it really hurts when you stick that up my pooter hole, Scoutmaster Schmalfeldt!"

      I'm guessing that's the sort of thing that doesn't bother him in the slightest...not even when he was a young lad himself hearing such things coming from his daddy's tent on the other side of the campfire.

  6. Notice how he grabbed his flapping skirts and ran when I warned him that he cannot contact me, he was sooo sure he had a legal right to, he doesn't.

  7. And this morning, he accuses someone of trying to dox him!

    End Times Comedy @EndTimesTribune
    It is to laugh. 14-year old gamer boys calling me a failure. Accusations of “oversharing” reprinted by lackey toad who led effort to dox me.
    9:40 AM – 14 Apr 2015

    How do you dox someone who has put all his personal information out there already? He’s the one putting his full name, address, telephone number, marital status, children, relationships with said family members, etc., etc., online on his various blogs and twitter feeds. He even published an alleged copy of his tax return!

    The only person doxing William M Schmalfeldt is himself.

    1. In fact, out bouncing, batshit boy has specifically said on numerous occasions that republishing public information is not doxxing. It just so happens that he makes more information public than any sane, self-respecting person would.

      On the other hand, he does seem to believe that there's one set of laws for him and another for everybody else. And that "is to laugh."

    2. I'm particularly amused by his 14 year old gamers meme.
      Billy does it really make you feel more accomplished as a man, imagining yourself yelling at teenagers on the internet?

      1. Exactly. Although, given the ... scope of his imagination, we should be thankful that yelling is the extent of his fantasies.

        1. I'd say "the extent of his ability," because it's pretty obvious his fantasies go very much further.

      2. It also amuses me that he's basing that idea on some of us being nostalgic about a game that came out in 1998. That, and his demented notion that kids are the player base for PC games, in this century. He's much, much older than 60, in some ways. I think my 83 year old father has a better grasp of current events and culture.

      3. Didn't he have a particular favorite underage boy that he used to love to talk to on XMFan? Do the words,

        "My dick works just fine, as your swollen anal tissues can attest."

        sound like the type of thing an adult man should be saying to a teenage boy? But that's exactly what our dear old Bill said. Persevered for all time thanks to the Wayback machine.

      4. We hit a nerve yesterday. The gamers meme was definitely there, but he also likes to think we are boys/teenagers so he can feel like he is the adult in the room. He definitely does not like it when the situation is reversed.

        Here's his comment from yesterday (4/13/15) on ViewfromNL's blog:

        "I’m “butthurt” because a bunch of gamer-boy losers with greasy foreheads and no dates are sitting around a computer screen trying to do battle with someone who is superior to them in every single way?



        Superior to all of us in every single way? That's a little more than just a gamer's meme.

  8. He's two days a way from throwing kimberlin under the bus to save his own pumpkin sized ass.

    1. Nah, Bill would rather go to jail then throw Kimby under the bus. He is TERRIFIED of his "excellent" friend. Kimby had the good on Bill. Why do you think he can so easily push Bill into doing incredibly stupid things? Bill is nothing but a disposable shield that can be used at will then tossed aside when his usefulness is done.

  9. Two days. El Lardomente is already sweating. Wait till he hits the court. "BRETT MADE ME DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" Will be the last thing the paramedics hear as they try to revive his sweaty froyo filled ass.


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