23 thoughts on “Know What I Miss?”

  1. After four or five rounds, you'll miss all your hearing, and the use of your right shoulder.

  2. The Barrett is OK if you want to kill light armored vehicles. I think it's too bulky and heavy to move quick with. It's also too loud when you aren't a mile from your target and are within earshot of the bad guys. That being said, it's a hoot to shoot one. And yes, your shoulder will feel it, but it's not too terrible.

      1. Anyone else think the photo is shopped? The M107 comes with a 20 or 29 inch barrel. That barrel looks a hell of a lot longer then that.

      1. Bad range design - a steel plate that you shoot at is *always* tilted forward, so that ricochets are directed into the ground near the target. Even then, you can get ricochets that go back towards the shooter, if you happen to hit a pit in the plate, which is why armor plate is used, not mild steel. Better yet is a steel gong, suspended from chains, with a forward tilt - the gong will absorb more energy by swinging.

        He's very lucky. Even a mangled 750 grain projectile doesn't have to be traveling very fast to penetrate your skull.

    1. Holy hell! Pretty sure you're supposed to drop to your knees and thank the Lord after a shot like that.

  3. His last tweet is not the least bit disturbing.

    "No your honor, I'm in a perfectly normal frame of mind. Why do you ask?"

  4. "Residents of Westminster, Maryland have no doubt been kept awake these last few nights due to the noise being made during the hurried construction of the gallows being setup behind the Carroll County District Courthouse..."

    Yeah, if only.

    Actually one of the better things Cousin Bill has written, lately. A bit of editing for wordiness is needed.

    And, remind me, did Bill send the email to Connie, or to John? He's claiming the former, in this bit o' fiction...

    Doesn't have flensing knives in it, so there's at least one bit of missed comedy...and no butt stuff, so it was a personal stretch.

    1. I can't find the tweet where Bill admits sending the email to John. Which is very odd because Bill has stated that he NEVER deletes tweets.

      How odd.

      1. Oopsie. Let's do that again.

        You don't say...


  5. Awww, a last Feldtdown for old times sake.

    But to be honest, this one sucks.

    Even more than 'normal'.

  6. He is shifting into 'woow is me mode' from 'Badass mode'. I wonder which Willie shows up to court tomorrow?
    Without educating our monkey too much......does he think his Twitter account is the appropriate forum to discuss his legal arguments & strategy*? Should a would be plaintiff really be taunting & threatening his future legal victims* on social media where judges, jurors, court clerks, opposing attorneys, lickspittles and EVERYBODY else on earth can see, read, save and print his musings?

    * ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fucking HA


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