6 thoughts on “Just For Goofs”

  1. Upon such a damsel's entrance to this establishment with a diminutive midsection and a callipygious fundament in full view, my attention is completely captivated!

  2. Speaking of big asses...


    Oh, and no worries, Bill.

    1. Hahahaha! That's great!

      Those dudes jamming in a car made me think of this video:


      I doubt those chicks have big butts, but they're entertaining as can be.

      1. I love those chicks. Very unique and fun, fun, fun.

        I adore Flula. He is so damn goofy and for him to have actually gotten Sir Mix A Lot himself to come sing this with him was just awesome. I also love his "What does the Fox Say" video, just for the reactions of the people *outside* his car while he is doing the Auto Tune. lol


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