29 thoughts on “In Good Conscience, I Can Take Neither Credit Nor Responsibility”

  1. Oh go ahead. Take the credit. You have been living in his head rent free for so long that there is nothing too inane that he would not do to evict you.

  2. Having a job sucks. I missed all the FUN!

    PK, just because you didn't inspire the Evil Thrackerzarg from Dimension, I mean, trailer, 14B doesn't make it less FUN!

    And Thrackerzarg, DON'T PRESS THE DON'T BUTTON!!!! (too late)

    Go to 5:58 and it will become clear...


    1. I missed it, too. But, I am so glad he did it.

      What was that I was saying yesterday? Oh, yeah.

      His own words will destroy him. 🙂

  3. Absolutely go ahead and enjoy some of the credit, at least. Something like half of what he was whining about took place on tmz or h21oge.

    1. But... but... but -- the Stalking Sociopath says "piece of cake."


      IF he could ever prove who wrote whatever gave him raging butthurt, the big, dumb dope still has to jump the libel, blah, blah, blah hurdles.

      But, *sshhhh* -- Widdle Biwwy is enjoying Fantasy Land at the moment.

    2. I still maintain that you cannot educate the monkey.

      You may be able to educate its handlers, that is not clear.

      But the monkey? Still hasn't learned "Hot stove is hot."

      Oh well, I'm sure the stove has to have cooled down by now... Only one way to find out.

  4. Has everyone else missed the fact that there is precedence for criminal prosecution of BS under the U.S. Federal statutes on [REDACTED – don’t educate the monkey – PK] or am I interpreting them incorrectly?

  5. All Bill Schmalfeldt did was unequivocally admit to the fact that he is a BRETT KIMBERLIN CYBERTHUG and his comments at Hogewash! are TARGETED ABUSE.


    Hopelessness and Despair may one day become the Stalking Sociopath's closest companions.

    1. Alright and for $100 Zombie Dollars (only useful at the super, super sekrit site commissary!).... "Hopelessness and despair" refers to which of the following:

      A. Bills sexual escapades in Alameda bathouses in the 1980's
      B. The gum-job Gail gives behind the Love's Truck Stop with purchase of 64 oz drink
      C. The epitaph taped to the Folgers coffee can containing his ashes when his kids toss it off a bridge into a river
      D. Brett Kimberlin's slumber parties when Bill brings the karaoke machine and mayo
      E. All of the above

      1. I have a write in: the unfortunate patrons of a certain bar in a certain port town subjected to an impromptu stage show.

    2. They already are, his captive is about to finally escape his mayo'ed clutches for the last time, no family will admit they are related to him, and his only "friends" constantly egg him into being their cannon fodder.
      Hell he has to resort to harassing strangers online just to have someone talk to him.

      if there were an animal as miserable as him it would be put down for it's own good.

      but I'd rather he linger a while longer, evil should suffer after all.

      1. "Hell he has to resort to harassing strangers online just to have someone talk to him."

        If Bill Schmalfeldt wasn't one the most disgusting, obsessed, cruel, and abusive creatures to ever exist... that simple truth would be beyond sad, Jinxx.

        The reality is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (for years now) has opted to be a Brett Kimberlin cyberthug -- fully engaged in the targeted abuse of the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin's self-created enemies.

        BS's "friends" continue to encourage him and convince him that victory is right around the next corner. Bill Schmalfeldt is determined to learn the hard way.

        (Note to self: Buy more popcorn)

  6. He. Hehe. Hehehehehehe.


    God, I love my work!


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