I. Have. An. Idea.


What does he have?

An ass fetish.  Deep seated latent homosexuality issues. Not enough footlongs and mayonnaise? Borderline personality disorder?  Sociopathic levels of narcissism?  No one to drive him to the courthouse?  More concern for HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!, KREEEENNNDLEEERRRR!!!, Lickspittles and Zombies than for his dying wife?

What can he prove?

That nothing that’s happened to him is anything but a pale comparison of what he has done to others.  That there is a whole lot of publicly available information out there about him, and he’s the source of just about every bit of it.  That his so-called “sterling reputation” was never more than a phantasm in the first place, and irreparably shattered long before he ever encountered John HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!

Who will he go after?

Everyone, of course. Because we’re all Krendler when the sun goes down.

In which court? Civil? Criminal? Both?

When it comes down to nut-cutting, it really doesn’t matter – because, if he still has access to the ‘net after the 16th, the first court he’ll go to is Twitter.  And so, the constant reminder:  keep those LULZ muscles limber!  If you haven’t started stretching it may already be too late.

Because he already knows his worst outcome.  He’s ready.

See what I mean?  Now I have to ice my LULZ muscles again.


This will be so much FUN!

And all I have is FUN!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “I. Have. An. Idea.”

  1. I've been limbering up for months, recognizing that this is a marathon rather than a sprint.

    There's nothing quite like the "runner's high", is there?

    1. I've nearly collapsed in glee from my runner's high several times. I think we are into the third marathon here. Who knew that someone who is "DYING" of PARKINSON'S could keep it up this long?

  2. Suppose he had damning evidence -- linking Hoge and Krendler to the Boston Strangler, Lindbergh kidnapping and Team Themis. Does anybody think he's still keep it a secret?

    When every though is typed directly to Twitter, you no longer have to fear his devious secrets. He has none.

  3. Don't you just wonder about the distance between ETT's worst outcome and Mrs. ETT's best outcome?

    Possibly zero? Is everyone ready for that?

  4. Bill obviously thinks criminal court is where he can vent his delusions, allege anything, re-try all the PO's, ask any question of anyone, etc. How mistaken and delusional can you be?
    The PO is settled law and cannot be revisited.
    Nothing else he has been ranting about can be entered into evidence nor witnesses be questioned about, not the purportedly 'forged' letter, not the prank call, or any other issue, only the email contact from Bill to John in direct violation of the PO. There is no mercy or public interest exception, no journalism exception, no kindness exemption, in fact there is no circumstance where there is an exemption. The court ordered you to not contact John by any means under any circumstance. You confessed to doing just that and the facts and evidence show that you did willfully violate the PO in a criminal manner with the full knowledge of what you were doing as evidenced by the pattern of prior conduct.
    Idiots who are guilty yet go to trial always get the book thrown at them upon conviction.
    Why do you think I accepted the governments proffer? 42 months incarceration and 5 years supervision against 150 years incarceration if I went to trial and lost. Only a fool who knows he is guilty continues to trial.
    Accept the deal first thing tomorrow Bill. Save yourself.

    1. For all his protestations to the contrary, I think Bill truly believes that what he did was somehow legal, and we're just all out to get him for no reason whatsoever (well other than that we're evil zombies). And since he knows he's on the side of the angels, why would he ever take a plea?

      1. Idiots and delusion people like Bill are the reason Judges throw the book at people who go to trial. Deal: 10% of the punishment or less. Trial: maximum sentence under harshest conditions.
        He know he violated the letter of the law but he believes he is above the law because he is somehow special and the consequences somehow cannot be levied against him. The ultimate fantasy fool.
        Reality has a way of opening ones eyes when it comes with a criminal conviction and real consequences. I know from personal experience.

        1. I'm with LG on this. I honesty think that William believes that "Because Hoge" is a valid defense for acting directly contrary to the order of a competent jurisdiction. Of course that's insane, but that's our William.

          If I remember correctly, he didn't "win" the show cause hearing. He was found to have violated the peace order, but that the violation didn't rise to the level of contempt.

          So what does he do? He violates the order again, doubles down with what can only be described as a magnificently entertaining lulzsuit and directly threatens the supporters of his targets with unknown dire consequences less than 72 hours before his trial. I would venture a guess that the State of Maryland has been fully advised of it all.

          Those aren't the actions of someone prepared to act in his own best interests, they are the acts of someone who doesn't know what his interests are.

          If William's little Twitter display last night shows anything, it's that he won't modify his behavior, regardless of what tomorrow brings.

          I therefore predict that we'll be right back to where we are now within 60 days.

        2. Unless the Judge, at his/her discretion, prohibits all internet for a year. Happens all the time here is Florida. Recently, a local idiot had their internet use prohibited for a year (the max for a misdemeanor). Caught in a public library sending tweets to his victims. Now a felony and sentenced to the max 15 years under criminal harassment law (2nd degree felony). Took it to trial too because he 'felt' the judge was wrong and his victims lied to get their protective orders. He had every right to contact anyone and they had to answer his questions even if they demanded to be left alone.
          Sound familiar?
          He is now a convicted felon and required to serve 85% of his 15 year sentence. He missed the date for filing an appeal because he was on suicide watch in medical holding where he attempted to hang himself after 2 weeks in prison.
          Sad really, his delusions of superiority and being above the law led to his humiliation, incarceration and attempted suicide.

      2. Fr. Paul. Please let me know if this is less than charitable, but at least the gaolers in MD wouldn't have to worry about Bill hanging himself; what with no neck and all.

      3. I'm trying to imagine how he'd handle an internet ban. I suspect it would be broken within two weeks, tops. If he appealed it, would he still have to abide by the ban until the appeal was decided?

        1. yes he would. just like he would have to abide by a peace order while it was under appeal, or even if it was materially unconstitutional but no court had so ruled (cf. Kimberlin v. Walker).

  5. I'm in rarified territory, possibly shared only with Paul and the female lickspittles: we haven't been accused of being Paul Krendler. Or Henry Hill for that matter.

  6. "In which court? Civil? Criminal? Both?"

    Why, The Schmalfeldt Supreme Court in Elkridge MD of course!

  7. http://i.imgur.com/x43TNwO.jpg

    There you go, William. That's precisely the kind of crazy and stupid courts like to see in a defendant. The assumption that the State's Attorney's Office hasn't been keeping an eye on someone they're prosecuting is .... special, too.

    Keep it up. There's no way you can lose!


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