How Much Dumb Could a DUMBFUCK Fuck

…if a DUMBFUCK could fuck dumb?

Here’s a choice excerpt from Mark Singer’s memoir/pseudo-biography Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin: 


At Oxford [a federal prison in Wisconsin] he was assigned as a quality-control clerk at a prison factory that manufactured cables for military aircraft and tanks.

Each day, he said, he did his work quickly and then tried to immerse himself in a book, but the prison guard who was his overseer objected to his reading on the job. When he persisted, the guard threatened to give him a “shot” — to write an incident report that could lead to disciplinary action. So he stopped bringing a book to work, he said, and instead devoted his spare time to sabotage. “I’d run the cable through quality control,” he said. “I’d check them. I’d sign off on them. And then I’d cut some of the damn wires.”



So proud of its military service that it will defend a greasy turd who admits to deliberately sabotaging military equipment and placing the lives of other Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in jeopardy. 


Have I got that right?


But it’s ok. They’re not “BFF” or “besties” nor even “good friends”. Just DUMBFUCK defending “some guy” who SABOTAGED equipment and put other military service members’ lives in jeopardy.

DUMBFUCK is cool with that, though.  It isn’t bothered by such youthful indiscretions, and after all, he’s paid his debt to society (except for the remaining – what? 15 years of parole?).  And why would DUMBFUCK be bothered?  Its life wasn’t on the line.  It’s not even as if someone accused it of whoring out its own wife for $650 an hour, right? It didn’t impact DUMBFUCK at all! So why should it care about Brett Kimberlin’s traitorous betrayal of his country? DUMBFUCK is as PROUD of its military service as it is of its traitorous bomb-setting friend.

But don’t you fucking question its pride! 


So what was the price for DUMBFUCK’s integrity? For its honor? 


I guess free chauffeur service to and from court appearances are the discounted price, down from 30 pieces of silver. 

And don’t worry, DUMBFUCK – there are plenty of other spineless jellyfish on Team Kimberlin’s bench who “served” in the military (and love talking it up too!) who also discount Brett’s actions.  So you’re in solid (waste) company and remember… the deepest ring of hell is reserved for traitors. Their apologists settle one level up, I think.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

64 thoughts on “How Much Dumb Could a DUMBFUCK Fuck”

  1. Whats that famous saying....

    "All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt." -- R. S. McCain

  2. Says the guy who would spend hours out of every work day, for months, while we paid his NIH salary, posting on XM radio fan forum. Oh, and blog posts can be set to post at any time anyone wants them to post. But he knows that.

    1. Good idea. With two defendants in the same state, they can move to have the case transferred to a more convenient forum - for them.

      1. That's not even the BEST reason I'm begging William to do this.

        C'mon, Billy. Don't be a pussy on us now. SUE OFFICE MAX!

      2. Not for nothing, but I do believe that the question this post's title asks is being answered.

    2. I do believe that their is this little technological wonder called a smart phone, that can connect to the internet using it's own radio and data plan. Then are times at work called breaks and lunch hour.

    3. Yeah, I'd like to see this go down in the central district of Florida which is based in Tampa, just a hop across the bay from me... I could sit in the gallery as chuckle the whole time ... let him feel the sting of 'southern justice'.


    Please, please, please, please do THIS. C'mon, William, show 'em who's boss!

    1. Perhaps "Boom Boom" Kimberlin can join William's lulzsuit that includes Office Max.

      That would be the greatest thing of ever!

    2. There is no situation too fucked up by Bill Schmalfeldt that Bill Schmafeldt can't come up with ways to fuck it up even worse.

      He's living proof that there's no "absolute zero" for intellect.

      1. "There is no situation too fucked up by Bill Schmalfeldt that Bill Schmafeldt can’t come up with ways to fuck it up even worse."

        He really should get that tattooed. On his forehead.


    Whatever. I demand that William and Boom Boom start suing corporate entities. Lots of them.

    I hear Krendler uses a Mac, too. Sue Apple!

    1. CapGemini also does DoD work, lots of it ... they have a very deep lawyer pool ... will Bill include them in his lolsuit, turning it into a stupidsuit ... is it shark week?
      Their relationship with Hunton & Williams LLC as corporate counsel is strong and I think that that would be a 'phatal phlaw' in his plan to sue his way to wealth and fame .... same phlaw kimby has ...

      1. It would be beyond hysterical if Grady were on one of those DoD contracts. With a clearance. And Bill's current behavior was reported to Grady's FSO.


    BK: "Oh hey Bill what are you upto?"

    BS: "Oh you know updating my FILES and keeping TABS on where people work at.... especially the ones with restraining orders on me. That let's them know I'm SERIOUS.... "

    BK: "Well make sure you post it publicly so they know you are really really serious this time ok?"

    BS: "OH I WILL. I WILL....."

    1. That drunken, deranged dumpster of dumb doesn't have the balls to follow through on his bluster.


      I do believe that this twat-waffle also said how much she "loves her country" and has tried to downplay her actions. Once you start defending and apologizing for traitors and saboteurs you lose all respect.

      All the "awards", "service" and "faux pride" will NOT wipe that stain away -- BK admitted to sabotaging military equipment and Bill Schmalfeldt is going to continue to defend him.

      Hell, Bill Schmalfeldt might as well spit on every service member he sees because his defense of BK is inexcusable.

      1. To be honest, I suspect BK was lying about the sabotage. That would have come right back at him... And I really doubt, as stupid as Uncle Sugar may be at times, that the final QA was going to be performed by a fucking felon.

        Of course, there's the small matter of setting bombs and blowing a man's leg off that place BK firmly outside of the circles of moral and honorable human beings.

      2. I agree. I had similar thoughts myself. It's also the kind of story BK loves to tell where he breaks the law (or the rules) and gets away with it. And it's not just the final QA. Sooner or later the sabotage would have been found out and traced back to him.

      3. Whether it is true or not, The Blob still decided to publicly defend and be best buddies with a self-declared traitor and saboteur who is proud of his stated actions.

      1. I believe the current term of art is "targeted abuse."

        But please don't take away William's twitter. It brings me too much joy.

      2. @Neal N. Bob
        Don't worry I do not do twitter, and the only place this legend exists is here and Hogewash.

  6. Cognitive dissonance.

    Maybe there's a "stupid" exception.

    1. Here's a more current one. Only six weeks old.

      1. Of course I'm sub-human: I'm a zombie.And the great thing about Witless Willie is that even zombies are far superior to him.

  7. Admiral AssGiverUpper.

    Living proof that some veterans are douchebags.
    (See John McCain and John Kerry)

    He was a chapter waiting to happen from the minute he left boot.

  8. A traitorous saboteur who PLANTED A BOMB AT A HIGH SCHOOL.

    You'd think the attempt to kill kids would make Kimberlin pariah to someone who thinks he's on the side of righteousness, as Cabin Boy claims to be. Instead, he colludes with the traitorous saboteur terrorist, comes to his defense, and takes people who call out the traitorous saboteur terrorist as his enemies.

    1. He attempted to kill kids to distract from his murder for hire of the grandmother who was trying to interrupt his relationship with his very underage "girlfriend." Sadly, "A traitorous saboteur who PLANTED A BOMB AT A HIGH SCHOOL" doesn't do his depravity justice.

  9. I have to say that the defense that was given appeared a lot less substantive than I expected...


    Really it was sort of...what's the word I'm looking for...whiny.

  10. Bill is going to add Mr. Grady's employer to the lawsuit?

    And the evidence to be entered into the forever record of "defamation" and "harassment" will be this post reminding everyone of his defense of a saboteur and terrorist?? And with him in his nifty Sailor outfit???

    Apparently it is now "defamation" and "harassment" to quote Bill Schmalfeldt and point out what he is doing. Oh wait.....

    “All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.” — R. S. McCain

    Be still my heart.


      Sure, list a multi-billion dollar French company, William. There's no way that could end badly for you.

      1. So what's he saying - he's not drunk dialing today, but still harassing a man with a restraining order against him?

        DUMBFUCK doesn't begin to describe this.

      2. And I say we encourage him. If William is so eager to drown, throw the dumb bastard an anchor.

  11. One thing about foreigners and foreign companies is that they don't look at frivolous American legal actions with any kind of favor. They will destroy William.

  12. I wonder when a firm googles an individual who is making a complaint - wonder what they would find?


    1. Let's explore the brilliance of William Matthew Schmalfeldt for a moment, shall we?

      "I think I'll have the guy I'm suing fired so I can never hope to recover damages."

      I don't think the Diminished Capacity Kid's issues with impulse control are being properly addressed. The Mad Dog 20-20 clearly isn't helping.

  14. I can't wait until Dumbfuck finds out(hopefully from a sheriff deputy on his front porch)the following two things:
    1. The peace order is still valid, and he violated multiple times yesterday
    2. Grady isn't Krendler

    1. The Maryland peace order was willfully and knowingly violated 18 times before I stopped counting yesterday. .


    Interesting that there's no denial about the frivolity of the action.

    In more ways than just that, William has been an excellent witness for the defense the past few days. He's admitted to, and sometimes bragged about, things that will cripple him later.

  16. Bill has no comment on his constant defense of someone who deliberately put his fellow veterans lives in danger through sabotage.

    Do you still have a "Navy" ball cap Bill? Do you still pull out the pictures of your (brief) time on the Midway to reminisce? Do you think about whose sons or daughters Bretts actions might have endangered? Of course you don't because those people don't matter to YOU. I don't know them... I don't need to know them so Fuck 'Em.

    Which speaks volumes for Bills character, morals and choice of life style.

    But don't worry -- Bill's gonna talk up his service real good. Pride and all.

    Honor. Courage. Commitment.... to Team Pedophile.

  17. I don't think "fuck" is properly the verb in that phrase. I think for him "dumb" is more properly the verb, because while for us "dumb" may be a state of mind, for him "dumb" is an act affecting things in his environment. It should read:

    How much Fuck could a Dumbfuck Dumb if a Dumbfuck could Dumb Fuck?

    i think it fits him better.


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