29 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. When Bill is busy threatening people on twitter with doom clocks, how is he so sure they are actually ON twitter at that time? He's tweeting an account that hasn't been active in weeks.

    Oh and, YAWN.

    1. Fooling himself.


      I've proven before that I know who Paul Krendler is in real life. Mr. KRENDLER!!!!!! acknowledged that I was correct in my suppositions by confirming that a series of numbers had personal significance.

      Bill's not even close. And he's playing with fire.

      1. Why yes, yes you have. I remember that distinctly!

        Bill has no idea what he is doing. Which is typical, but not conducive to living a pain-free life.

  2. I do believe it's noon in Palatine and TMZ seems to be here.

    Is William sober enough to do anything about it? Is the Incredible Shrinking Woman already on her way to the post office?

  3. Since Bill is leaving it to our imaginations what his "evidence" is, I'm going to guess nothing that an actual court of law thinks would count. Otherwise, he'd be waddling on over to the court house and instead of his usual doom-clock-extortion, he'd be crowing about the legal peril everyone he doesn't like is about to find themselves in.

    It is also yet another bit of proof that he really doesn't love his wife more than he hates Hoge, Krendler, et al.

  4. Again, despite all the bluster of a "dead on arrival" peace order, William still lacks the sufficient anatomical parts to reach out and touch WJJH.

    By which I mean that Schmalfeldt is a scared little pussy. that he thinks he intimidates anyone is his greatest comedic performance of all. Bruce Jenner will always be more of a man than William Schmalfeldt is.


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