Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Oh, No! Pleeeze Don’t Th’o Me In De Briar Patch!  


Though let’s be abundantly clear.  It has had the tools in its possession to make this stop for months.


All it has ever had to do to take all my leverage away, to remove me from the field altogether, was to follow its own advice, and “exercise the self-control that God gave a child.”

But it can’t do that.  It doesn’t have the ability.

It demonstrates – EVERY DAY – that it lacks the ability to put its spouse ahead of itself, the selfish bastard.

It demonstrates – EVERY DAY – its inability to love its spouse half as much as it hates me, which may be a tenth as much as it hates my friend John.

It demonstrates – EVERY DAY – its complete failure to consider the idea that it might sacrifice anything for the welfare of a person it claims to love.

It demonstrates – EVERY DAY – its diminished mental capacity in its inability to bring a minimal degree of focus to anything not having to do with its collection of perverse obsessions with (in no particular order of importance or intensity): me, John Hoge, homosexuality, self-publishing and podcasting as public humiliation, insulting all icky girls as proxies for the ones it was too terrified of to look at, much less speak to in high school, all things related to human bio-waste management, and inserting its useless pee stick into the “pooter holes” (God help us!) of poor defenseless Cub Scouts like this one:

Boy Scout

Sure, if it wants the pain to stop, I can make the pain stop.

All it has to do is stop touching the hot stove. Even a child figures that out reasonably fast.  I’m sure if it applies its diminished mental capacities to the problem, it can also gain the measure of self control that it expects we humans to exercise.  

Just…what God gave a child…that’s all it needs…surely it can manage that…unless it’s mental capacity is even more diminished than originally thought…

Or the beatings can continue until morale improves.

Makes no nevermind to me.

Now…where did I leave my shine box?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Fear not. Within 3 weeks max, it will be dying again and it will leave the internet (for at least 18 hours) to settle its affairs and say its goodbyes. Woe will be it and it will all be because of you, you heartless undead bastard! Well, you and.....wait for it comes.....are you still waiting?'s all because of you....and....HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!!!


    "See, I'll shut down this Twitter account and one specific blog (I have hundreds of each) if you refrain from making me look like a putz for three days. That's my personal guarantee to you.I know I've made the same bargain a dozen times before, but this one's for realsies!

    Of course, I'll start brand new ones up no later than Monday morning. And I'll continue to file more and increasingly crazy lulzsuits, because, 'impulse control.' But you really can't blame me for that. It's the Parkinson's, and you can't hold my disease against me. It's in the Bible!

    What do you think, Gail? I'm being more than fair, aren't I?"

    1. I absolutely refuse to absolve him of sins or even entertain the idea that he does things because of Parkinsons any longer. He has been flying that freak flag for A DECADE or more. Blaming his issues, his impulsivity, etc., etc. on Parkinsons. You would have thought that he would realize that people would catch on. That he's just another asshole on the internet and not a particularly bright one at that. But no. He just keeps on keeping on.

      He doesn't realize that this site, and by extrapolation, our presence in this internet war, is predicated ENTIRELY ON HIM. If he wasn't such an asshole to other people for no other reason than they existed, or happened to be Facebook friends with someone, or happened to be someone that he THOUGHT was someone else that was actually someone else, none of us would have an interest in him. In other words, Bill, QUIT BEING A FLAMING ASSHOLE TO INNOCENT PEOPLE AND EXPECTING THAT IT'S YOUR RIGHT TO DO SO.

      A smart person would have gotten the message by now. But dumbshit is a dumbshit and so here we are. SMH. Like Grace said, it will take him dying for this to stop. But it doesn't mean that I won't be here, calling him out on it. Too many people now a days excuse away asshattery. I refuse to do so anymore.

      1. I don't excuse it. I just refuse to respond to obvious flame-bait.

        Though, Billogical VonSchmeltdown is now a DAILY FEATURE at !!!

  3. Bill is finding out that Karma is a stone cold hearted bitch and that paybacks are a motherfucker.

  4. see, IF I had a significant other who was "DYING!!11!" I'd damn sure spend what time we had left with them, and not spewing cockamamy bullshit online, but then I'm a decent human being and SIT-DMC is a rolling sewer of filth.

    I'm sure Gail is glad to finally be able to escape his shit smeared existance.

    1. Nah, it's just playing whack-a-mole again.

    2. He changed his twitter name to The Liberal Grouch @GrouchyOldLib and is now focusing his career on his never ending crusade to attack the hypocrisy of the right wing conspiracy.. or something..


    Didn't William have a thing with Blog Talk Radio where he very violently quit on the air about six weeks ago?

    Oh, right ... impulse control.

    1. His inability to avoid being Google bombed (threats!!!11!!! kimberlin!!!) couldn't possibly be because he keeps memory holing his existence, could it?

  6. It also prevents him from effectively google-bombing anyone else.

    You would think that they would be smarter than that.


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