Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


Hey, DUMBFUCK, when you critique someone else’s usage, make sure you put a period INSIDE and OUTSIDE the quotation mark at the end of the sentence.

God forbid you make that mistake and leave anyone thinking you’re just a garden variety DUMBFUCK and not the  HIGHLY CONCENTRATED, WEAPONIZED EXTRA STUPID DUMBFUCK that we’ve come to know and love as a perpetual source of idiocy.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. I'm sure he was just too busy "anjoying" the family that disowned him to pay attention to using proper punctuation.

    It appears that he was busy moving, too. Apparently, he now lives in a house instead of a tincasa.

    1. Let's be fair. It could very well be that TJ came out of the crawl space and grunted at him before fleeing into the night.

    2. He meant to do that. He enjoys annoying everyone, especially family, so he made up a new word for it.

  2. Inspector Jiggles spotted his watchers as he was staring at the cameras he uses to watch little boys bend over.

  3. It really is amazing that William made it through childhood without being stomped to death by his own stupidity.

    I'm loath to admit it, but maybe Darwin really was wrong.

    1. When humanity started supporting defectives so that they lived long enough to breed, evolution ended.

      I suppose cuckolding does mitigate that a bit.

      1. That comment gets the Gail Schmalfeldt seal of approval!

  4. "Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!"

    You know the Blob is so stupid this could almost become a morning sign on. Kind of like Good Morning Vietnam!!

    I keep messing up trying to include video in my posts, but I'll try again. Here goes:


  5. This has nothing to do with the post, but I just like posting it because seldom does a person succeed so well in making an ass out of himself:

    If any normal human being was busted lying like that, they would just shut up and never mention it again. Not Bill. He INSISTS we revisit his dishonesty over and over and over

    1. However it is good to know that if you ever get tired of Bill tweeting incessantly, just post that and he disappears.

      It's like magic!

    2. At this point does he even know he's lying? He lies on an almost daily basis and when they are pointed out to him he just ignores it. Diminished capacity indeed.


        Translated from Schmalfeldt:

        "Everything I say is partially or wholly untrue. I am a biologically engineered dumptruck of lies. My entire family has either died of shame (which I live-tweeted, where practicable), or renounced me entirely.

        Except for my wasting sweetheart. She'll always be there for me"

        I don't care what anyone says, recycling is good for the planet!

  6. Awww, look. Someone dropped the Grabo act long enough to admit that he doesn't WANT to be left alone!

    1. Unsatisfied with cruising the pre-school in his head, William has decided to attack the only person around that has proposed leaving him the fuck alone.

      That was pretty dumb, wasn't it, Gail?

      I thought you'd agree!

      1. What's the word for someone whose words say one thing, but whose actions say the opposite?

        It's right on the tip of my tongue... Starts with L, ends with R... and I think there's an I and an A in there, too.

  7. FOCUS EVERYONE!!! Bill is "dumbsplaining" things:

    You see, the SA already decided to drop all the charges, so instead of saying that, and taking a victory lap (OK, victory waddle), he just makes up the fact that John dropped the charges and thanks him, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, other than BS-DMC.

    My God, that's dumb even for Bill, this'll be fun.

    1. That's, of course, why dummy started that tweet with "most importantly", which signifies, I dunno ... importance.

      1. So after "dumbsplaining" and applying "abstract thought" what we are left with is:

        "More importantly, Mr. Hoge has agreed to ask the State's Attorney to drop all of the 353 charges filed against me that he has already dropped. Why Mr. Hoge would ask for charges already dropped to be dropped again, and why I am now tweeting to thank Mr. Hoge for dropping the already dropped charges totally mystifies me. I guess I'm incapable of abstract thought. Assuming abstract thought means "thought that doesn't make me look like a horses's ass".


    And there you have it.

    Dipshit is finally afraid of a death of a death threat that he said didn't threaten him seven months ago.

    It sure is a shame that nobody saved his multiple posts to send to the Carroll County Commissioner's Office, so that Diminished Capacity Lad can be prosecuted for filing a false police report, huh?

    1. I'm actually a bit curious about how long Grady will let Shakey violate the restraining order by writing 'about' him?

      1. Maybe Grady has "friends" in Chicago, and is planning on filing the sort of peace order that results in orthopedic surgery?

        But that would be WRONG!


    Because he WON.

    Are you OK Bill? You're "writing" at a barely functioning level here. You should have that checked out.


    So why didn't you thank him for ordering lunch from the leprechaun too? After all, if asking the SA to drop the charges was so silly, why the hell did you bother to mention it in a thankful way?

    Nothing you are saying regarding your worthless explanation makes the slightest bit of sense.

    1. Because, as he tried telling a court on Thursday, he's a goddamned lunatic.

      Isn't that right, Gail?


    Bill felt happy..... for a while:


    Ah yes, the truly desperate response when no other is working.

    Business? What "business" was this woman's kids to you?

    And quit being suck a freaking coward and answer the question.


    I'd go easy on your most bestest friend, Brett:

    -Qapla': #BrettKimberlin’s Motion for a New Trial Denied

    -Qapla': Judge Hazel has issued a ruling in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. For the reasons stated above, the Court will GRANT all of Defendants’ motions to dismiss,

    -Qapla’: The peace order was denied. More later when I get back home.

    -In Re RICO Madness:
    Judge Hazel has denied The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for reconsideration of dismissal of the Ku Klux Klan Act claims against all defendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. Qapla’!

    I think that was just from the past few weeks. Sheesh.

    1. Oooops, forgot the big one:

      Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
      Posted on 27 March, 2015
      36 0 Rate This

      Here is what Judge Hazel has had to say about The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO Madness—

      Kimberlin failed to plead … Kimberlin has failed to adequately plead … Kimberlin has failed to state a claim … Kimberlin has failed to allege … Kimberlin has therefore failed to plead … Kimberlin has failed to adequately plead … he has failed … he has failed … He has failed to do so … the SAC fails to allege … Kimberlin has therefore failed … Kimberlin has failed … Kimberlin has therefore failed to plead … Kimberlin has failed … his SAC failed to identify … attempt would also fail … Kimberlin has therefore failed … Kimberlin failed … necessarily must fail … he has failed … Kimberlin has failed to adequately plead … claim would still fail … Kimberlin has failed … Kimberlin has failed … would still fail … Kimberlin has failed … Kimberlin has failed to allege … Kimberlin has therefore failed … has failed to state a claim … because he has “fail[ed] to plead facts” … must be dismissed as he has failed to plead facts … Kimberlin has failed … dismissal of § 1985(2) claim for failure to allege … his failure … Kimberlin has failed to state claims …

      Plaintiff is mistaken.

      Yep, that about covers it.

      Christ-on-a-cracker Bill, what the bloody hell would even possess you to make such a stupid statement as that?



    You had a "job" as a journalist? No you didn't. You "wrote" for a free website that paid people if they could get their articles read, something you could never do. Which is why you live in a tin can.

    And threatening someone with the loss of their kids is NOT journalism, moron. That has been explained to you more than once.

    1. Did he just admit to being PAID to harass WJJH? Did he claim that payment on his taxes? Is he part of a conspiracy to violate Federal Law?


    You aren't very bright, are you Bill? Kimberlin LOST that case. He can "appeal" it all he wants and it doesn't give him the right to call Hoge anything. But then again you just KNOW Brett will win this time because................he's due!

    Now you, on the other hand, are an admitted, adjucated harasser and stalker, among many other things.


      Bill talks a tough game but do you notice that when he gets close to talking about John, he shies away? He fooled me. With the courts proving they have no stomach for dealing with him, I thought you wouldn't be able to shut him up about Hoge. But Bill's a bigger coward that I expected.

    2. What about 'mental defective'? He tried to claim it in court, but was scared of following through. On this one, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and believe him.

    3. How many felony convictions does his pedophile accuser have? Asking for a friend.


    You're not a journalist, so by your own rules you need to butt out of other people's business.

    And threatening people to get a story is completely against all journalistic ethics.

    But for some reason you admitted the truth, yes, what you wrote is indeed stalking. But you've already admitted to that, so no surprise there.

    1. I believe that if I write a bunch of hilarious stuff about a guy, and people hit my tip jar and give me money in appreciation of my efforts, that's a JOB.

      And if I'm doing a JOB, I can butt into anybody's business I please.

      Is that how it works? That seems to be how it works...

      1. There's a big difference between that and what Blob does. Two actually: money and appreciation.

    2. Don't forget Bill's own attorney swore to a court of law that Bill was NOT a journalist. But Bill doesn't let that stop him from lying about it. Either Bill is lying or his attorney committed perjury. Wonder which is more likely.

    3. "Stay with me here." ** snicker **

      Bill Schmalfeldt, the king of abstract thought, "dumbsplains" how he did his work...oh yeah, and with lots of examples of "tried and true" jounamalism.

      "I don't do that kind of work anymore. But how I did my work was how I did my work, my methods were tried and true and NONE OF YOUR CONCERN!"
      @EndTimesTribune 5:53 PM 19 April 2015


    And this is your "business", because?


      Smart move, you've got a pretty ugly past. But then again, you haven't had a stellar year either.

  18. Perhaps he's realized that this is as good as it's ever going to get for him.

    He avoided jail.

    His "friends" re-followed him on twitter.

    He gets to claim victory before an audience of Lickspittles that KNOW how empty his "win" was.

    He released a new audio book, and no one will listen to it let alone PAY for it.

    In short, he's still an evil old impotent cripple, with nothing but failure and maybe-no-going-to-jail to look forward to.



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