Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

 BREAKING – Expert Whiner’s First Tweet of Day Confirms Obsession, Narcissism, Hypocrisy, Stupidity And Complete Lack of Self-Awareness in Just 57 Characters

I’ll tell you what, “[thou]most notable coward, [thou] infinite and endless liar, [thou] hourly promise breaker, [thou] owner of no one good quality…”
I know exactly what the FATAL flaw is. I’ll even say that it’s four words, and that it is absolutely and without doubt cannot be corrected in one amended complaint or a thousand.

To learn what those four lawsuit dooming words are, publish a video

  1. Acknowledging that you have NO IDEA why your lawsuit is doomed;
  2. Begging on your hands and knees to be educated on the matter; and 
  3. Swearing an oath on the souls of your mother, your father and your beloved spouse that you will never file another lawsuit for the rest of your life. And finally,
  4. Leave the Internet entirely for two weeks.

Satisfy all these conditions and I will tell what is wrong with your lawsuit.  Why it can’t be fixed should be obvious, but if you can’t figure it out, we can always renegotiate…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I started to argue with you about this, seriously it's so much more funnier to watch someone who claims to be indigent waste money on a frivolous lawsuit...
    but then realized OF Course Shakey isn't going to do any of that, so the point is mute.

    which Shakey also will be soon.
    Mute that is

    1. It's been moot its entire adult life, Iike every point it tries to make. Becoming mute would be an improvement vast beyond measure.

  2. Hmmmmm...still no lawsuit showing up in the court search. Maybe Gail had the good sense not to actually mail it.

    1. Maybe the good folks in the clerk' office are still passing it around and laughing. Can you imagine calling in sick to work because your lulz muscles are too sore?

  3. Shakey is consolidating his brand.

    His. BRAND!!

      1. I'm often reminded that "branding" is one of the primary concerns of private citizens.

    1. Heinreich Himmler: "Mein Fuhrer, I think that it is time for us to consider moving our base of operations and consolidating our brand under a new name. I think Argentina would be a nice choice!"

      Adolf Hitler: "Fine, fine.... but do a little more market research and make sure there is demand for our product!"

      Heinreich Himmler: "Yes, mein Fuhrer!"

      Adolf Hitler: "By the way what will be the new name of our brand?"

      Heinreich Himmler: "Well we were thinking of calling it 'The Liberal Grouch' as it would have broad appeal for the people who think like us. Also we are changing from the swastika to a picture of a fat old guy with dick dents and puppy dog eyes."

      Adolf Hitler: "Very well. Make it so."

      1. Maybe that's why Bill is starting to spell "SSchmalfeldt" the way he does.


    There's nothing we love more than William's confidence. It fills us with joy and makes us believe that the world might soon be a better place.

    "You're Killing Me William" has things work out not too badly for him with some regularity. It's more than a little shocking, actually. Sad, pathetic William has managed to dodge a few bullets, but remains dumb enough to think that not losing is somehow a victory.

    "Badass Bill" on the other hand, almost always trips on his own crank and has an anvil fall on his fucking head. Remember how he was going to win $3 million from Krendler and WJJH? I do. Remember how his lulzsuit earlier this year was indestructible, despite its author's reading comprehension being insufficient to grasp the concept of "diversity of citizenship"? Why, I remember that, too.

    If Schmalfeldt had the good sense to shut the fuck up, we might worry that he had actually learned something. But his confidence tells us that all is right in our peaceable kingdom.

  5. Has the suit been filed? If it hasn't, that's likely to be a pretty fatal right there. As for the fatally fatal flaw, I haven't done a lot of research into the case law, but I am totally unaware of any way out for Witless Willie. Usually Willie is happy to tell us about irrelevant cases, e.g. Cassidy, so I suspect that Willie himself has found nothing that even SEEMS to address it.

    Maybe, just a guess, he is hoping that someone will spill the beans before he pays the filing fee. PK has been pretty good at redacting, but I ask that zombies engage in a little self editing before hitting that post button so PK can relax a little and have FUN.

    1. I agree. So far we've been lucky that the dumbass rant boy thinks ALL of the redacted comments were pretend. He's so confused, he can't tell what's real and what's not. Thank G-d PK got to them quickly! 😉

      "Does this not reek of fear pee? This pretend "redacting" so as not to "educate" me? MCL? Medial Collateral Ligament?"
      The Liberal Grouch ‏@GrouchyOldLib 4:20 PM - 29 April 2015

  6. For no particular reason ...


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