Gooda Morning, DUMBAFUCK!

Now, we alla know how thisa works, don’ta we?4-27-2015 3-04-26 PM

We, the trained investigativea journalists, geta to allege something outrageoso, like oh…I don’ta know…DUMBAFUCK gotta caught doing this ina the NARF breakroom…


And DUMBAFUCK has untila some arbitrary deadline – let’sa says 8:00 AM Easterna time – to prove usa wrong, or everythinga goes to the Wisconsina media.

Isn’t thata how ita works?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “Gooda Morning, DUMBAFUCK!”

  1. Yeah, datsa way itsa works. Dissa deadline itsa already gone, so da nasty guy, hesa admitted to doin somea dirty thing, all official-like.

  2. LG observed:

    He was a GS-13 (and never lets anyone forget it!), and had to retire to living in a trailer and claiming that he’s now indigent

    Interesting. I always assumed he had just squandered his earnings...

    Given his proclivities, is it possible Cousin Bill lost it all in a civil suit?

    (hint, hint)

    1. Historically BS was paid $62,886 in 2005.
      In 2006 he was paid between $67,216 and $77,353.
      In 2007 he was paid between $79,397 and $82,044.
      In 2008 he was paid between $85,727 and $88,493.
      In 2009 he was paid between $92,723 and $95,620.
      In 2010 to 2011 he was paid $97,936.

      I guess the cost of living in Maryland is just THAT bad...... but it makes you wonder how much he squirreled away in IRA's or savings accounts. Oh and are those accounts in HIS name or Gail's?

      And don't forget Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) where the government can contribute up to 5% of your salary to the TSP each pay period, as follows: 1% agency automatic contribution paid whether or not you are contributing to the TSP. A dollar-for-dollar match on the first 3% of your salary that you contribute each pay period.

      That would certainly keep someone in mayo and kittens for some time.

      1. Shouldn't be hard to nail it down within grade. I assume his military time counts year for year. Also, did you include the DC Metro locality bonus? (I'm thinking that's a yes based on the numbers I see).

      2. Oh I should have mentioned (or clarified) the first $ amount was the beggining of the year and the second $ amount was the end of year (for example, 2007 he stated out making $79,397 and by the end of the year he was making $82,044).

        Yes it includes his locality pay.

  3. For da recorda, thata Photoshop was made-a by Bill Schmalfeldt himselfa.

    Dead to rights? Yeah, just likea he had Chris Heather, Jeremy Kinsey, P. Mason on the west coast, the guy whose 12 year old daughter answered the phone-a.... Cracka detective is our bambino!

  4. Bill is always-a thinking that soon-a come-a day, gonna be-a big-a star, gonna be a big-a time giornalista, make a lot-a money, buy a nice-a house.

    But poor Bill, he get-a no respect, whatta he think he's doin?
    Why he-a looka so sad?
    It's-a not so bad, it's-a nice-a place, well for a tincasa
    Ah, shaddap you face

  5. He misspelled listed in his latest filing...... Apparently the spell check in Word is disabled.

    1. Yousa gotta read da whole ting to appre-chee-ate dat itsa "talka lika dis" day.

  6. Behind the Pine Curtain, I doubt any jury would convict anyone of drawing, and quartering etc. an Oedipal Troll!

  7. How-a helpful Blob-a has-a been-a. All-a inna his-a own words. His-a suit issa full-a lies. We have all-a seen the fatal flaw. And, now Blob can stop-a wondering why all-a his-a words were compiled, and he-a helpfully verified and-a posted them. Just for this-a reason.

    Oh-a. Hasn't he-a claimed his-a captive caretaker is-a dying? Yet he-a still-a treats her like a slave? His podcasts are-a very helpful. They undermine what he's-a telling a court-a law.

    Head-a Zombie PK -- Please letta Grady know the Horde has him-a covered. And, iffa Grady needs to reach the Horde, please tell him not to use-a TMZ. Blob will be-a 100% left-a in the dark.

    The chimp-a will-a not be educated. And, evil will-a not-a win. Blob-a is alone. Grady issa not.


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