Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

So when he got fired in the Golden (Shower) State in 1986, was it for touching Boy Scouts in their bathing suit area?

I guess he’s a Big Government Lib’ruhl ‘cuz he knows they don’t have the resources to do even minimal background checks between coasts.  You know, just like small town media outlets…or not.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”


    1. BS's tweet is interesting, as is the excerpt from who-knows-where. I am assuming, since he tweeted this, that he agrees with what is stated. That means, of course, that he knows he defamed Lee Stranahan when he made multiple "parodies" of Lee "Strammyham," in which he prostitutes his own daughter. BS continues to play these "parodies" on his podcasts to this day.

      1. BS is the poster boy for cognitive dissonance. Or narcissism. Or embrace the power of "and".

        What he does is always good and righteous and legal.
        What others do is always wrong and evil and illegal if it gives him butthurt.

        Once one remembers that, everything he does and says makes more sense.

  2. Witless Willie has an immense talent for missing the obvious. No reasonable person could believe that statements on a self-professed zombie's site were necessarily to be construed as assertions of fact. The Golden Shower State? Really?

    Now Willie on the other hand has asserted that he is a journalist so presumably every statement that he makes should be construed as an assertion of fact, right?


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