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      1. For a guy that never rose above the rank of second-class fluffer in the navy, William sure does seem to enjoy making Patton-esque declarations, doesn't he?

  1. Tom Cotton responds to the TMZ takedown order.


  2. Alleged high school graduate ridicules college grad:

    1. Going through 25 year old yearbooks. Why, that isn't stalker behavior at all!

      It sure is as good a case as any to get an extension on that restraining order, though.

      1. Holy crap, paying for access to that is a MUCH better idea on a fixed income than buying a house without wheels: http://www3.nd.edu/~dome/archives.html

    2. Wait, so Blob is trying to once again dox Patrick? The same guy he didn't have the balls to face in court?

      You're a real sack of shit, Blob.

      1. My, he sure seems to be threatening a person who has a restraining order against him.


        What could go wrong there?

  3. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592434434302939137

    And just look at William now! How many blogs has he burned through since just January 1st of this year?

    1. So, in 1988, BS was a 35 year old divorcee who had to pay child support, and he's comparing what he was doing at that time to what a 20 year old college student was doing? Is that weird or what?

      1. The Diminished Capacity Kid is the very picture of "weird." In the years that I've been following him, he hasn't done anything that wasn't predictably psychotic.

      2. What I find amusing is that he had to go back that far to find something that might rise to "achievement" in his life.

      3. Read his posts on XMFAN. He seems to have had a 'thing' for comparing his accomplishments with those of underage boys on that forum. Well that and talking about touching the head of his penis to their swollen anal areas.

    2. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592434616465805312

      Did you work at one for longer than three weeks? We're you on the "Stupid, Drunk and Angry" beat?

      1. What are those accomplishemnts? Anything recognized outside the immediate organization that gave them, and for more than five minutes inside them? Who cares?

        Normal people enjoy the Atta Boys they get, but most think the most important accomplishments in their lives are how they've touched the lives of others, whether as a parent/grandparent, mentor, teacher, caregiver, etc., etc., Those are the accomplishments which are important. That Bill can't say the same speaks volumes.

    3. The Green Sheet of the Milwakee Journal? Quick! Hold those Pulitzers!

      It's hilarious when he thinks he's bragging.

      1. Has anyone outside of Milwakee (or even inside of it) heard of "The Green Sheet"?

        I got a letter to the editor published in my local paper. I guess I'm a journalistic celebrity too!

  4. I think it is so cute that Witless Willie thinks he has any sort of authority. Sort of like a toddler telling you about his pet unicorn.

    Have you heard the one about Willie and the Three Little Pigs: I'll huff, and I'll puff and I'll .... Oh no. All that huffing and puffing has caused me to shit myself again.

  5. Damnit Grady, why so little to show for yourself in the yearbook? If you were truly a man of letters, you would have had at least a gimp photo taken on the taxpayer dime in there.

    1. Someone went to college and only had one picture in their college yearbook? Holy cow?! How does that happen? I wasn't even in any of my yearbooks!

      Of course, like me and the target of his fail-dox, we completed our college degrees. Bill, still riding the GED for all its worth. Not that there aren't reputable and distinguished people who have never gone to college, its just that Bill isn't one of them. At this point, he's just infamous.

  6. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592441033784487936

    If I'm not mistaken, he also said "Free blowjob with the first drink."

      1. Ah yes! We are beginning to enter the next section of the Schmycle! Muwahahahaaaa!

  7. Well, add "college yearbook" to the limitless things Bill knows nothing about. A school with an enrollment of around 10,000 students would need a yearbook the size of a large citys' phonebook to get everybody's picture in one, let alone multiple times. Also, unless you are an athlete or in student govenment, you don't have photographers chasing you.

    As an aside Bill, a diploma from Notre Dame trumps everything you've ever done in your miserable, pathetic life. Had he known you and your future at the time, the day he got his diploma Pat could have said, "Well, I've accomplished more than that crazy Schmalfeldt guy will EVER do."

    1. That's not true. How many restraining orders does Pat have? How many Japanese trannies did he fuck, in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice? Did Grady ever "wrestle" with the Bobber? Is his wife vanishing before our very eyes?

      1. Fair enough, I'll amend my statement:

        "As an aside Bill, a diploma from Notre Dame trumps everything good you’ve ever done in your miserable, pathetic life. Had he known you and your future at the time, the day he got his diploma Pat could have said, “Well, I’ve accomplished more worthwhilethan that crazy Schmalfeldt guy will EVER do.”

  8. This would assume that Billy boy knows the actual person who started it and has some idea of the chain of custody. If his "hit piece" on Monday lives up to his journalistic reputation, not only will it cause uncontrollable laughter, but whoever's turn it is, should probably fisk the hell out of it.


    1. Why bother? The story (asnd I use that word advidsedly, given the author and his reputation) will only appear on a website that will be memory-holed in less than three weeks and perhaps slurred through on a drunken podcast which gets bounced off the air and the microphone doesn't work.

      1. Well, only because THIS TIME, and he really means THIS TIME, he is 110% sure beyond all belief, which will make his failure all that much more epic.

      2. And be damned to the fact that he is writing to and about someone who he is forbidden (not my policy, I disagree with it, but...) to write _about_

        Even if he is right (insert laugh track here) he is still violating a court order.

        If he is wrong? He is violating a court order.

        I've heard of Pyrrhic victories; he may have found a Pyrrhic failure.

        He gets points for that, if nothing else.


        He gets points for that, and nothing else.

  9. Although you have to admit, paying at least $20 to look through 25 year old yearbooks for.......what exactly? So you can mock someone for not being in the yearbook often enough? Your wife's dying and you're too busy to attend to her because your perusing the "Dome"?


    Seriously Bill, what in the name of God were you looking to find in a 25 YEAR OLD COLLEGE YEARBOOK?

    Yea, that's a normal thing to do.

  10. his bravery was apparent when he turned and ran away from his own PO, of course this kind of behavior is going to go over well with future court cases

  11. http://i.imgur.com/X7f3UqZ.jpg

    Am I nuts, or didn't William read the Maryland extortion statue on his podcast about a month ago, defining it as "If you don't do what I want, I'll damage you somehow?"

    1. Are you nuts? Bill just wrote that BK is "going to run circles around" John Hoge.

      Talk about out of touch. He still thinks it's 2013.

    2. He better be withdrawing his LOL lawsuit or filing a motion to modify it. He is still on record as saying that Howard Earl is PK.

      1. I have no specific information about this, but I wouldn't be at all surprised that there will soon be motions, based on William's criminal court clownery, arguing that he isn't competent to direct his own suit.

        Also, he blew a huge hole in his own case in the last couple of weeks. Based on just that, the lulzsuit is doomed.

    1. The evil eejit fails to realize that there are circumstances in which you lose your [fill in applicable number] amendment rights. And apparently the Illinois judicial system felt that his behaviour towards Patrick Grady and his family was one of them.

      Tonights feldtdown is pretty damn epic, and yet further proof that Bill's hate for PK/PG/WJJH/JF/HE/etc. is far, far stronger than his love for Gail.

      1. "Tonights feldtdown is pretty damn epic, and yet further proof that Bill’s hate for PK/PG/WJJH/JF/HE/etc. is far, far stronger than his love for Gail."

        This, to me, is the saddest part of it all.

        HOWEVER, there is this awful part of me that can totally see her egging him on. I sincerely hope that part of me is wrong, but somehow I doubt it. 🙁

  12. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592440358669328385

    Hey, Blob! When has law enforcement ever done a damn thing to one of the objects of your obsession on your say so?

    1. How's the hunt for the mysterious Horse Shit Sender going for you, Billy-Boy??? To here you tell it, everyone from the NSA to the Schwanzz Man was all over that case and ARRESTS WERE IMMINENT!!

      As a former law enforcement officer, I can tell you your imaginary police force that responds to your snapped fingers.... yeah, it'll never happen.

      Fucking moron.

      1. He promised to update us in one of his podcasts. The story was preceded and followed by, fake ads about poop. Seriously. He's got nothing and no one at any government branch is doing anything. Why? They were nice to him to get him off the phone or out of their offices. Most likely, after he was gone, they laughed about it.

        "Bob, what did he want now?"
        "He said someone sent him a tub of horse shit."
        "Really? Wonder why anyone would do that?"
        BACKGROUND NOISE: giggles, snorts, small laughs...

  13. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592461952531755009

    And you're a drunken lunatic. I'd also remind you that I've never had to try to plead insanity in criminal court. Not once. My family couldn't be more proud.

    "Shut down your blog or I'll run a story that ruins your marriage and life."

    Do you actually read your own tweets, William?

    1. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592462297978789888

      Tough shit, Diminished Capacity Kid. You amuse me. Profoundly.

      1. Some day one of the many people he calls "scrotum sacks" will decide that he/she/it needs to find what Bill has in place of his, and will visit Bill and preform unpleasantly painful acts upon Bill in attempt to answer that question. Mind you, I'm not advocating such behaviour, just saying that Bill's own actions make it far more likely than not to occur at some point.

        1. While stomping William to death would be honorable and probably heroic, it would ultimately be a futile waste of time. He's blown his own life up quite nice, and once Gail finally vanishes into that good night, the Diminished Capacity Kid will starve to death in less than a week.

        2. Perhaps, but discount gin isn't particularly effective at keeping one hydrated.

          Sure, he'll wind up eating the dogs, but eventually, the kidneys are going to give out.

          More likely, he hangs himself in the shower.


        3. Does he even know where the shower is located? How to operate it? And what are the odds that the curtain rod or shower head wouldn't just get yanked out of the wall?

          I'm sure we'll find out; he can't resist blogging or tweeting about his failures.

        4. Oh, he knows where it is. Gail's constantly falling down in it.

          And I have no doubt that William will live-tweet his own suicide. I'm sure that his 17 followers will be devastated, if "devastated" means "giggling their asses off."

      2. a) I'm not actually advocating such a thing. Just as Bill didn't advocate that anyone actually take a baseball bat to Pat Frey or Ken White.

        b) I don't think anyone would be bothered finishing the stomping. I think they would just find it interesting to do enough to find out what the heck he's got down there. It can't be actual testes; if it were, I doubt he'd have the fascination with "scrotum sacks". I can only assume that he is trying to make it seem to be something demeaning because he himself doesn't have any, and anything he doesn't have has to be belittled.

        1. I argued against stomping him to death as a singular waste of time. Once they put the nickles on the captive nurse's eyes, he's done, anyway. Why waste the calories doing what William's own stupidity and laziness is going to do anyway?

  14. Let's see. Just today, William has very likely violated 18 USC 2257 and clearly committed extortion under Maryland law.

    It would be pretty funny if one (or more) American readers forwarded that information to the appropriate authorities in the morning.

  15. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592463153344155648

    Hey Bill:

    Fuck off and die. I don't need your permission to read your public twitter feed nor do I need it to mock you mercilessly. I also don't need it to comment on your numerous legal trouble you've yet again brought upon yourself.

    Don't you ever, EVER think you can tell us what we can and cannot do.

    1. Does Bill think it makes him look more intelligent by ending tweets with "Savvy?" and "Verstehen?" It's an odd verbal tick, that probably didn't helped him in his "jobs".

      1. Willie does not think anything makes him look more intelligent than he already looks. How could it? His assessment of his intelligence is that it is already off the charts. He is too consumed in his own fantasy about himself to ponder how he might try to convince others that it might have some semblance of reality.

        It is a constant source of amazement to me how many people think it shows intelligence to disparage the intelligence of others. It is in fact one of Willie's favorite trick. Someone is a dim girl: his proof is that he said so. He does not recognize that intelligent people persuade through rational argument, not invective.

      2. So true. He can't even understand why "jobs" is in quotes in that comment. /snort

        He is also incapable of understanding rational argument. I've spent a LOT of time explaining stuff to people and getting them to understand why I hold a particular opinion. I usually succeed. Except when dealing with morons like BS who think they already know it all, and certainly a mere [sniff]girl[snif] couldn't possible have something worth their time.

        It would be really interesting to see what the women at his old workplaces really thought of him. I bet he was just as awful a mysogynist then as he is now, though he may have been able to do a better job hiding it, before the PD wrecked what little executive functioning he had.

      3. Actually, it wouldn't be Johnny Depp, it would be Disney. And they have some nasty copyright lawyers. Remember, this is the company who got Congress to change copyright law so they could keep racking in the money from the rat.

    2. Bill, did you stay out of other people's business when they asked you to? The woman in WI? Doug? Stranahans? Hoge? Grady? Cuasey's? No? Then fuck off and die.

  16. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592471359957131264

    Once again... nobody gives a flying fuck what you think, you neckless pile of failshit. What you're planning is going to be another FLAMING EPIC FAIL... just like all your other flaming epic fails.

    When are you going to get it through that dick-dented noggin of yours that you suck at EVERYTHING you have ever done?


  17. Interesting that the only comment that seems to get to him is the one about his use of words. 😀

    Also it's interesting how, as we've noticed before, the only things he counts as worthy accomplishments are in what he views to be his area of expertise.

    If an engineeer worked on his college paper, and never published any written words after college, just created functional brigde designs, it would seem that Bill will rate him solely on his minimal literary output, since Bill doesn't count anything else as being worthwhile.

    As for Bill's alleged intelligence, his output of so-called "literature", "satire", and "music" speak for themselves.

    Bless his fuzzy little heart.

    1. The fact that William spends so much effort deleting and otherwise tries to hide his "literary output" says far more about it than I ever could.

    2. I disagree. He other comments that seem to get him are:

      1. Calling him Dumbfuck.
      2. Calling him a wifebeater or making references to Irish sunglasses.
      3. Saying he has syphilis.
      4. Saying he is faking his Parkinson's.
      5. Using his own statements to prove beyond all doubt that the above is true.
      6. Proving the power of "and"

      1. Looks like even though you weren't talking to him, he chose to reply to this comment. Again, NPD assumes he's wanted, even where he isn't.

      2. Just noting for future reference - two more for the list:
        - saying he had sex onstage with a tranny in Japan
        - saying he lied about his military service

      3. Again, just noting for future reference - two more for the list.
        - saying he is a stalker or has been convicted of stalking
        - saying he is a sociopath or has been diagnosed as a sociopath

      4. Here's some more:
        - calling one of his works mind-bogglingly defective
        - telling him Hoge never lies and always tells the truth

    3. It is because of his possible NPD. He is dying (hah! Threats!!!) to be noticed. To have a legacy. He points to the handful of words he has tossed out to prove he's not a tosser. Building things don't count because your name is not attached to them.

      It's why he idolizes the Diddler. The Diddler has a few songs on a cd. It proves he was alive in the way that maiming others doesn't.

  18. http://i.imgur.com/IbyHajS.jpg

    Dumbass. Here's what I'm saying:

    “The Respondent is prohibited from threatening to commit stalking or committing stalking. “Stalking” means engaging in “course of conduct” directed at a specific person, when you know or should know that this course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of a third person or suffer emotional distress. A stalking “course of conduct” includes acts in which you directly, indirectly, or through third parties, by any actions, method, device, or means, follow, monitor, observe, surveil, threaten, or communicate to or about, a person; or engage in other contact; or interfere with or damage a person’s property or pet. Stalking can in include contact via electronic communications. “

      1. A second pair of cuffs?

        Does that mean they are going to cuff him, dare I say it, "hog-style"? Isn't that a job for the internet sheriff in Blogsmoke?

        1. I watched too many episodes of Cops over the years. Some prisoners can't get their hands close enough behind their backs to use a single pair.

          But being hogtied has a certain bit of poetic justice.

      2. Only one problem with the Blob being hogtied: they would need a crane to carry him to the squad car.

  19. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592471691177160704

    We know that with the exception of the service, you haven't held a singe job for longer that three or so years.

    We know you suck so very badly at "The Price is Right" that you embarrassed Bob Barker and caused one of the most decent men on the planet to mock you on his own show.

    You've told us everything about your pathetic life. That's your fault, not ours.

    Shall we continue?

    1. Who's insulting his intelligence? We're noting that he lacks the normal supply of that commodity, sure, but simply speaking the truth is not an insult.

      It's not insulting to call him fat, either. He's factually fat. He's factually stupid. There's photographic proof of the former, and his entire body of work to prove the latter.

      Now, calling his skull" dick-dented" is definitely insulting. Who would want to be accused of allowing his penis to come in contact with that skull?

    2. Good Lord, Cabin Boy -- we judge you by your BEHAVIOR. The things you say and do -- which are surer means to judge your worth than what you did decades ago, before the syphilis stole your sanity.

  20. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592475777867845632

    Hey, dipshit, you can't on one hand claim that you don't care what we say, and on the other, claim intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    Well, you can, but you're a soused psychopath.

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intentional_infliction_of_emotional_distress

      Doesn't make the slightest difference if he cares. That's not the standard.
      Plaintiff must actually suffer emotional distress
      The emotional distress suffered by the plaintiffs must be "severe." This standard is quantified by the intensity, duration, and any physical manifestations of the distress. A lack of productivity or a mental disorder, documented by a mental health professional, is typically required here, although acquaintances' testimony about a change in behavior could be persuasive.

      He's the exact same blustering idiot cunt that he's been since the xmfan forums, and he actively avoided mental health professionals, last time he had the opportunity.

      1. But, but, but.... that would mean that he would have to have/exercise some SELF CONTROL! He can't have that! That would be so against everything he believes! Because Parkinsons! Or something....

        Blob doesn't realize that all he has to do is quit making an ass of himself to people who have never actually done anything to him. You know, basically the whole world. Then we go away. Otherwise? Fuck him and the walker/wheelchair he rolled in on.

        1. I disagree.

          I believe he realizes that he can put an end to all of this. I believe he knows he has multiple ways to do so.

          What I don't believe is that he WANTS to. In the not-so-deep recesses of his black and extraordinarily tiny little heart, he comes here looking to get knocked around because it's the only thing that confirms his existence.

  21. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592474758232551425

    Ooooh, I can do this too! "Who here does not think that Bill Schmalfeldt understands what "defamation per se" means?"

    1. We should defer to the Schmalfeldian legal scholarship. After all, did he nail the concept of "diversity of citizenship" in the federal lulzsuit?

      Oopsie poopsie!

  22. For those of us who have made a living by writing, BS has "tells" that evince a provincial use of the written word. He misspells foreign expressions, and misuses English phrases, among other things. For example, "myriad," properly used, is never followed by the word "of." Despite this, he loves to ridicule the spelling and grammatical mistakes of others.

      1. Ah freddled Lickspittles,
        Thy micturations are to me,
        As plurdled gabble-footlongs,
        On a lurgid Hoge,
        That mordiously hath tweeted out,
        Its earted schmeltdowns,
        Into a rancid festering mayonaise-laden organ squealer. [drowned out by moaning and screaming]
        Now the jurpling slayjid Lickspittles,
        Are slurping hagrilly up the axlegrurts,
        And living Zombies frart and slipulate,
        Like jowling meated liverslime,
        Krendler, I implore thee, my foonting turling dromes,
        And hooptiously drangle me,
        With crinkly foot-testicles,
        Or else I shall rend thee in the scrotum with my dick-dented cranium,
        See if I don't.

        1. Dear WordPress,

          Hi. Me again. You can probably guess why I'm contacting you.

          In the meantime,

          This comment has earned The Thinking Man's Zombie Seal of Approval!

    1. This is so very, very true. I know that I have my own "tells" that years of an editor blue-lining me pointed out to me dramatically. *sigh* Some things are just ingrained in us no matter how much we try to fix them. I've learned over time that it isn't the little spelling errors and grammar tics that tell the tale about a person, but the overall body of work.

      For Bill? Well, let's just say that that "body" of work sucks. I honestly couldn't even make it through his Parkinson's book, and I was genuinely interested in finishing it. But I couldn't get over one simple fact - he's a bad, horrible, no-good writer. Sorry Bill! Maybe that's why you can't sell anything.

  23. I heard that writing that someone has syphilis of the mouth, is protected speechified satirical opinion = like South Park

    1. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592479060485275648

      Would you call photoshopping an underage, non-public figure, male into a homosexual pornographic photo IIED?

      Asking for a friend.

    2. If you're not saying [and I'm not] that you have his test results print-out or some other 'proof' that such a thing is literally true, then yeah. Making jokes about what a disease-raddled shit-bag he is, is definitely not actionable. I don't think anyone claimed to have a copy of the Mrs.'s arrest record, either. Making jokes about what sort of woman would involve herself with a 'man' like Bill is, again, insulting, but not actionable.

      1. AJ, one, I'm not talking about anyone, two, I am making light of some creepy people some who make child porn, and how they can be easily insulted when they have written soooo many awful things about themselves to the entire world that - it would be difficult to even insult them

        just sayin - for a friend

  24. Now, in all the confusion I lost count of the shots I fired. Was it 5 or 6? Well? Do you feel LUCKY, PUNK?
    The Liberal Grouch ‏@GrouchyOldLib 5:12 PM - 26 April 2015

    Ohh Noes! Teh return of Bad Ass Willie!

    1. Hahahahah! It's so cute when he tries to get all Billy Badass...

      Like a snarling chahuahua, I'm SO scared... ~shiver~

    2. He actually thinks that firing blanks has meaning. They just make noise, that's about it.

  25. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592480399466442752

    Of course you can prove the insults were made. What you can't prove, any more than you can prove the moon is cheese, is that insulting you is defamation or any of the other torts you might imagine it to be.

    All you can prove is that you don't like being insulted. Boo-hoo, asshole. How many times do you have to read the same words? Butt-hurt is not a tort.

    1. True. Butt-hurt is not a tort. However a judge will be forced to read it and not understand context. The rest of us will just laugh and laugh....

    2. Prove? Torts?

      IIED is not a tort, dipshit. It's an element of damages. Now, DO YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR KIDS??? I WANT IT ALL, OR ELSE!!!

      See, the thing is fuck you, Blob.

      1. Let's not forget his idiotic accusations of conspiracy. Since infliction of butthurt is not a crime, conspiracy to commit butthurt is... NOT A CRIME.

        Violating a court order to refrain from, among other things, DISCUSSING a certain individual? CRIME.

        Fuck off and die, Bill Schmalfeldt. That's not a threat, asshole: It's a PRAYER.

  26. The Mayo'ed one is still a dumbass and he can't tell his ass from a hole in the ground!

  27. I just wanna know how someone can type fast enough to blast out tweets like he does and still claim to have advanced PD?

    1. if we go back in time there is a paragraph In some book some asshole creepy filth merchant may have wrote - what this slimy sick failed individual said about themselves that he/she/it was asking to do something that their disease hadn't progressed to for monetary enumeration - that they might not have been entitled too unless this person canvassed their superiors to go along with their plan to defraud the retirement system or at least game it

      its a rumor - someone could not have been that stupid to draw a false negative light on themselves by asking their boss for a unjustified negative evaluation, boy is that someone going to have to explain possibly in a court hearing about how that came about.....

      but asking again for a friend

  28. Yeah, he was another guy who loved ultimatums. He got his in the end, too.


      1. http://cdn-www.mania.com/content_pics/000007/52/73/906ca026818ec865_large.jpg

  29. Oh, and...only if you do, Bill. Only if you do. Sometimes a wifebeater is just a T-shirt.


    Oh, and I put a "wifebeater" tag right after the usual "Bill Schmalfeldt" tag just in case anyone else might have an answer to your question. After all, your Twitter audience is so, so limited.

  30. Funny thing that. He just (since 9pm or so EDT) changed his avatar away from the college year book picture of his latest #FailDox back to one where he is trying to look like a kicked puppy. Instead it looks more like a deer in the headlights, not something which garners my sympathy.

      1. It's more than a little awesome that William contends that he's in no way communicating with Patrick Grady, yet is issuing ultimatums that he feels must be answered by action.

        Meh. Leave that for the Illinois courts to sort out.

  31. #ShitAbusersSay


    1. So, to recap: Bill has a PO against him from Pat Grady, and now Bill is about to release something to affect Grady's marriage, and most likely, attempt to defame him.

      Not a smart move at all on Bill's part. Not one bit.

    2. I like how he's screencapping, but not linking, wiki pages to back up his delusions. Just because it's in English, doesn't mean it's about US law, dumbfuck. Hyperbole, satire, parody and clearly labeled fiction are not, under US law and precedent, actionable. And just because you're a failure, doesn't mean you're not a limited purpose public figure. You are constantly self-promoting; what effect do you think that has?


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