Going on the Record


  • April 16 will come and go, and Bill Schmalfeldt will not go to jail.
  • Bill Schmalfeldt will spin this fact as a complete victory and vindication.  He will be wrong.
  • Bill Schmalfeldt will leave the courtroom on April 16 with a criminal conviction on his record.
  • I offer no prediction on whether a sentence for his conviction will be handed down on that date.
  • When his sentence is handed down, he will be fined $300 or less.  He may be sentenced to 10 days in jail, but this sentence will be suspended.
  • Bill will also spin this as a complete victory and vindication.  Again, he will be wrong.
  • The most important part of the sentence will be probation.  It will likely be for 90 days, but could be as high as 6 months.
  • Terms of the probation will not take away his internet privileges, but will forbid him from posting anything online that has anything to do with WJJ Hoge III or any member of his family.
  • He will violate probation within 30 days.
  • The violation will be documented and reported, but nothing will happen.

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Going on the Record”

  1. I'm a bit more hopeful there will be a consequence that even the Elkridge imbecile can't deliberately misunderstand. Don't forget the multiple lawsuits...

  2. The conviction will be bad enough, and I reckon that William will violate probation in 30 minutes, not 30 seconds. At that point, consequences escalate. I'm not familiar with the governing Maryland statute, but a violation could start bumping into felony territory.

  3. Unfortunately, I think you are right. I wish that Bill would suffer more consequences for his long, protracted harassment of WJJH (no, it's not the other way around Blob, so don't even go there), but I don't think the law takes this sort of thing seriously. It will take a long time until he is jailed like Deb Frisch. But hopefully this will send a message - LEAVE WJJ HOG ALONE, DAMMIT! Sheesh. You would have thought that he would get the message the first time.

      1. And THAT is the problem. It should be enforced the same way no matter where you are. A violation is a violation is a violation.

  4. sharing some fun:

    By the way I think that BS is going to have some legal problems that will make him pray for the good old days of lawsuits/peace order violations.

  5. I believe you are entirely correct.

    As an aside, it's my opinion that all this talk about him going to jail is entirely counter-productive as it is nearly impossible (seeing as it is a non-violent offense) and it just gives Bill a reason to declare victory.

    1. Well, when he first violated the peace order, William certainly thought he was going to the clink. And playing with his head is fun.

      1. This is true. He did start the whole "going to jail" meme for this. lolz Pushing his buttons to make him spin harder was just so, so easy.

  6. Danged if this gal doesn't sound (and look) a hell of a lot like The Dumbass.


    She's at the epicenter of the civil war raging around the Hugo awards, on Team SJW.


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