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    OH jeez..
    i can't breathe!!


  2. considering Grady hasn't been on Twitter in damn near a month, it is strange isnt it?
    I guess Fat Ass just has to blow off both feet at the same time doesn't he?

    this is NOT going to end well for SIT-DMC

    get the popcorn

    1. Nope, it's not going to end well for the creepy asshole.

      And then he'll die.

      That'd be a happy ending for us... But years too late.

  3. Yep, its official, the Mayo'ed one is a certified dumbass! This has Acme Law written ALL over it!

  4. https://twitter.com/GrouchyOldLib/status/592825976058466304

    Oh, we are, chubs. We all are.

    1. After reading your law suit today, a reasonable person can conclude that you are in desperate need of an attorney.

    1. Nice!!

      by the time he realizes the hole he has just cannoned into, it will already be too late.

  5. I wonder what BS thinks he's done in his life that is so much better than anyone else's so that he can tweet out this b*llsh*t:

    Isn't it cute how Grady has all these little life failure lawyers telling him IT'S OK to libel a person, mock his wife, and cause him angst.

    He's on his third marriage, his first two wives having both realized they'd made a horrible mistake.
    None of his children seem to talk to him regularly if ever (with comments like "twat slime", no wonder!)
    He was a GS-13 (and never lets anyone forget it!), and had to retire to living in a trailer and claiming that he's now indigent
    He's currently got two restraining orders from Arizona, a no-contact order from Illinois, and (no matter what he thinks) a peace-order from Maryland against him.

    If that's a "life success", I don't want it. 😀

    1. considering nothing that has been posted rises to the level of libel, it's not illegal to mock anyone let alone someone's wife and if Fat Ass would stop F5ing the shit out of the blog then he wouldnt have any angst, real "thought" is a foreign concept to the tremendulous turd burglar that is Schmalfeldt.

  6. Ready to read that legacy any time, Bill. Oh, and... history is written by the winners. You might keep that in mind.


    1. Aw the poor widdle baby.

      He can't tell us his "achievements". All he can do is claim that we have none because he knows that none of his really count. He thinks "unemployed" is a slur in this economy, but he never held a job for more than, what, four years? He goes after people's grammar in off the cuff comments, but his law suit makes most of the paragraph long comments here and at Hogewash look like Pulitzer material.

      But I guess he'll be happy having his family remember the lucite and the wood plaques rather than him. I bet the family would be happier to do that too.

  7. Yawwwwwwwnnnnnnn,

    Its amazing that someone can make audio sex stories about underage children in a youth event, including adult rape and voyeurism, and then have a reputation to harm, oh and also post pictures of young children on blogs and make sexual comments

  8. explaining the letter from the examiner terminating posting priviledges - that should be funny


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