Can't Speak For Everyone, But…

…clearly someone has dickstomped himself with the Hasty Generalization fallacy.

There is no general case to describe this.  Sometimes it’s a morbidly obese, mentally inferior, abusive needledick who prefers Japanese transsexuals that drove his wife into a bottle, then into the arms of a real man…


…and sometimes it’s not.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Can't Speak For Everyone, But…”

  1. The blob is still a dumbass and always will be...there is no changing that fact!

  2. Well, I guess what we're supposed to believe is that if you're Facebook friends with somebody, and you have kids, and you ever mention drinking, it's a natural, obvious conclusion that you're banging that person, while drunk, in front of your kids, especially if you live at least a thousand miles away from your fb friend.

    Yeah. That's schmalogical.

  3. classic projection from SIT-DMC,
    here's some advice Fat Ass, just because you grew up that way doesn't mean anyone else did.

    so take your own advice, roll up your (circus) tent, go away and stop bothering others.

  4. Gee whiz, "not a care in the world" Bill sure did disappear quickly.

    Why the Feldtdown?

  5. Um. No. No, we're not. Just look at the lying freak flailing about and making shit up because Howard and I gave him butthurt by pointing out the evil crap he pulls trying to get information out of someone. Actually, Howard and I were simply repeating what the sack-of-gack had already confessed to on his Twitter timeline -- that he threatens and harasses and extorts people... it's a "journalism" tactic that he uses according to the sociopath.

    And, I'm sure the "investigative journamalist" would be able to show 100% undeniable proof of this woman having done what he's claimed. Yeah. Right. *eyeroll*

    My guess would be the POS made it up out of whole cloth because that woman posted something he didn't like and/or she was communicating with someone he hates, couldn't correctly d0x in order to harass, so he threatened and attacked her -- OR -- someone evil like BS had an issue with this woman, made up disgusting lies about her, and passed those lies off to fathead knowing fathead would go at this woman hard, and cast the lies he was told far-and-wide because he couldn't get what he wanted.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is a disgusting, lying monster. Wonder if BS is familiar with the decision that was just handed down to his friend Roger Shuler for lies and defamation.


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