A.B., I’m Sorry To Do This

…but I have to ban you.



You have been caught out as liar on your LinkedIn page.

By a liar on his LinkedIn page.

I don’t have many standards here, but apparently people who lie on their LinkedIn page and refuse to answer simple questions must not be allowed to comment here.

And since you lie on your LinkedIn page and refuse to answer simple ques–

wait a minute…

have you ever refused to answer a simple question I have asked you here?  And no, that one doesn’t count…

I don’t think you have.  You’ve always been reasonably polite, as forthcoming as anyone else here at The Thinking Man’s Zombie, you don’t set bombs, sabotage military equipment, or defend people who do so

You’re nothing but someone who lies on his LinkedIn page.

So…never mind.

Just be careful in the future that you don’t ignore simple questions.

THAT could get you on my bad side.

UPDATE – It seems I forgot to mention something about A.B.’s résumé which, while wildly entertaining, occurred entirely independently of me. I’m just making the most of the FUN!


Thought for the day: if you want to make a DUMBFUCK come a-shufflin’, grinding his little testiclefeet on the gravel road, just take a HUNNY POT and fill it with POOH.

Works every time. 


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “A.B., I’m Sorry To Do This”

  1. Would telling that 800lb sack of Failshit to eat a huge steaming bag of dicks be "educating the monkey?" 😉

    Sorry, PK. I'll get my poop-in-a-group.

  2. Getting rough in this place. Make a mistake on your Linked In profile and you have to share a trailer with a mayonnaise eating white Jabba the Hut with Parkinson's disease and an affinity for collecting European horse shit.

  3. Paul, Paul

    You don't want to set standards too high for ZOMBIES. In fact, I seem to remember that once upon a time you even allowed Witless Willie to comment here. It's your site and all, but I suggest a simple rule: exclude only those who are not FUN. That would exclude Willie, who definitely is not FUN, but would include AB, who definitely is FUN.

    Note for slower zombies: mocking Willie is tons of FUN, but Willie himself is ... What is the word I am looking for?




    Please help a poor zombie out.

  4. You know what's funny?

    When Bill Schmalfeldt finds out that I'm really [REDACTED! REDACTED! REDACTED!].

    Talk about [REDACTED] in [REDACTED].

    Oh, and don't forget about the upcoming [REDACTED.................].


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