36 thoughts on “What Kind of Host?”

      1. That overproduced voice. Sheesh.

        But, I was actually thinking of yet another word. What is it? Ummm. Oh, yeah.


      2. For some reason, I envision it looking and sounding like this (I hope this works! Sorry Jack. No offense to you of course!).

        [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExhsafnLfgM&w=854&h=510]

      3. Actually, BS has claimed a few different times in the past that the reason Parkinson's Disease HASN'T affected his voice (like PD can affect other people's voices) is because he is a trained radio host -- therefore, he has trained himself to use his diaphragm when speaking.

        Well... those claims were of course made in between all of the times he claimed he couldn't call into other people's podcasts (to answer questions about things he had said/written) BECAUSE of his PD-ravaged voice, could no longer talk on the telephone BECAUSE of his PD-ravaged voice, and could no longer do "radio" (read: podcasts), and was hanging it up for good BECAUSE of his PD-ravaged voice.

        KOOKY, huh?

  1. Yeah, I don't think fixing the missing "T" will cause anyone to tune in to listen to annoying, whining, evil. Even team evil doesn't want any part of it.

    1. Wait a minute. If he's not effectively "going live" but he isn't really dead yet, then he might be undead and, therefore, ...

      Nah, that can't be it.

      1. It has to be one of the other forms, perhaps a ghoul?

        A ghoul is a cannibalistic monsters, often thought of as undead in European folklore. They were once human, but they brought the curse on themselves ...

      2. No Kyle, liches, while unspeakably evil, used to be powerful wizards. Whereas Bill, on a wizard power level, is slighly below Rincewind. (Apologies to RIncewind.)

  2. My personal sense of integrity and fair play has made is necessary for me to issue a formal apology to Bill Schmalfeldt.


    Oh, and there's [shameless plug] another post up, too, that my fellow Lickspittles may find of interest.

  3. I tried and tried to listen to his radio show. I tuned right across the dial, both AM and FM, many times trying to find his radio show. I think someone should tell his engineer that the radio signal simply isn't going out properly.

  4. There was one day he said there would be NO show. Then something happened. And he jumped on Twitter to announce that dammit, I'm gonna do a show anyway... Not a direct quote of course.

    Does he plan to keep doing shows until the Lickspittles give up? So his plan is... "if you b@stards don't stop making fun of me, I'll...I'll just spend another three hours talking into a microphone...and if that doesn't work, I'll expand the show to five hours!"

    He will continue giving us comedy material until we run out of material.

    1. "Does he plan to keep doing shows until the Lickspittles give up?"

      My guess would be... BS will continue to do his podcasts until his Stage Eleventy Parkinson's Disease conveniently flares up -- again.

      Which, btw, always seems to coincidentally happen on the heels of BS saying or doing something really, really stupid.

    2. BS will do his podcasts/web radio routine right up to April 16th.

      There might be some scheduling conflicts after that date though.

  5. It now seems that one can only see the post about his wife's deteriorating condition if one goes directly to it from the link; it is not available through the main page of his "bloodmike" blog anymore. The page is back to being devoted to his "radio" show and attacking Hoge, Krendler, and the Lickspittles/Hogeists/Lemmings. Hmmmm.

    He does realize that he himself is the one who injected her into this? If he didn't talk about her all the time in that creepy, TMI sort of way I don't think anyone would have thought twice about her, never mind comment. Likewise his mother; who tweets from a beloved parent's death bed?

  6. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/579822882433474560

    Hey Blob! Shut your filthy piehole.



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