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Bildo Baggins has said in the past that photos depicting family members are not acceptable.

That does not mean he has the power to control himself, because he posts pictures of family members all the time. Babies with skulls photoshopped over their heads, wives standing atop giant penises, minor children holding hamsters. Just because he SAYS something is so certainly doesn’t make it so. We are bound by his edicts about family members only so far as he is. That means if he can’t prevent himself from photoshopping a woman onto a penis, there’s no reason we must avoid photoshopping someone else’s face onto a photo of a monkey pleasuring himself. That means when Bildo puts Mexican Day of the Dead faces on a Lickspittle, then he must be okay with someone photoshopping pictures of people he cares about. That means when anonymous commenters submit comments of someone’s wife in some other compromising position, then it must be okay for anyone to do the same thing as he or she sees fit.

Bildo has as much control over that sort of thing as Hoge and I have over the Gravatar images people choose for their avatars. And as a Free Speech Warrior who believes that the answer to bad speech is MORE speech, there is no greater advocate for the opposition to such usages of photos, or for others to make similar comments, provided they have and continue to meet the requirements of community decorum, which in my case are quite loose and freewheeling.

And I do not say I am going to start mass-producing photoshopped pictures of Gail Schmalfeldt. I don’t do that.

But if I were to allow it, and some waggish soul decided to make a substantive comment that included an avatar or even a full photograph of the sweet Mrs. Schmalfeldt’s face on a young woman’s body, said body being on the receiving end of some special attention from a hugely well-endowed African American porn star, under the Bildo’s rules, I would be within my rights to publish such a comment, would I not?

Especially if I had a sooper sekrit site where I could be sure that Bildo would never see such a disturbing image (or any of the dozens of other such images that may or may not already exist there thanks to the collective Zombie Horde who shall remain nameless), and his perpetual butthurt would not be exacerbated by the intentional self-infliction of emotional distress.

See the logic?

Who cares if you do or not? This is the Internet, where I could be lying with total impunity.

Or not. Good luck figuring it out.

Ha. Ha. And motherfucking HA!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Welcome to Butthurt'R'Us”

    1. Someone doesn't understand a lot of things, no matter how many times they're explained at length, in simple terms.

      Seriously - just think all of the good, decent people who have started out knowing almost nothing and being at least skeptical, or knowing only the freak's twisted version of events, who quickly caught on and joined Team Free Speech/Team Good Guys.

      MM is just one example of many. MM first went to Hogewash! determined to stick up for the freak, because of whining the blob did at another site MM frequented. Once someone has access to accurate info, they quickly realize what a truly evil monster bildo is, and that he flat-out lied to them.

      I'd bet a significant percentage of the zombie lickspittle horde, probably most of the several democrats, started out just like MM. But evil monsters gotta evil monster, so decent people catch on very quickly.

  1. http://faadooindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/5732_On-the-Internet-nobody-knows_faadooindia.com_.jpg

    Or a Zombie. Or a disembodied aggregation of pseudo-synaptically coordinated ones and zeros that has gained some level of self-awareness.

    Honestly, more than some meat-suits I could reference...

    1. Gus and my comments once again prove that maybe you should hit refresh to check for new comments before posting one of your own.

  2. If there was a secret site, and if there were such photos there, and if anyone wanted to know where to find them, I'd guess they'd be in a thread that's clearly labeled as to content, so those who may be squeamish wouldn't stumble upon them accidentally. But that's a guess based on a lot of "ifs." 😉

    1. And if there were such a collection, people attempting to view it should likely not be drinking anything because they might encounter a picture with a Great Dane, a rabbit, and a crude photoshop that just might make them spew out their nose.

      But that's only a hypothetical.

      1. You know, agiledog, I can almost picture it, and the resulting keyboard damage that would have ensued if I had seen an image like your hypothetical.

        If something like that existed, I'd guess several people would insist on posting it publicly, and if they did post it, it would probably be posted in several places other than Hogewash! and TMZ.

        While we're imagining and guessing, I wonder how long VFNL or Kyle would have left something like that up, if anyone had posted on their blogs? Probably just long enough to make sure everyone knew some of the several other places to find it elsewhere across the wide web, if at all. You know, they're such decent sorts, they'd probably have immediately deleted an image like that, leaving just the links for a bit, if something like that were posted on their blogs. But what are the odds the F5 champ would miss something like that, even if it lasted only a few hours?

        On a totally unrelated topic, do you recall during what hours he records himself being a total idiot, proving that all of his claims about being unable to speak were nothing but lies?

      2. 3 until about quarter to five.

        It does amaze me that William thinks that talking endlessly about something that maybe three dozen people care about is going to be "successful." I'd be rather surprised if any of his books sold that many copies.

        Can you imagine what someone who just stumbled upon the podcast, with no background in any of this would think, or how long they'd listen? How interesting can one man talking to himself about his imaginary vendettas be to the general public, particularly when they can hear a hobo do it on a streetcorner without wasting broadband?

        1. I'd be surprised to learn that a dozen people listened to his whiny rants. If it weren't for the very strong stomachs some in the horde have, there wouldn't even be that many.

          Good to know that it would be possible for the F5 obsessive to miss such links, if any existed, and if such photoshops existed. We wouldn't want to upset his delicate sensibilities, or do anything that he wouldn't do... oh... wait... nevermind.

      3. Jane, your first comment above is a masterpiece, as is the blog post by our host (may FUN be upon him).

  3. An hour after he specifically said that he doesn't approve Connie Hoge pictures in his comments, he did.

    Being mentally ill means never having to say you're sorry, I suppose.

    1. Saved, just in case Justice Jones realizes that he's destroyed any case he thinks he has and deletes it.


      1. As I said at Hoge's place, this should go over well in court when he tries to explain how he only has Mrs. Hoge's best interests at heart.

        22 days and counting. Buckle up kids, it's gonna be a hell of a ride.

        Oh, and this is as good a place as any to post this. He's coming.


        Just pretend Bill is a British child when you watch this.

  4. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/580710908814577664

    That's because you're an obsessive freak who spends way too much time F5ing Hoge's site to find new things to get butthurt about.


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