The Nature of Truth

…is that Bill Schmalfeldt knows that WJJ Hoge can identify me…

…with the exact same level of certainty…

…that he knows @mayberryville sent him a tub of horseshit in November…

…that he knows Howard Earl sent him the same tub of horseshit in November…

…that he knows WJJ Hoge sent him the same tub of horseshit in November…

…that he knows I sent him the same tub of horseshit in November…

(Who am I forgetting? Neal? Jane? AReader1?)

…that he knew he was going to get Patrick Grady under oath in Howard County and find out who I am with a trumped-up, perjured Peace Order petition in November…

…that I know Bill Schmalfeldt wrote, signed and mailed a letter to WJJ Hoge in January 2015.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. I was never accused of being the Horseshit-sender, even though the USPS couldn't touch me for it. But I remember that LG got extortionate emails on the subject.

    1. Yep, I did indeed. Apparently I know exactly who sent the poop, what their real name is, and how to get ahold of them. And by not telling Bill I was going to be dragged into a federal court room and have my reputation destroyed forever (presumably because I was going to be charged to) as well as having to deal with ... dun dun daah! ... The Postal Inspectors!

      I reported it to the FBI, since the state didn't want to touch it, as I hadn't actually received a threat of violence. I don't know if it's just the backlog, or the Feds feel the same way. In the mean time, I've talked to my state reps and we're at the talking stage to see what we can do to rectify the situation during the next legislative session. Citizens of my state should NOT have to put up with cyberbullies, even indigent ones, just because they don't live in the same state. And threats to destroy someone's reputation are just about as bad as threats to physically harm them.

  2. the exact same level of truth that we know:

    WJJ Hoge knows that:

    @mayberryvills is...
    Howard Earl is...
    WJJ Hoge is...
    Paul Krendler is...

    Sumdood in Slovenia, who knows that...

    Bill signed and sent a rather stupid letter by mail in Jan 2015.

    Shit! (is what was mailed.) You got me. Except I'm in Slovakia, the pierogies are better. More sour cream in the crust, less horse shit in the filling. But other than that I totally know Bill mailed that letter. Like I totally know that's his voice on the phone message. Because I have, like, a brain and stuff (Back off, Paul! DOWN! Bad zombie!!!) and can think and reason and stuff? And the stutter on the "I" is a dead giveaway, you can't fake that.

    So Bill has no idea who sent him a tub of Eastern European (see how I don't care what nation goes with that little EUphamism?) (EU, get it, heh heh heh) horse shit. And Hoge has "no idea" who recorded Bill's voice and loaded the file onto a prank phone dialing account and recorded a message in a voice that sure sounds like BILL SCHMALLFELDT the known demented internet cyberstalker with a fetish for underage youth anal rape scenes, which he has recorded scenes of with himself as the sole voice actor. For documentation on this fact, I can cite various federal court documents. Yeah, Hoge has no clue what person that sounds like Bill recorded that message. But it might just be the guy who admitted making "fake" kiddie porn.

    In his own hand. In his own voice. Beyond question. In any Federal Court.

    ... so how was your day?

  3. I would have thought he would have enjoyed the gift. Considering how often he mentions excrement.

  4. I got an honorable mention! Yay!

    So far, I've only been accused of lying causing butthurt by telling the truth about him, and his usual projection; same as everyone else. It's even funnier now that we've seen the whole thing play out over and over again in his past.

    1. Damn it are we doing the Spartacus routine again?


      Mathew Ryan sent it!


      Petty Officer Bob Albee sent it!


      Old Man Finnigan sent it! (And would have gotten away with it too if not for you darn meddling kids!)


      One of Bill's estranged kids sent it!

    2. I thought I sent the crap to the mayo'ed one? Or did I pay Mickey Mouse to send it for me? I just can't remember...

      1. As I've mentioned whenever this topic comes up, all of the known evidence points to the cyberstalking freakshow as being the sender.

        In addition, he recently forgot about sending a letter that bears his signature, and has either experienced great deterioration of his mental faculties/acceleration of his dementia, or has done an award worthy performance of faking same.

        Who wants to bet that he either sent it to himself to try to make himself appear victimized, or meant to send it to someone else but goofed on the "send to" address?

  5. I would be stunned if it turned out that it was sent by anyone other than his loathesome self. How else did he know to have his caretaker open it? Wouldn't be the 1st, the last, or even the most recent time he tried to fake some sort of scandal, or manufacture some sort of evidence of whatever his fevered hallucinations indicate is "real" today.

  6. He considers it true that his extortionist emails will work, even though none of them ever have in the past.

    He considerate it reason for dismissal if someone taps out a quick comment while at work, when we now know he spent a very long time at the NIH ticking off the world on forums.

    I don't know who sent the poop, but I know it wasn't a big deal.

  7. Roy posted this link to PJ Media at Hogewash! yesterday. He understated its contents. For example:

    ...A Feeling of Victimization.

    Certainly people who’ve been genuinely victimized aren’t evil. However, many folks walk around nursing grievances the size of asteroids when their legitimate complaints amount to a pebble. These tend to be some of the nastiest, vilest, most despicable people you’ll ever run across because they feel justified in “fighting back” after having their “victimization.” A man’s wife says something he doesn’t like so he thinks it’s okay to smack her in the mouth. Others think their company treated them unfairly so they feel justified in stealing from the cash register. They don’t feel like it’s fair that they’re poor, so they feel entitled to sell drugs to kids. Some of the most malicious people you’ll ever run across never blame themselves for anything and perpetually feel as if they’re being victimized by invisible, malevolent forces beyond their control. ...

  8. William has decided to sue the universe for the assertion that he's a shit fanatic, yet he can barely go five tweets without mentioning shit in some way or form. It's endlessly entertaining.


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