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    1. I'd love to see Mr. Bar Fight show up at Skinny Dicks. They'd rip him to shreds without laying a hand on him then throw him out for weasel feed.

  1. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/578692656311742465

    and an uncanny ability to dox people who operate under their real names out in the open.

    1. Blob, you are not "people." You're the size of several, but yet still not plural. The voices in your head don't get counted.

    2. Don't tell Bill that we take it easy on him because of the Parkinson's. If he were healthy, then he'd have no excuses for his stupid failed life, and we would have no reason to hold back.

  2. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/578672488722345984

    Paul, as your friend I feel the need to explain to you that "coward" means "Schmalfeldt". Thus endeth the lesson. Go in peace.

    1. What do you call a guy who's forever deleting entire blogs and Twitter feeds full of his idiotic trash talk?

    1. Same as always. He's just not smart enough to understand how badly he humiliates himself even without our help.

  3. http://imgur.com/dwhoSZq

    Oh, Bill...

    It's perfectly natural for you to feel this way, but being judged is only scary for people who suck.

    But look on the bright side; you have many qualities and skills at which you excel -

    Playing victim
    Shirking personal responsibility
    Blaming others for problems of your own making
    Being a cuckold
    Misinterpreting all sorts of law, legal procedures and protocols
    Hitting the post button without proofreading
    Choosing very bad friends
    Monkey dancing
    ThreateningPROMISING doom
    ...and failing to deliver
    Wildly overestimating the value of your sterling reputation

    Anyone else care to add to this list?

      1. He isn't pretending. He is so stupid he believes with his whole being that people care about him and adore his supposed comedy and broadcasting skills. I have no idea who Bill thinks these people are but they exist only in his demented mind. Sadly, they have existed in his mind only for a very long time, at least a decade, from back in his xmfan days, through NIH and his "retirement", through to today. He lives in a delusional state most of the time. We are not his enemies so much as a hostile audience made up entirely of hecklers.
        Eventually, we will boo him off the stage permanently.

    1. He's pretty good at sending a steaming hot stream of fear pee down his pants leg.

    2. "Anyone else care to add to this list?"

      Right off the top of my Zombie braaaaains... Bill Schmalfeldt excels at:

      * Unhealthy and creepy obsessions
      * Anything and everything feces related (butt stuff)
      * Fantasizing about cruel and lewd acts involving Boy Scouts (butt stuff)
      * Writing Disturbing Fantasies about the Anal Rape of Women (butt stuff)
      * Butt Stuff Butt Stuff Butt Stuff Butt Stuff Butt Stuff
      * Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying
      * Supporting a Domestic Terrorist who planted bombs/violently injured people
      * Supporting a Convicted Perjurer
      * Supporting a Convicted and Admitted Forger
      * Supporting a freak with a long-term creepy obsession/involvement with minors
      * Supporting a cruel creature who attempts to maliciously commit his wife
      * Supporting a rabid and vexatious lawfare nutbag
      * Hyper-focused, obsessive, and unwanted attention
      * Creepy harassing and stalking behavior
      * Obtaining Peace Orders and Restraining Orders
      * Attempting to make himself a victim over and over and over again
      * Whining, whining, whining about his Parkinson's Disease
      * Lying, lying, lying about his Parkinson's Disease
      * Using his PD for convenience and as a shield against criticism and justice
      * Misogyny -- He hates all women except "Saint" Mom and "Saint" Gail
      * Racism -- Hates and makes fun of black people and African-tinged voices
      * Gay Bashing -- Creates insulting homoerotic images against homosexual men
      * Uses his wife to deflect from his vexatious litigation
      * Uses his wife as his partner in litigious behavior
      * Neglecting his wife when she doesn't suit his purpose at any given moment
      * Hypocrisy -- Cognitive Dissonance -- Intellectual Dishonesty
      * Sounding like a big phony "radio guy" -- Trying so hard it's gross and stupid
      * Being used as a cat toy by KRREEEEENNDLEEEEER! and The Horde
      * Being used as a punching bag by KRREEEEENNDLEEEEER! and The Horde
      * Being used as a dancing monkey by KRREEEEENNDLEEEEER! and The Horde
      * Providing endless FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!

      I could go on and on and on and on... but, my hands are cramping up.

      1. I would have said "chew toy" rather than "cat toy", but the Zombies do play with him rather the same way my cat plays with the odd mouse who finds it way in. He should be happy that the final result for the toy is not quite as final as it is for the mouse.

    3. Driving people to debate the merits of homicide.

      Let's hear YOUR radio show, dirtbag. When's it on, Krendler. Those who can, do. Those who can't bitch like pussies.

      Bill is hardly the man to complain that others "bitch like pussies". What does he call his endless harping on how Hoge "lied" to him about dropping the peace order petition? Even after he has been shown where he himself wrote that John Hoge made it conditional upon Bill's actions, he just bitches and moans about how awful the world is to him.

      Does he also truly believe that only those who do something can tell if another is any good at it?
      Only another carpenter can judge whether someone is a good carpenter?
      Only another opera singer can judge the quality of an operatic voice?
      Etc., etc., etc.?


      He really does think that the only talents which count are the ones in which he believes he himself excels.

      He is wrong. They are not the only talents, and he does not excel in them.

    4. Ummm...has an "excellent" friend. Ew, I think I'm beginning to get an idea of what that really means.

    5. I wonder why he thinks his internet travesty is any more "out there" than making comments here and on other pages. Greater exposure and we get more favorable response than he does all the time. Not scary at all. Dumbass is acting like he's hosting the State of the Union or something. Totes reality disconnect.

      1. It's his way of polishing his own knob Kyle. Well, at least attempting to do so. He wants to be everything he is not and never has been, so he has to resort to pure puffery. It's quite plebian, pedantic and pathetic, actually.

  4. The mayo'ed one is spewing more crap tonight...I guess he finally washed his ass and was given permission to start a radio show no one listens to. What a retard! He couldn't tell his ass from a hole in ground, two out of three attempts!

      1. Once again: It is not and never was radio, bandwidth doesn't enter into it in any way, he's just trying to fluff his own aura by pretending he's on radio.

        Not ranting at you Russ, but at Dumbass and his "radio" fantasies.

      2. It's a live podcast. Not radio. WTF over. I can make one with my iPad. Children do it on a daily basis. Whoop-dee fkn doo. It reminds me of that movie, where there was that girl, who hosted a radio show for her high school? Except no one listened? And she wanted her friend to be on it, but she flaked out because she had princessy things to do? Yeah. Kinda like that and just as lame.

  5. His little billboard graphic saying SKINNY DICK'S HALFWAY INN, is dripping with homophobia. Why is it when bill looks for comedy or attempted fisking he often chooses Sex and even more often Homosexual Sex? For a man who has been in committed relations his entire adult life, he sure knows an awful lot about sex with men. If fact his writing, blogs & broadcasts include male homosexual sex much more than they do not.

    Here is text of billboard pic:
    Skinny Dick's INN
    -adult toys for burly boys(is this considered child porn BPO?)
    -Parking in the Rear
    -Drive up the old dirt road as far as it goes
    -When you're ready to 'pack it in' for the night!
    How absolutely disgusting are this mans thoughts? I'm almost afraid to ask the question because he might just answer. Most libs and pro LGBT folks don't make rude gay jokes involving "Burly Boys.

    Maybe someone can post the billboard pic, I cannot with my current skill set.

    1. D posted it in another thread here, BadBilly. The fewer times it's posted the better (imo).

      This isn't rocket science. BS has shared that both of his ex-wives stepped out on him with other men. BS has shared his current wife and him just don't. BS had admitted to having an experience with a tranny. BS is all about teh "butt stuff." BS creates lewd "parodies" involving Boy Scouts. BS creates homoerotic images involving homosexual men. BS hates women with a passion (frequently calls them horrible names and makes misogynistic comments). BS has so little respect and so little use for women he penned an abusive KOS diary entry about a woman being anally raped.

      If it walks like a duck... quacks like a duck...

    2. Oh, but he's a progressive libruhl, so that makes his remarks about faggots (because that's what he thinks about them, let's be honest. They aren't real or normal people to him), okay. But if a conservative were do make something like that? Oh lordy, clutch the pearls and burn them at the stake. SMH.

      1. He'll be single soon. Perhaps he's pretending to live out loud as soon as Gail disappears.

  6. Bill, are you sure Gail hasn't been talking to us for months now? I've been told she is Krendler

  7. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/578737714847215616

    William, you can't afford a basement.

    1. If he was good, why did none of his gigs last even 3 years? I've got morning guys in my area who've been on for decades (Hi, Jimmy!). Our local talk station has two locally done shows and the junior host has been there for significantly longer than any of Bill's stints; he started as a guest on the other show, and then would occasionally guest host, so he's actually been on air, running shows on a single station, for over a decade.

  8. What on earth could have caused this?:

    Blood on the Mike @BloodontheMike
    · 7s 7 seconds ago
    NO BLOOD ON THE MICROPHONE TODAY. Busy with other matters.

    didnt even make it more than ONE DAY

    1. Well... there's supposed to be a picture there. Guess you've gotta click the link. Plenty Safe for Work.


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