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  1. I don't understand. This blog shouldn't exist. How can Krendler defy irresistible SchamlLaw like this? Have the laws of physics been revoked?

      1. I just woke up last Tuesday and came over to Sunday morning for coffee because the coffee is always better on Sunday morning.
        Anyway, what the hell is going on?
        More importantly, am I to blame for it and will I have to remember to do it at what point in the future so it can be my fault?

      2. Oh, Kyle!

        Just be your usual roguish, FUN-loving self, and it'll all sort itself out, "in time", if you get my meaning!

        Damn, ain't it great having a time machine? I love that damn thing!

    1. It's like the cyberstalking freak is totally impotent, and his threats are either ignored or laughed at by all.

      Of course, I'm referring to the repeatedly adjudicated stalker and harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland, slapped with peace/restraining orders from multiple states, whose own children want nothing to do with him, repeated cuckold, self-humiliating clown, fired from donating his time to promoting and seeking funding for a national charity, admittedly demented, who is so twisted and sick he thinks depicting the rape and molestation of children is "funny" and not pr0n, well known as a lying liar who wouldn't tell the truth even if he wasn't too stupid to understand what that is, who looks so much like a walking penis that it's been surmised that he has tesicle-feet, who has written blog posts about crapping his pants, and who has also notified the world that when a law enforcement officer stopped by his pathetic little tin hovel he literally wet his pants.

  2. Do adjudicated stalkers and harassers in Maryland get their firearms confiscated?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. They are generally supposed to surrender their firearms to law enforcement (bad idea for the owner) or to a third party, iirc. It's been a while since I've read up on it. (And I was not an owner when I was subject to one. Which is a long story. And suffice it to say that certain government agencies thought it horseshit.)

  3. As I said over at Hogewash: "If any of us posted something like that he’d be screaming “Death Threat 11!1!!1″ and calling the local PD. But since we all know that he could never make a death threat (because self-styled victims are never, ever, in the wrong) I wonder what he’s suggesting he’d like to do to the “shit sender”? /sarc"

    If he'd posted the name with that photo, it might indeed be considered a threat by LE since it can be shown that he has access to a firearm.

    1. Well, that's definitely not Shammelfelt holding that weapon. No dick dents in the skull, and hair on it as well. So perhaps the theory is that the weapon fires horseshit through the Slovakian and US postal systems. But more likely, that's some random guy who never heard of the Big BM who is supposed to be quaking in his boots over being outed with a photo of himself at the range.

      And, as I typed this I glanced further down-screen and see Howard beat me to it. I'm posting the comment anyway, dammitall.

  4. I don't believe this is Seaman Slurper. Too much hair. More likely it is another faild0x of who our rotund retard believes sent the hazmat shit.

    Just die already, you big fucking dummy.

  5. Sure you did Dumbass.

    Let me guess, he lives in Tampa right next door to me doesn't he?

    Or does he perhaps get his car repaired in Portland?

      1. Is another letter to Mayor Kitty going to have to be written?

        Wow, miss a few days around here, and you miss a lot!

  6. i'll bet he based his conclusion on the logo of the earmuffs because it looks like a doodle from someone's FB page. Can't wait to see the Feldtchart on this one.

  7. I strongly suspect that what "I found my shit sender means" is that he used a mirror to look at his asshole.

  8. https://twitter.com/kylekiernan/status/582213895168851968




    Well, that was fun.

    It's not every day that a perfect straight line just yawns open before you and begs to be exploited.

  9. The mayo'ed one is proving his smarts again...Is it my turn to be Krendler this week? I forgot what the roster...oops! Did I spill more beans?

  10. Is there any update or further elucidation to this? Or is Bill still waiting for the acid to kick in so he can explain it?

  11. Shit sender? No, you idiot. That is called a gun and it "sends" projectiles commonly referred to as bullets. But I would not be surprised if you tried to pack a clip full of shit and thought the weapon would fire. You'll just have to stick to your standard manual feces throwing around your trailer. Don't get any on the printer - that could be evidence in a pending legal case.

    Be well.

  12. Oh, he'd have ideas. You'd want to burn the gun once he was done, but he'd have ideas.

  13. Nope, wrong again, Cuz.

    Here's your shit sender:


    1. The only way that could be more awesome would be if Ronald Reagan were standing on the bear's shoulders whilst flipping the bird with each hand.

      1. I have not the photoshop skills...

        OTOH, if you want me to crack open someone's server, I'm your man!

        (Hi, Cousin Bill! Sorry to hear of Gail's suffering...she doesn't deserve that...

        You, however, deserve every bit of the shitstorm headed your way. Just remember, you're my "special project".)

  14. Everyone, Bill is done, stop mentioning him - its getting boring, he found something that was intended for him to find and operation doxing himself was a success!!!!!!!!

    Now the record is clear in his own blog all the many cases of spoliation, destruction of evidence and soo many other issues, those who have had a vested interest in helping his victims can give themselves a bow and a JOB WELL DONE!

    We got him to own his record in his own name and he did it for us...


    Time to put him on ignore again while we dig through the mass of comments forwarded to us by Ryan..

      1. its like a geyser of rampant stupidity and admissions against self interest, he makes inspector Clouseau and Wile E Coyote look like members of the genius bar, he is totally clueless as to what to do with all that research - ABOUT HIM - WHAT A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        So if I came across pages and pages of my worst moments on the internet being researched by people - gee what should I do - pretend I didn't find it, pretend to pray that it will go away, buuuuuuuut no, he thinks he has a pony and prints pages of opposition research about himself

        I will say this - its an internet first

      2. Head on over to debfrisch.com - the merry team of Gerbils posted tons and tons of incriminating stuff on Dr. Frisch, and she echoed most of it on her (now defunct) blogs.

        It's a diagnostic for a particular brand of Internet illness, something along the lines of "Hey, Mom, they're talking about me, I must be important, right? Please look, Mom! PLEASE!!!!!!!!"

    1. I think he might have more email address than I have AKA in my FBI file. That is might be, has had way more twitter than my AKA's. I thought I was bad about email with accounts at three different services.

      1. Yep you guessed it - never would I have though someone would be that stupid

      2. One man's RICO-level conspiracy is another, more rational person's catalog of crazy. For the sheer entertainment value, I'm glad he doesn't challenge having more (internet) wardrobe changes than a Cher concert. I'm not too surprised at his posting either, as his various legal documents clearly indicate he has no reliable understanding of "statements against interest."

      3. Jaw=droppingly stupid. The only mitigating factor is that the vast majority of people who will see it are those who have already seen it, given the imaginary nature of his "audience." Can't wait until he commits it all to the legal record.

      4. Of course that blog will disappear at some point. (Is it a week old yet? Might be a 2015 record.) It would be a shame to have such an act of immense self-d0xxing stupidity be lost. Thankfully, the internet is forever.



        This is truly glorious.

  15. http://i.imgur.com/MH1dQEY.jpg

    When someone YOU'RE SUING crowdsources oppo research on you, that's not a conspiracy, numbnuts. There is not predicate act to conspiracy here as there is nothing illegal or civilly actionable. For that, you'd need something like extortion or blackmail. You know, something like "If you don't do what I want you to do before 1 PM, then I'm going to..."

    As for creepy, creepy is when you talk to a sockpuppet like Mark in MD and pretend it's actually another person.

    1. Oh hon, you can't cure stupid. If oppo research were illegal, then all politicians would be arrested for conspiracy or whatever tripe these morons think it is.

      And how can it be a conspiracy when BS POSTED EVERY BIT OF THE INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET? He put it out there. Is it wrong that someone bothered to collect it? Nothing like fully doxing yourself publicly.

      1. How DARE these people gather public information about me! You can't distribute or crowdsource the collection of that information! That's PUBLIC INFORMATION you can't collect it and then post that to a hidden limited access site! It's PUBLIC I TELL YOU! PUBLIC!!

        I'm going to publish it all on my (albeit little read) website! See!!! Look!!!! Look at all this publicly available information they collected about me!! It's all PUBLIC INFORMATION!! That's illegal to gather public information and share it with others!!!

        Conspiracy! Tort! Intentional Inflection of Emotional Distress!

        Hope he adds Google, Bing, Intellius, Spokeo, whitepages.com, 411.com, AnyWho.com, persopo.com, vitalrec.com, Zaba, etc. etc. etc. and every other public information data aggregator to whatever he has been furiously compiling all weekend.

  16. Easy peasy. The YouTube channel linked on "John Smith's" Twitter profile. The Internet sleuthing almost caused a drop of sweat to appear. It was...truly harrowing.

    1. 1:05 - 1:40 That's their market, the wastewater treatment industry. They put them in front of pumps to minimize damage/clogging. The shoes were a nice touch though.

      1. And, here I was simply thinking how much fun one of those would be at a party. LOL!

      1. It looks like an industrial size version of my poor little cross-cutting paper shredder combined with whatever is inside those machines where you return your cans for the 5 cent deposits.

      1. That video gave my kids the willies when they first saw it a couple of years back.

        Having a tree just disappear like that is what did it...

        Heck, the summer party budget looks good, let's get one of EACH!!!

  17. "And they are not subject to debate. 1. TMZ website is gone as of 1pm ET. 2. Grady sends me an e-mail apologizing, not to me, but to Gail."

    We got anybody on this? 'Cause he seems pretty serious an' all adult-like an' stuff...

    We should take a break on setting up the next honeypot, and draft a rejection letter:

    Dear Mr. Schmalfeldt:

    We have received your demand.

    Fuck off and die.

    Your prompt attention to this matter is much appreciated.

    Be Well,
    All The Lickspittles.

    Heh. Ultramoron.

    1. Seeing as even Billy now knows that Mr. Grady doesn't run this site or any other of the Dirty Dozen, I'll step in for this part:

      My very dear Mrs. Schmalfeldt,
      Gail, I and all of my compatriots are very sorry indeed that you are so very unfortunately married to such a loathesome creature. It is with the deepest of regrets that we note your apparent inability to extricate yourself from your predicament. Please accept our deepest sympathies in this matter and the also dolorous matter of your health. Please also know that we wish you the best, except for those of us who believe you complicit in your husband's misdeeds, and none of us want you to suffer as you obviously do.

      Be well,

      The VRWC, Lickspittle/Zombie Division, Inc.

      1. *golf clap*

        Although I do believe her to be complicit in her husband's misdeeds as evinced by the mailing label on the attempt to serve Eric Johnson with the state LOL suit, I do not want to her to suffer. But you know what they say about karma....

  18. So he conveniently finds an "unsecured site".

    He publishes the articles that state people are crowd-sourcing oppo research to protect themselves due to his previous internet harassment activities, and his attempt to wipe it all clean.

    He then posts all the gathered information on his OWN blog including a listing of the 100+ twitter handles he has used plus the dozens of blogs he has created then scrubbed.

    This was too easy...

    1. It was, wasn't it? I continue to be astounded at the level of stupidity evinced by the Blob. I really didn't think that anyone was that stupid. I was wrong!

    2. Actually despite best efforts, someone had to find it for him. Even he was too dumb to follow the breadcrumbs.

      1. So he had to be led to a site that had his name and your names IN THE CLEAR?

        This guy considers himself a master at doxing people, right? He couldn't even dox himself.

  19. Playing him like a violin, you are.

    Narcissists are not know for their self-awareness. 🙂

    1. If it was a "sooper sekrit " site and part of an ongoing conspiracy, wouldn't you expect there to be ongoing conspiracy talk all the time?


      1. Nooooooooobody expects an ongoing conspiracy!

        Hell, I can't keep all these goings-on straight? How could Mean Mister Mayo ever hope to?

  20. OT Shameless Plug:

    Bill Schmalfeldt's been commenting on my blog! Come join the FUN!


  21. Cousin Bill:

    You've been PWNed!!!

    Remember, we are individually smarter, more intelligent, and more skilled than you can hope to be.

    And we know how to work together. A pack of us, an army of Davids. You cannot win, you cannot even break even.

    You lost today, you lost yesterday, and you'll continue to lose in the future.


    I just told you why.

    1. Hey, give Bill a break. It's hard for him to a get anything done when the few friends he has are bigger dumbasses than he is.

  22. From now on, every email, every Tweet, every scrap of information he sees on the internet is suspect. Did Hoge plant a tiny clue or did he accidentally tell something important? Is the coupon from Bed, Bath and Beyond legitimate? Or a lotion-related ruse to get him into the store for some nefarious Lickspittle scheme? Does Krendler exist in the physical world, or was he created by Team Themis, just like KU?

    Congratulations Lickspittles. He now has reason to be paranoid.

    1. I've always imagined Krendler to be something like Max Headroom. He's there, but not really there. I can read him, but he can't be touched.

      1. If the moron would just forget #paulkrendler even exists and go about his life, he would be happier and no one would be investigating.

        Just sayin'.


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