Sure…After He Registers It With The Copyright Office And Pays All Necessary Fees for Registration, Filing And Service

The image is Copyrighted © 2015 by William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., and I will prosecute any website owner or blogger or other piece of walking filth that steals this image and posts it without my written permission.

Warning: this is not the picture Bill dearly hopes it is, and it is not safe for work: LINK


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Sure…After He Registers It With The Copyright Office And Pays All Necessary Fees for Registration, Filing And Service”

  1. William can't seem to keep his legal nonsense straight, can he? Little wonder he can't maintain litigation.

  2. The image is Copyrighted © 2015 by William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., and I will prosecute any website owner or blogger or other piece of walking filth that steals this image and posts it without my written permission for 2 weeks or less and then I’ll realize what a dumb ass I am and how much I suck at litigation and I’ll drop the suit as soon as I can find a new ailment of my wife’s that I can cry about and say I’m only dropping it to spend time with my beloved.

  3. The bloated hypocrite too time away from his beloved wife to talk some more trash at my blog.

    What a piece of work he is.

      1. I've read a decade's worth of William saying that he "never starts a fight, but always finishes them", at least when he has his big-girl drawers on. But I've yet to see an example of his actually finishing anything.

        Without fail, the Incredible Shrinking Woman rings the dinner bell, and Schmalfeldt's off like a flash. At some point, he actually will yell "I'd git you if'n my ma weren't a-callin'!"

        To be fair, he seemed prepared to stick with his second federal lulzsuit, but it was dismissed due to hysteria, stupidity and a demented idea of how the world really works. William likes to pretend it was just his pauperis status being denied, but the judgement also pointed out that he hasn't the faintest idea of how diversity of citizenship works.

        So when he doesn't run away from a fight, the ref stops it because he's an idiot.

  4. Oh, and in exactly a month, Our Hero will be facing criminal charges.

    I do wonder how William cowers away from those, assuming that he manages to extricate himself from the wreckage of his current lulzsuit.

    1. I think he plans on mailing himself to Slovakia to avoid those. It's a sort of quid pro quo arrangement between the two nations.

  5. A slight bit of commentary on the post that the Bloviating Idiot posted. From someone who has obsessively tracked her bloodwork for the last 10 years because if she doesn't it means that she could die from something really weird. Like scurvy for crying out loud. Anyway....

    Anemia. Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill. Where do I start? The levels that you (and unfortunately most of the silly doctors out there) reference do not indicate a problem that cannot be solved relatively easily. Because your doctor probably did not take the definitive test that you really and truly need. Hemoglobin? Hemocrit? Red blood cell count? Pah! That's all bubblegum and sunshine compared with what you really need to be looking at - your ferritin (iron stores). The other stuff is just what is floating around in your body loose at any given moment in time. It changes radically throughout the day sometimes, for no real reason - mainly because it is being delivered to your cells for necessary nourishment here and there throughout the day. But your ferritin levels? That there is the shizzz. Let me know when her ferritin is oh, say, around a 2. That, right there, is anemia that you worry about. Trust me. Been there, done that. Am there right now, actually. Sigh. This is potential heart attack levels. Gail? She just needs to take some B vitamins and if she can't replenish her red blood cells, maybe get a quick blood transfusion. Easy peasy. Low ferritin? That means iron transfusions. Over six weeks. Possibly longer if you are as fucked as I am.

    And btw. By virtue of her being female, Gail is at a higher risk for the easy type of anemia she has. It probably has nothing to do with her scleroderma, honestly.

    Her thyroid? Why for fuck's sake isn't her doctor putting her on meds for that? Does he want to make her crazy? Or do you want her crazy Bill? It's something that can be contained by medication. And as we get older, guess what? Our thyroids can sometimes crap out. Especially when you have had cancer near them. Perhaps she should be checked for thyroid cancer? Hmmmm?

    And her liver. Sounds to me like she has NASH. Which is something those of us who are overweight or who were previously overweight are more highly susceptible to. Call it a hazzard of being fat. In fact, you should get checked for it yourself. I guarantee that you have it buddy boy. Luckily I cured mine.

    Anyway, none of this has anything to do with what I really think of this posting of yours. Because I just want to grab you and shake you until your brains rattle around in your head as I yell at you WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING ASSHOLE! DO YOU HAVE TO OVERSHARE EVERY FUCKING THING IN YOUR LIFE????!!?!?!?!!! AND POOR GAIL'S AS WELL????!?!?!?!!

    Bill, you are a sick fuck who needs to get a life. Preferably one that you can enjoy with Gail. If you loved her, you wouldn't overshare. Especially not medical stuff. You know, certain things are private. Keep them that way you sick fuck. Be well.


    Well, Blob, we read what you write because there are few things as hilarious as watching the monkey dance. Truly, I'm thinking about writing a treatment on the Schmycle and shopping it around.

    You, OTOH, read to get OUTRAGED!!! so you can then do dumb shit like D0x The Planet, file LOLsuits, vow revenge, ponder your impending death and have yet another Feltdown.

    We are amused by this ongoing tale, except for when we're skeeved out by the really disgusting parts. Your head is going to explode in the grand finale of this series. That is going to make for an epic combination of amusement and skeevitude. We all know it's coming and frankly, I'm wondering what the internet is going to replace it with when your connection goes dark.

    If you had any sense, you'd heed those last three words of your own advice. Unfortunately for Gail, you have no such sense. So, off we go to another episode...

    1. "QUIT READING IT!!!"

      To the Blob, slowly, so you can understand:


    2. If he wants us to quit reading what he writes, maybe he should quit reading what we write.

      Oh, I forgot. He can give orders and if he isn't obeyed we're the ones who are at fault, but we certainly can't even give him suggestions, or we're equally at fault.



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