So What Should A Concerned Citizen Do?

In light of recent events, I know that many of you out there may be uncertain as to the path we should be taking in response.  Is it enough simply to post or comment on various Team Free Speech blogs?  Should we be engaged in deeper research of the law, of the factual record and background of these twisted, evil hellspawn, these jealous, petty, narcissistic, anally-obsessed, latent homosexual wannabe scoutmasters, these sociopathic manipulators and exploiters of the weak, the stupid, the ill, the perpetually abused wearers of Irish sunglasses? Should we be considering more active measures?

I think no one should be doing anything actively violent, because that would just be wrong.

But if you want to THINK about it, and maybe even share those graphic, violent, gore-soaked fantasies in the comments, well, there’s nothing really wrong with that, is there, as long as you are sure to point out that this isn’t real, that you would NEVER DO such an evil thing, no matter how attractive and REALISTIC it sounded? 

Of course there isn’t!  It’s just a perfectly healthy mental exercise.

For example, and this is just me spitballing, riffing on some things I have read previously, but I think that unless someone is actually, physically dragging the Big BM and TDPK and the Rabbit Fucker and the insignificant musical pudknocker whose name no one can be bothered to remember OUT OF THEIR TRAILERS, OFFICES, PARENT’S BASEMENTS OR RATHOLE STUDIO APARTMENTS SMELLING OF FISH GUTS FROM THE CANNERY DOWN THE STREET and BREAKING THEIR KNEES WITH BASEBALL BATS over this, then there is nothing for them to worry about. Words are just words, and they cannot harm you. “Sticks and stones,” as they say.

Or, baseball bats.

And let it NOT be said that the Thinking Man’s Zombie advocates anyone using baseball bats to break the kneecaps of either Mr. Schmalfeldt, Mr. Kimberlin, Mr. Osborne or Mr. Whateverthefuckhisnameis! Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you have it in your mind that if WJJ Hoge III were a friend of yours and some scumbag bomb-throwing, drug-dealing, perjuring, document forging pro se pipsqueak tried to lawfare him into submission, whoever did it (or defends him) DESERVES to have their knees broken with baseball bats, let me dissuade you of that notion here and now.

That is not what baseball bats were made for.

For one thing, a wooden bat could break if it were used on such a neckless and pantsless person. And if you think you can get around that by using an aluminum bat, guess again. An aluminum bat (unless it is reinforced with a lead center) would likely bend under such pressure. Now, I hear the crafty ones out there saying, “Yeah? Well, what if I drill out the center of a WOODEN baseball bat, fill IT with lead, cover the tip with Plastic Wood? Wouldn’t THAT do the job?”

Again, I say, you are wasting your time with all that effort. Tire irons are much more readily available.

And I am NOT saying that Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin and Matt Osborne and Wee Willy What’shisface deserve to be dragged from their tincasas, their offices, their parent’s basements and their rathole studio apartments, out into the street, and thus have their knees broken by ANYTHING, be it a tire iron, or a lead pipe, or a lead-filled baseball bat. Nor should they be taken by a group of four or five (fourteen in the case of Schmalfeldt) strong men (or women) and thrown in front of a moving truck. You would have to consider the emotional damage that would be done to the innocent truck driver, unless the truck driver agrees to be part of your conspiracy in the first place. And a truck might swerve to miss Mr. Schmalfeldt, Mr. Kimberlin, Mr. Osborne and/or Mr…who cares, the driver could lose control, jackknife his trailer and cause a lot of damage to people and property. And if it’s a truck with a hazardous payload, like horseshit, I don’t think I need to tell YOU how severe the environmental damage from such a bio-terror attack would be.

So, NO! Do NOT hit Mr. Schmalfeldt. Mr. Kimberlin, Mr. Osborne or Mr. San de Monkeyvulva with baseball bats or lead pipes or tire irons on their knees, arms, elbows, shins, or any other parts of their bodies. It would be painful and degrading, moreso to you as an outraged, but otherwise law-abiding citizen. It would ruin your life. If the authorities caught you. And if they did, if they pressed charges. I understand in some communities, the authorities tend to turn a blind eye to bullies getting their deserved comeuppance. The entire State of Maryland seems like such a community.

So, let’s leave things as they are. Let Messrs. Schmalfeldt, Kimberlin, Osborne and that other guy FEEL they are being retaliated against in a war of words they started and are being smeared with horse feces being hurled back at them after being first hurled BY them. Let yourself not be dragged down to the Neanderthal level of a Mr. Schmalfeldt or a Mr. Kimberlin or a Mr. Osborne or a Mrs. Wilhomena Sub_normal (or a Mr. Neal Deadbeat Dad Rauhauser or a Mr. Craig Kiddie Porn Gillette) and degrade yourself by using brute force to punish them for their many, many alleged crimes against nature and humanity.

Know that the sternest punishment one can legally employ against such blackguards is the sure and certain knowledge that when they awake in the morning, they will still be…


And let God deal with their sins. As He will. Probably with sores and painful chancres. On their great big testiclefeet.  Because they are all, walking, talking, pus-drooling, rotting-from-the-top-down, shuffling human penises.

And you really don’t want risk physical contact with any of that nastiness.  So just leave them be.  Don’t put up any ads on Craigslist, don’t try to hire a hit man and tell him that the guy you want to have killed is a prosecutor who convicted you for setting bombs or anything like that; all those hit men are FBI informants anyway. Definitely don’t assume you’re smarter than the cops and that you’ll get away with it.  You won’t.

Don’t do anything illegal.



Go, monkey, go go go!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

181 thoughts on “So What Should A Concerned Citizen Do?”

  1. Just before I read this, I heard about a semi- that jackknifed and was lying (laying?) across all four lanes of I-95. Doesn't I-95 run next to or through Elkridge? Hmmm...

  2. But can I still fantasize about them being attached to a six foot high chain-link fence by bailing wire and an uncomfortable electric charge passed through it for several hours while they writhe in agony? Then to be individually flayed and brine poured over their defleshed bodies until they expire?
    Just fantasize mind you, not plan or execute such plans?
    Are we cool?

    1. Not one of the healthier fantasies, but if that's what blows yer skirt cassock up...

      1. A friend had a story from the Green Bay area.

        A new priest started at her church.

        The first year, he actually scheduled afternoon service on football sundays.

        The second year, he only did morning service on football sundays.

        The third year, you could tell when he had tickets because you could see the jersey under the vestments and the sermon was _really_ short.

        True story. Better, but much longer, when she tells it though.

  3. Another admission against interest:

    So Bill sees this kind of writing as an actual threat, and since he wrote a nearly identical post threatening Ken White and Patterico, we know what his desire was at the time.

    Well done Bill.

  4. If you'd like to participate in this FUN parody, and JOKE about violence and/or other harm, but are having a bit of writer's block, perhaps you could look for inspiration to what type of violence you'd vicariously approve were it applied to pedophiles This could be used as inspiration whether you believe all of team evil are pedophiles, just some members of team evil are pedophiles, or even if you believe only one member, their leader, is likely a pedophile.

    If you have doubts that any members of team evil are pedophiles, you must have missed Gillette's conviction for kiddie porn. You must have also missed the allegations of Brett Kimberlin's wife that while he was 40ish he hit on her 12 year old cousin. You must also not be aware that Brett Kimberlin married his wife while he was in his 40's and she was a young teen, around 16 years old. Keep in mind, he didn't marry her the first day he met her - they lived together for a time before their marriage. See Viral Read for some details.

    If the fact that a man then in his 40's, Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project, married a teenaged girl doesn't convince you that he's a pedophile, then you should also consider Brett Kimberlin's relationship with Debbie Barton - see RSM's When Jessica Was 10, 11, 12... for details.

    Don't let the idea that we don't know of other team evil members being convicted of possession of kiddie porn, or don't know for sure that any of the others ever molested a child cause you to give them a pass. Decent people do not associate with pedophiles. Seriously - do you have any friends who are pedophiles? Do you or anyone you know approve of NAMBLA? Must someone actually be convicted in a court of law before you'd not allow them around your children? So what does that tell you?

    The above info should get anyone fired up for some real JOKE COMEDY violence that's totally not apophasis!

    1. I swear, what has gotten everyone so fired up about the National Association of Marlon Brando LookAlikes?




      Ewww; oh that's wrong; that's just ... Ewwww. Where's my tire iron?

  5. And here comes William's hysterical hypocrisy, shining through!

    On the other hand, given his poop fetishization, I think it only appropriate that Schmalfeldt be fed to something. A pack of rabid mink perhaps. After digestion takes place, he'll have found his Great Reward.

  6. And I assume it's also OK to fantasize about finding those FBI informant hit men, and as long as we're talking fantasy, assume they really are hit men and not informants? Or if not hit men, at least some of "dose guys"?

    1. Oh lookie here! Biwwwyy is getting extortionate. Again. How precious!

    2. Eighhhhh. I' jus' so 'appens, dat I know a guy, who knows dis guy, who might'ave been in prizun, wid dis dude who heard aboud a girl who was shacked up wid this guy who might could maybe hook youse up; but, ...ah... I fuggod 'is numbah.

  7. Hypothetically, if I was going to get medieval on somebody, I'd use a 42" long piece of rattan, about 1.25" in diameter. It won't break or even splinter like a bat, and let's just say I'm very familiar with how such a thing is handled.

    1. You stick jocks are all the same. When your only tool is a rattan sword every target looks like Biwwy's Hea... oh, it gives a new meaning to Rhino Hide.

  8. Poor BM, he's been going on about how Paul's identity will be given up at the PO hearing on Friday, but he's talking about "two days away". I guess sitting at home and almost never going out can leave one confused about the day of the week.

      1. I think it's just the dementia getting worse. He's going on about how all of these fantasies are "death threats", although when he wrote the exact same stuff about Frey and White, it was just a little fantasy, that no one should ever have taken seriously.

        I just wonder how the parents at a certain elementary school would feel knowing that someone living writes "fantasies" about prepubescent boys and girls. I bet they wouldn't buy the "it's just satire" routine.

    1. Crap, I commented about that at Hoge's place. I thought I was being original, I guess I was only being at work all day.

      Basic math. It's not just for preschoolers anymore.


    So it was "satirical" when he wrote it about Popehat and Patterico, but it magically becomes a threat when it's parodied and turned against his pals?

    Lack of self-awareness, thy name is Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr..

    1. How can anyone even actually have the chutzpah to fake such a level of self-unawareness?

  10. So, hypothetically:

    1) if someone wrote a blog post full of what has been described as apophasis; and then
    2) someone else parodies that apophasis blog, mostly just changing the names of the named subjects; and then
    3) the original author begins a feldtdown over what it perceives as "threats" against those named in the parody.

    Is that an admission that the original piece was meant to threaten, and/or incite violence against the original subjects?

    1. Hmmmmmm. That's just, just..... AMAZING! Where on earth would you get that idea Jane? Hmmmmmm.

      Oh, this is FUN! And All we have is FUN!!!!

      1. There's no way to tell what type of music he hears - like most everything he thinks he knows, it only exists in his warped, demented head.

  11. Ok folks taking bets over here. Odds that one of the TK assholes posts a blog entry, tweet, or other rant in crayon on mom's napkin (found in her basement) about how this is threatening? I'm going to give it 4:1 odds.


      When Blob does it, it's "satire" but if you parody it, DEATH THREAT!!!!!!

      Blob, you're one of the dumbest assholes ever to waddle around the planet.


        Seems to me that some people seem to think it means you are a Big, FAT PUSSY! Bwahahahaaaaa!

        Somehow I don't think Wee Wee Willy meant that quite the way he did. lolz!

      2. Just what exactly is Team Kimberlin member and rabid supporter of the Domestic Terrorist Brett "The Speedway Bomber" Kimberlin -- WILLIAM A. FERGUSON (wannabe successful synthesizer whatever of "Sub Aetha" and the founder of Nova Media Group) -- implying with this tweet? *hmmm*

        Is this yet another Team Kimberlin threat? I mean -- we are talking about a perverse and twisted individual -- WILLIAM A. FERGUSON -- who fully and without question aids a monster who was convicted and served prison time for placing and setting off bombs (one of them in the parking lot of a high school during a football game) resulting in violent physical harm and death.

        And, notice how Team Kimberlin member and friend of a convicted child porn enthusiast --MATT OSBORNE -- (editor/writer for the blog "Breitbart Unmasked" that without question carries the water for Domestic Terrorist Brett "The Speeway Bomber" Kimberlin via lies and libel) acknowledged Ferguson's threatening tweet by giving it a thumbs-up "favorite."

        These Team Kimberlin goons, by their very nature, actions, associations, and history, should not be ignored when they are tossing around (no matter how thinly veiled) threats.

      3. Aaaannnnd the Google Bots say "Thank you, Grace. We will make these connections sit a notch higher in our algorithms. Wait, they're HOW HIGH already? Wow these guys are creepy. I mean, they're no Bill Schmalfeldt, but wow...."

  12. Heh. Bill responds:
    My response to him via email:
    Paul H. Lemmen
    1:01 PM (5 minutes ago)

    to Bill
    This is my final demand that you cease and desist contacting me via any means, directly or indirectly via any medium that currently exists or will exist in the future. Your contact is unwelcome and I have advised you to cease and desist multiple times in the past.
    This includes all forms of contact via twitter.
    You are free to write about me to your hearts content but you are forbidden by me to write to me.
    I am BCC'ing this to my attorney and the investigator from the Pasco/Pinellas County State Attorney's office assigned to my complaint. The reason they are on a BCC instead of a CC is to prevent you from having access to their email addresses for potential DOXX'ing or harassment of them as is very amply demonstrated by your verified activities over the past 9+ years online, all of which I have provided to them (from your xmfan days forward, under your 100+ twitter handles and 30+ blogs).
    Any further contact will result in criminal harassment charges being filed against you.

    Paul H. Lemmen

    1. One would think that Shakey deserves to have his head opened up with say, a drill...NO. SAWZALL.

      But one would be WRONG. Don't even think about it.

      1. There's a world of difference between "he should" and "I will."

        I will would be wrong. He should is a moral judgement, and therefore a matter of opinion.

        "Why a spoon? Why not a knife, or a fork?" "Because it's DULL you twit!"

    2. Oopsie Poopsie.

      Annnnnd, Blob picks up an even bigger shovel... again.

      Dance. Dig. Dance. Dig. Dance. Dig. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    3. Have your attorney write this up in a notarized letter and send it to him by first class mail return receipt requested restricted delivery. Send a copy to the local state's attorney in MD.

  13. I know I sound like a broken record here, but every time I think that Bill can't get any stupider, he goes and proves he can. So quoting his words with changes names is a threat? So the he is admitting to sending a death threat to those he named? He can't be that stupid can he? Why yes, yes he can.

    World's Stupidest Man™

  14. Given his poop fetishization, I think it only appropriate that William be fed to something. A pack of rabid mink perhaps. After digestion takes place, he’ll have found his Great Reward.

    It would be funny if he were alive and awake as it happened, but it would be wrong. So very, very wrong.

    1. Mink are pretty nasty critters IIRC; I don't see why it would be necessary to ruin them with rabies.

  15. As a concerned citizen, I think the people of a certain town have the right to know that someone is living in their midst who has befriended several people with unhealthy attractions to young children, and that a pedophile picks them up at their residence to give them rides. Perhaps a local newspaper would find such a story worthy of publication.

    1. I think maybe the residents of a certain trailer park might like to know that not only is one of their neighbors being picked up by a terrorist who blew a man's leg off by planting a bomb at a high school football game, sought the murder of a DA, and also trafficked in drugs and guns, but that said neighbor also films them from a camera on his porch and has sent anal rape messages to minor boys on a public forum. Call me kooky but I'd bet the neighbors would be tad concerned.

      1. Good call on the camera. Is it there for security purposes, or to get video of any young children that happen to come by? Given who they associate with, we can't be certain.

      1. You have one last chance. Confess the heinous sin of hearsay, reject the works of the ungodly -- *two* last chances. And you shall be free -- *three* last chances. You have three last chances, the nature of which I have divulged in my previous utterance.

    1. I'm trying to figure out why it thinks that Brett would be able to ask John about Krendler at either the PO, or the RICO case (if it goes to trial, which should lead to some FUN!! discovery). And where do Willie or Bunny Boy come into it? Why would they be allowed to ask John anything in court? Have they suddenly become lawyers? Or is the Big BM telegraphing that somehow they think they will be suing John?

      1. Group sweaty palmed happy place.


        antidote to that visual:


    I don't see how William has any alternative but to notify the police, then.

    1. "Would it benefit Krendler if I were killed?"

      Actually, no. Without you, Rectal Mouthpiece Bildo, we'd have no FUN! Because you know there is no way you are ever going to learn who "he" is, your continued monkey dancing just continues to amuse us. Remember, we are NOT laughing WITH you.

      Dance, Grima. Dance!

      1. Shot? Or, shock?

        Dance, Blob, dance!

    2. I'm sure there's a nice public relations person with an 'african' tinge that can help him.

  17. I would lock them all up in the Happy Hut where the only places to sit are wheelie walkers (N-1 of them available), the only music is Sub-Aetha, the only video is BK's music videos, and the only reading material is Dumbass's epic tomes. The food available is packed in Slovenian Tupperware. Did I forget air holes? No, I thought about them. I would then await the Kilkenny cats solution.

    1. There once were two cats of Kilkenny,
      Each thought there was one cat too many,
      So they fought and they fit,
      And they scratched and they bit,
      Till, excepting their nails
      And the tips of their tails,
      Instead of two cats, there weren't any.

      1. The Hydrogen Dog and the Cobalt Cat
        Side by side in the Armory sat.
        Nobody thought about fusion or fission,
        Everyone spoke of their peacetime mission,
        Till somebody came and opened the door.
        There they were, in a neutron fog,
        The Codrogen Cat and the Hybalt Dog;
        They mushroomed up with a terrible roar --
        And Nobody Never was there -- No more.

  18. Right then. No violence. Got it. I'm not sure why the Ct. newspaper wants to run an article titled "Local Woman Agrees That Violence Is Bad" but maybe it has been a slow week. How about "Local Man Endorses Irony, Satire But Not Violence" ???

    1. It's a bit long, but if you ran it in about 38 pt Garamond font on the third or fourth page right at about the middle of the page over two columns, I think the headline would fit. Only slight kerning necessary.


    2. The Big BM forgets that the local paper is the one whose copyright he infringed, an infringement they have been notified of. I don't think it would make them feel kindly towards that same piece of excrement trying to use their pages to continue a vendetta.

      1. I think The Big BM should spend more time worrying about what he's going to do about his own violation of an actual PO and less time spewing nonsense about a trumped up PO that will get dismissed almost as soon as it is presented to the judge.

        Just my 2 cents.

      2. He's pulling the same crap over the photo. I had the photo taken, myself, as a WORK FOR HIRE. I provided it to the paper for that profile only, and I have confirmed with them that I STILL OWN THE PHOTO. The paper was merely granted a limited license to use it for that one article


        I have ALWAYS owned that photograph.

        Putting it on the web does not mean that I have given th rights away

        I should check with the paper, but the copyright to my answers to their questions is also probably still mine.

        Does he want someone to come down there and beat him over the head with a writen statement from the paper that they do NOT and have NEVER owned that photo's copyright?

        I hope that when he lands in hell he has to eat every single lie he's ever written, over and over again. I'd say his excellent friend could give him tips on eating paper, but then he wasn't very successful at it either, was he?

  19. Are you sure you're NOT Perry Mason (the TV attorney not the commenter)?? Lol....

  20. Stevie Wonder saw that coming. Beethoven heard the cry of HOOOGE a mile away. Hell, the "Psychic Friends Network" knew that was gonna happen.

    1. When William gets Slovakian horseshit, he treats it like a WMD and calls in everyone short of the Army Corps of Engineers. Signing for a summons causes him to wet himself and write a press release informing the world. But "death threats" warrant absolutely nothing.

      Not only is he a congenital liar, he's the worst sort of drama queen.

    2. Oh, really? No motive? There were actually a few different motives leading up to Bill Schmalfeldt writing his "fantasy about mob violence and murder" against Popehat and Patterico. Per always... Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar of the highest order.

      And, I quote:

      "So why would the disturbed Mr. Schmalfeldt be angry at me?

      There are a few reasons. First, he's incensed that I represented Patrick Frey pro bono in a vexatious and malicious lawsuit attacking him for blogging at Patterico (dot) com.

      Second, he's angry that I, like many others, have talked about the abuses and evils of the sociopathic perjurer, drug dealer, and domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin. Kimberlin is some sort of hero and idol to Schmalfeldt and shares hosting with him; he and his ilk think that anyone who opposes Kimberlin must be a right-wing activist seeking to undermine left-wing causes. Personally I oppose Kimberlin because he abuses the legal system to suppress criticism and for many other purposes, is a jailhouse snitch, and has unrepentantly defied a civil judgment against him resulting from the death of one of his bombing victims. Schmalfeldt and his ilk support Kimberlin because they are gullible and credit Kimberlin's mouthing of progressive rhetoric. There are always fools like that; it's how Manson and Bundy and their like get followers.

      Schmalfeldt has long made it clear that writing anything bad about Brett Kimberlin will have consequences:


      So, the host of "The Thinking Man's Zombie" blog has parodied Bill Schmalfeldt's "Mob Violence and Murder Fantasy" -- and, Bill Schmalfeldt is screeching about (and, accusing Krendler of making) DEATH THREATS.

      Therefore, Bill Schmalfeldt is, without question, ADMITTING that when HE originally wrote his "fantasy" about the violent murders of Popehat and Patterico... HE WAS MAKING DEATH THREATS.

      Good to know. And, thanks (once again!) to Bill Schmalfeldt for providing more information, admissions, and proof that will go a long way toward him one day being held duly accountable for his harassment, threats, and too-numerous-to-count lawless activities.

      Oopsie Poopsie. But, by all means -- please... may he keep talking and tweeting and writing.

      1. On a much more pedestrian note, he has acknowledged that Krendler has readers... and that he does not.

    3. Oh, he’s really gotta start reading things over before he pushes “post.”

      Why would he start now?

      "Krendler has crazed readers. Not me."

      There is not a single convicted serial bomber or child porn possessor among Krendler's readers, but there are both among yours, Bildo. Being wrong is a permanent state of affairs for you, isn't it?

      1. Bill would sell Casa Sn for just one reader, even a crazed one.

        But who would buy it? That thing will be off to the crusher five minutes after he shuffles his mortal coil with the captive nurse on a bus to Ensenada before the corpse even cools.

    4. Bwah. Bwahahahaa! Bwahahahahahaaaa! Ahahahahaaahahahaaaaahahahaaaaaa!!!!

      OMG I think I gave myself a hernia. Good god he's fkn HILARIOUS!

  21. Oh, William...poor, stupid William...

    It saddens me that I must use your own words to defend against your accusation that your own words do not mean what YOU say they mean.

    And by "saddens me," of course I mean "makes it difficult to post this because the long periods of uncontrollable hysterical laughter cause me to pass out..."

    1. Not THE Doug Donovan of the Baltimore Sun? The same paper Bill lied to people and said he was a stringer for when trying to get information that normally people would not give to a multi adjudicated harasser/stalker?

      1. Heh.
        Heh. Heh.
        Heh. Heh. Heh.
        Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh.
        Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh.


  22. "I know which side I choose. I choose the honor I was taught by my father, John Matthew Schmalfeldt, born July 20, 1928, died February 13, 1983. I choose the goodness taught to me by my mother, Marilynn Margaret Ann Hanger Schmalfeldt, born October 31, 1930, died March 8, 2013."

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Can you imagine being John and Marilynn Schmalfeldt? If their only progeny were Bill, their legacy would be a busted, piggish, mobile home dwelling dullard! Make them PROUD, Billy!

    1. They couldn't be more proud, provided that they too were profoundly mentally ill.

    2. Ooooooh, you dared mention his mother's name!! You know that's not allowed. You know families are off limits. Well, I hope you're prepared for the consequences of that action; about to descend upon you is a whole big terrifying lot of nothing.

      1. "...about to descend upon you is a whole big terrifying lot of nothing."

        I thought his mother passed away a couple years ago. How will she descend upon Eiji?

      1. along with the Bobber I hear.
        can't blame them really, if you were related to THAT, wouldn't you rather people thought you were dead?

  23. Schmalfeldt Radio @OnlineRadioSRN 2h 2 hours ago
    You mean as in: "BREAKING: Former School Board Candidates Participates in Hate Campaign"?

    He does realize that regional papers actually check these things out? Our local reporters actually understand what journalism is having done more than attended the Wednesday Evening School of Journalism and Basket Weaving. They've actually held a job at a paper for more than 2 years; some of them have been there for decades. And the word of an adjudicated harasser with 4 current peace/restraining orders and a provable track record of documented lies isn't going to carry much weight. Then just point them to Ken White and Stacy McCain's pieces on him and watch how fast they drop any slight interest they might have had in the BM's version of the story. Though they might like mine, about how we need a way for CT residents to be able to get legal protection against out of state, non family harassment.

    1. There are few things I'd enjoy more than to see William questioned - and have his background explored by - members of the media. It would do nothing other than broaden his well-deserved reputation as a kook.

    2. He interviewed himself. I'm pretty sure that's about as far as the journalist will go.
      Caller: "Hello, you did the interview on Bill Schmalfeldt?"
      BS: "Yes."
      Caller: "Can I speak with him?"
      BS: "Sure, it's me."
      Caller "Seriously?"
      BS: "Yep, great article, huh?"
      Caller: *click..

    3. nice of himself to allow himself to interview himself for his own piece innit?

      what an idiot.

      1. Could one of you kind Zombies please point me to where "interviewing one's self for a dishonest and disgusting hit piece" is included in the SPJ Code of Ethics?

        I'm having a heckuva time finding it.

    4. They also understand liability, and "We're not the NY Times. We don't have their lawyers."

  24. I'm just spitballing here...but if Wee Willy thinks Krendler is a pussy for putting his parody in writing instead of actually carrying it out.....doesn't that extend to Bill? Bill put it in writing and didn't do it. According to Wee Will logic, Bill is a pussy.

    Wow, first he says Bill isn't that stupid and now this. Seems like Cannery Row Fergie doesn't hold Bill in such high esteem.

    1. Wee Willy is so thrilled that a few people are actually talking about him, he doesn't know what he's saying . I hope he enjoys it, because in a few hours everything will return back to normal and he'll be a useless piece of shit no one cares about again.

      1. "because in a few hours everything will return back to normal and he’ll be a useless piece of shit no one cares about again."

        should be "because in a few hours everything will return back to normal and he’ll REMEMBER he's a useless piece of shit no one cares about again."

        because he never stopped being a piece of shit no one cares about.

    2. The certifiable, mouthy, impotent dumbass known as Wee Wee Willy DOES actually know his deranged cyberstalking friend Bill Schmalfeldt penned the original piece? Right?

      Surely he's not THAT big of a certifiable, mouthy, impotent dumbass. Right?!

    3. I've read a couple of Fergie FiFi's tweets today... trying to be all internet badass, ninja warrior.

      Got a newsflash for you, princess... you are nothing but an internet keyboard commando that thinks he's a Navy SEAL. You were a 2.0 sailor that did nothing. You didn't see combat. I have. You were never in a warzone. I have been in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I am not the baddest ass around... but I know for fact that I am a damn sight badder ass than your mewling little sandy vagoo could ever hope to be.

      You're nothing but a whiny little gutless punk, trying to be all internet billy badass.

      Probably got your ass kicked on a daily basis in high school for being such a whiny pussy.....

      Probably deserved every bit of it... and then some.

    1. Well, LG is a woman. And, LG is someone's wife.

      Good to know the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt drew first blood, and wives are officially no longer off-limits according to him and his actions.


  25. It's endlessly fascinating to me that William always implies that his enemies are abusing their children when his own kids haven't spoken to him in decades.

    I wonder if there could be some kind of connection there.

    1. seems to me only an abuser would immediately jump to the conclusion that some unidentifiable marks on a child's arm look "finger shaped".

      one does have to wonder why is he posting a pic of an obviously underage female in the first place? I thought that was how his "excellent" friend leaned, and not him, as his boy/anal fantasies seem to point to.


      1. You know…. if some “creepy old guy” was posting pictures of my underage minor daughter from his trailer I would want to find out who that guy was. I probably wouldn’t like what I read about him because he sounds like a creep and a pervert.

        Then I would ask my daughter if she liked the idea of this “creepy old guy” with multiple RO/PO’s in multiple states posting her pictures online (never mind what he MIGHT be doing with the pictures in the privacy of his trailer). She would probably say she was afraid of that person and what they might do and then she would ask me WHY he would be downloading her photos.

        Now…. I wouldn’t COACH her but I would make sure she understood what she had to tell the nice people at the police department and the court house so THEY knew just how SCARED she was of an “old creepy guy in a trailer” posting her pictures online. Minors get more leeway when it comes to “old creepy guys” posting their pictures online and downloading them for “personal use.”

        You never know just what MIGHT happen with that……….

      2. Isn't the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt -- you know, the same creature posting pics of two underage girls and tweeting endlessly some pretty creepy comments about minor girls -- a member of the same team who is attacking, libeling, and dragging into court a well-respected, successful man who they *claim* had the audacity to simply follow a 15yo wannabe superstar on her Official Twitter and Facebook accounts?

        Wow. Just wow.

      3. Oh look a down twinkle.

        Must have hit a nerve with my comment.

        I can imagine what just happened in a Maryland trailer park: "STOP USING OUR TACTICS AGAINST US!!!"


      4. Harkonnen,

        Without a doubt, law enforcement and the powers-that-be at the courthouse should definitely be made aware of a Deranged Cyberstalker/Multi-Adjudicated Harasser/Stalker posting images of a minor child online. And, lest we forget -- this creep has already made sport out of threatening, harassing, and extorting said minor child's Mother via email, Twitter, and blog posts, and just last year added her as a defendant to one of his many vexatious lawsuits.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt crossed a serious line... AGAIN. Posting that child's picture is beyond the pale... AGAIN. It appears that the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt just never, ever, ever learns. Two of the Restraining Orders currently against him were issued in part because he was posting images of a minor child online. He thought then that just because he altered the pictures that he was all good and in the clear. Law enforcement wisely and most appropriately thought otherwise.

        Damn. This sociopath needs to be stopped.

      1. Don't forget by the standards of BS logic and Team Kimberlin enabling apparently minor children's pictures can now be posted on Twitter so long as you "redact" the image by placing a solid color bar over it.

        Also minor children's pictures (properly redacted) can be used to determine whether any "abuse" has occurred or to "question the parenting ability" of someone you don't like. Not accusing mind you.... just "pointing some things out" for people to notice and question.

        And finally there is no copyright violation (none, zilch, zip) so long as you do a minor bit of redacting. See fair use and all because "Redacted."

        Well that's certainly good to know -- Thanks BS and Team Kimberlin for clarifying this! And hey... shouldn't we play the game according to their rules? Bill's done nothing wrong right? Fairs fair right -- just cover the eyes and ask some questions and post away?

        Do they REALLY want to go there?

  26. Hey Paul, do you want real me to arrange to send fake me up to Maryland and have a chat with Dumbass?
    Just the thought of that dampens his jammies every time the prospect arises. C'mon, it'll be fun.

      1. I would never ask fake me to go to his trailer and ask him some up close and personal questions with particular emphasis on punctuation.

    1. Exactly, Krendler.

      Now, granted... you are The Prince of Parody (May Fun Be Upon You), and you have the most uncanny ability to make the mentally-challenged monkey dance at any time of your choosing (which is why I want to have your zombie children) -- but, none of that means that you own me. I am my own Zombie -- as are my fellow Zombies.

      Truth be told -- if you own anyone... it's a certain tincasa-dwelling monkey. And, you do that repeatedly and often.


  27. Cross-posted at Hogewash!: I sincerely hope LibraryGryffon pursues all available legal avenues to stop the harassment, threats, and/or extortion, including criminal charges. Let’s not do anything to make light of this serious and possibly illegal activity, please.

  28. If I were to fantasize about horrible things happening to Bill Schmalfeldt, I'd just think of him being Bill Schmalfeldt for the rest of his life.

      1. I don't know, but I'm certain that all 7 of his followers are riveted by his inane yet relentless bleating.

    1. Awwww. Just a little editing, and he could have gotten "demented" under the 140 character limit...

    1. Watching Bunny Boy twist and wiggle is a hoot.

      I laughed. Hard.

  29. I stand with Nancy, John, Aaron, Connie, Stacy, Ali, Sandra, Father Paul, Patrick and all his other victims


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