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  1. Can't wait for the next Acme Law legal lesson to emanate from the orifice of the clueless one, the have been most entertaining

    1. Old F. Lee Dickdents has been a' lawyering again:


      A what? And who is gonna what? AAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!

      Listen here, Blob. If making the monkey dance is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

      This is going to be the best schmycle yet! Shame the little missus is wasting away and might not get to see the inevitable feltdown.

      1. Yeah good luck issuing summons on conspiracies to look and laugh at his 8000000 words online give or take a few

        Best name ever award goes to Pablo

      2. Wait, how is info gathering criminal?

        I mean, if you put it out on the web, it's out there for public view. Collecting data isn't illegal, if it were then Google's execs would be doing hard time.

        Actually, the law operates on the concept that you have discarded your trash, so if I rummage through it at night, that's legal too, although to be honest this opinion is mostly held by cops that don't want to get a warrant. If I happen to forget to pick up the bag of poop I was carrying at the time, well, you have my apologies.

        Now, if I break into your house, I mean tin can, and rummage through your papers, that would be criminal. If I hack your medical records, or obtain them through any kind of fraud, that would be criminal. But if I just read the droppings you have left strewn about the web, that isn't illegal, just masochistic. If a bunch of us do it, it still isn't a conspiracy since it's just perfectly legal behavior.

        If the vast majority of your writings reflect badly on you, well, that's not my fault now is it?

        Now if you'll excuse me I've never watched The Longest Yard, and I feel a great need to fix that.

      3. So it's harassment to compile evidence of the harassment of others by an adjudicated harasser who has restraining orders in several states, and is currently facing criminal charges relating to his harassment.

        Wow, U.S. law is certainly different than Canadian law.

      4. So it’s harassment to compile evidence of the harassment of others by an adjudicated harasser who has restraining orders in several states...

        ....while he's suing you.

  2. Looks like we're in the "Let's Make a Deal Bill" phase where he believes the Sword of Damocles hangs over everyone's head and he has leverage. However, I feel rather bad that he's going to eat another failburger (you would think he'd get full, but alas he is a giant tub of lard), so maybe we should confess our various sins. My chief one would be "being entertained by his boundless stupidity."

      1. But you aren't real. Bill said so!

        And speaking of Bill, he's now "Doom Clock Bill." I love this Bill, truly.

    1. I googled his fake-ass resume! I even said my opinions about stuff!

  3. You mean that Dumbass is now able to read exactly what I wrote about him in an unguarded moment?


    Bet he's stupid enough to publish it on his own site too.

    1. Show of hands...

      How many Zombies would express a protected opinion in an "unguarded" moment that you would not be willing to (or, haven't already) expressed right out in the damn open concerning a certain Deranged Cyberstalker?

      Yeah. That's what I thought. *crickets*

  4. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/581814074046058496

    I guess that's why there's a sub-20 minute window on you checking on what I've written about you and you having to comment on it. Actually the time window is probably smaller since I was reading other stuff before opening Twitter.

    Is it possible to buy just F5 keys in bulk?

      1. so thats how he's doing it. makes sense since he doesn't need the characters used in "smart" or "self-control" or "logic" or "quit while you are not quite so far behind".

      1. Ooops - goofed that up didn't I?

        Maybe 2nd try will work better: To gmhowell both for the graphic, and especially for auditing that class:


  5. Blood on the Mike @BloodontheMike ·

    There's a time to man up, fold your tent, and steal away into the night never to be heard from again. That time has come for Patrick Grady.

    You first, champ.

    1. Someone is going to have to explain to him that butthurt just isn't a federal course or state course of action



    2. Someone should explain to him that just because Mr. Grady hasn't monitored his every word, and he's gotten away with it so far, doesn't mean he'll continue to get away with writing about Mr. Grady; especially when he's clearly sending messages TO Mr. Grady. I mean, when you mention the man's first and last names, there can be no mistake.

      OH, wait! I forgot - schmalogic and schmalaw - he'll write an 93 page plleading for the Illinois court that he didn't mean that Patrick Grady, but a different Patrick Grady who doesn't hold a restraining order against him. Cos that'll work. This time. Right? bwahahahaha

    3. "You first, champ."

      Wow! If only Bill Schmalfeldt had been called upon repeatedly to MAN THE FUCK UP, yet retreated in ignominious disarray.

      That'd be, like, totally ironical er something.

      Ha. Ha. And, yes, MOTHERF*CKING HA!

    4. He's really fixated that Paul making a PARODY of what Grady said means that Paul is Grady, isn't he? Bwahahahahaaaaa!

      1. considering how many times PK has parodies Bildo in the first person, does that mean, according to Bildo logic that PK = Bildo???

        asking for a friend.

  6. The mayo'ed one will start the doomsday clock today if demands are not met! What a dumbass!

  7. I see we have another time limited threat "Do X by time Y, or Z will happen, and you won't like Z". I note that time Y is less than 3 hours after the threat was made. Assuming for the sake of argument that PG were indeed PK, how does BS know that his conflated PG/PK persona is in a position to even see his threat before time Y? It may be a Saturday, but many people work on weekends. Many other people have plans for weekends which don't involve sitting at a computer for hours on end just in case a (in)credible threat is posted that they need to act on.

    I also see numerous violations of the Illinois PO which unlike the Arizona and Maryland equivalents actually forbade writing about the subject as well as writing to the subject. Those tweets last night and this morning are definitely the former and quite possible the latter. With everything that has been posted over the last month or so by BS claiming that PG is PK and writing about PG, is the Illinois court system going to ignore this flouting of their order? If nothing else, it is obviously against BS's interest in the case on the 16th, since it shows his insistence on ignoring court orders.

  8. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/581827446460280832

    I can completely understand why Dumbass might never write about any of those things. Doing so must be like Skinnerian aversion training for him. A jolt every time he touches the subject.

    1. ahashshshshshahahahahahahashhahssaaasahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      what an maron

      buh buh buh your honor they said mean things about me that were based on stuff (sniff sniff) I wrote but but but they shouldn't be holding my own words and deeds against cause cause cause your honor they are tea party wingnuts and and and shuddnt be able to say nuthin

      I'm only hitting the high points here

    2. The "forged" letter is just the same type of material he posts continuously in public. It is in keeping with his behavior, and anyone familiar with these events finds it believable that he wrote it.

      More importantly, it could be discarded as being unproven as to its origin AND HE STILL VIOLATED THE PEACE ORDER. So his continued focus on it is immaterial.

      1. Up in Alaska, they warn visitors that bears are gentle as long as you don't surprise them. They give out little silver bells to ring to warn the bear you are coming, and cans of pepper spray in case the bear charges anyway.

        It is vital to know if the bears in the area are brown bears or Grizzly bears. You can tell by checking their pooh. Grizzly bear pooh has little silver bells in it and smells like pepper.

  9. Illinois has different laws - Acme legal has corrected the state of IL, and soonn the magical subpoena powers of the Amazon Federal Police shall magically rise up out of the jars of mayo and descend upon us mice quivering fear (or was it laughter) at the mighty one who once had the federal powers of blogging instead of working

  10. Blood on the Mike @BloodontheMike

    ...decisions have consequences. I know Grady isn't playing with a full deck and obsession is part of his illness, but ENOUGH!!!

    Hi, "Projection Bill"! We missed you so!

  11. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/581844024392327168

    Once again we get to see the immense talent of this almost legendary government highly overpaid writer.

    No. Decisions do not necessarily have consequences. Actions have consequneces. Decisions are purely mental events that may or may not get translated into actions. This realization of action may be affected by consequent decisions, opposing forces, or sheer lack of will.

    While this lacks the all out creepines of your previous works "virgin infants blood" and "scream like scalded puppies", I still think it merits archiving in the Odd and Wierd Dumbas Hall of Phrases.

    Thanks for your new entry.

    Be well, or fuck off and die, coin flip really.

    1. With that level of projection, it's a shock he never worked at a Cineplex.

    1. He chose to dox me after I posted an innocuous little comment on a blog post about how horrible his 2013 was.


      1. something like that concept but I think its better if everyone could play it straight faced and not break the fourth wall with sarc tags and such. A whole lineup of innocent faces stating the same thing over and over and over, both saying that he's pulled this sit all the time and that the idea that two people saying much the same thing is any kind of proof is ludicrous.

        Its pretty much a true statement for almost anyone, Dumbass has probably tried the dox on anyone who ever posted negative about him and we are legion.

    2. He chose to dox me after I posted an innocuous little comment on a blog post (about how horrible his 2013 was).


      We are legion.

  12. Blood on the Mike @BloodontheMike
    · 55m 55 minutes ago
    To quote Dan Akroyd, "Jane, you ignorant slut." If I do not CONTACT the nutcase, I can talk ABOUT him all day long!


    From the Illinois Stalking/No Contact Order: A stalking "course of conduct" includes acts in which you directly, indirectly, or through third parties, by any action, method, device, or means follow, monitor, observe, surveil, threaten, or communicate to or about, a person

    Can anyone explain how obsessively tweeting about someone, by name, does NOT constitute communicating about that person?

    I suppose I've just misquoted the order by copy/pasting directly from the ticked off sections of the order constituting the actions it requires of the defendant.

    1. Oopsie Poopsie.

      Ya know... if BS didn't like the VERY CLEAR parameters included in the Illinois Stalking/No Contact Order, maybe he should have considered showing up instead of hiding in his tincasa like a coward. Wouldn't there, too, have been an appeal process if he was so convinced lying is what secured the order against him in the first place.

      Again -- that order CLEARLY states that the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is NOT to even communicate ABOUT Grady. But, BS just keeps racking up the violations, because quite apparently that is what Deranged Cyberstalkers do.

  13. A career opportunity for Dumbass:


    heck, he can beat their quota of 135 posts per work shift without wetting his jammies

    1. What's funny is, he now knows we know virtually everything about him. If one of us, ANY of us, actually wanted to truly harm him, it would be a snap. Heck, we know enough about him to get credit cards in his name, if we wanted to. Somebody could simply drive over to his Tincasa and beat him to a pulp, if we wanted to. It wouldn't be hard.

      But nobody is doing anything like that, because nobody cares. He's simply a toy to be played with. You push the buttons and the little lights come on. You poke the troll and he freaks out. That's all.

      And if he honestly thinks a court of law is going to proclaim him the winner in an Internet flame war, he's an idiot. Oh, what am I talking about- OF COURSE he thinks the judge is going to hoist his pudgy fist into the air and proclaim him the baddest assed mofo on the Internet. Because he's an idiot.

  14. TMZ is here.

    @bloodonthemike is not.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    1. It's always a safe bet that the demented freak, repeatedly adjudicated stalker and harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt, is much too stupid to figure out anything on his own. His "war council" is likely comprised of other members of team evil, who could also be known as team imbecile, so it's not likely they had anything helpful to contribute to his ravings. Did they get a clue? Not likely. Or did he get a lawyer? He's claimed, and shown for years, he's not smart enough.

      I'll go with: Just is usual cowardice.

    2. Really, what does changing the twitter name do? And the new one doesn't even make any sense. Mikeintheblood would have at least been reasonable given the header picture and the avatar.

  15. Let me see if I have this right. Last week BS was crowing like a bantam rooster that BK had written proof that PK was WJJH, now BS says he has proof that PK is P. Grady. I like to stay current you know.

    1. [Shameless Plug] Of course, a useful tool for staying up-to-date on the insanity of Bill Schmalfeldt would be a certain blog *cough* http://viewfromnl.wordpress.com *cough* where rumor has it a relevant post has just been blogged!

      1. That's a nice roundup of Schmalfeldt's multiple violations of a court order. Thanks.

      2. "That’s a nice roundup of Schmalfeldt’s multiple violations of a court order. Thanks."

        And it's too late for Bill Schmafeldt to do anything... Except wait for the knock on the door.

    1. I'd actually be rather worried about touching anything from that printer if they are "pooted" out! He really does have a butt and poop fetish, doesn't he.

    2. My roommate just told me earlier today that my printer is possessed. Is that the same sort of thing?

  16. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/581968275015360512

    We are all Aaron Worthing now! Ask your excellent friend if that's the case, Blob.

    Actually, I tend to agree and I'm sure you can explain it to the judge you get hauled before in Illinois. Then again, Illinois is a progressive utopia often unencumbered by that pesky Constitution.

    1. Do you think the State of Illinois will request his presence?

      I hear the Prius gets excellent gas mileage and the Pedo Bomber has not been on a road trip with someone....err... special in quite some time!

    2. Funny how BS didn't have a single problem with Aaron's First Amendment rights being violated when a judge declared Aaron couldn't write about the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin. In fact, I believe that BS actually went out of his way in an effort to get Aaron to violate the court order.

      But, ya know... Aaron appealed the decision and won. He went through the legal process of restoring his First Amendment rights. BS hasn't. BS opted not to appeal the Illinois Stalking/No-Contact Order, therefore he is in direct violation of it every time he even writes ABOUT Grady.

      My guess would be that it would have been easier to appeal and fight and restore one's rights before one chose to repeatedly spit in the face of a judge and the order he issued.

  17. Go for it.


    John Hoge posted the screencap of the twitter post over at Hogewash. Nice, but such a statement really needs that look to put it in context.

    We had one of our almost 15 year old cats die and got word of a friend who'd heard terrible medical news yesterday, so there was no "Billy Sez" for the day. There may be a bonus one later- logorrhea is a terrible thing... to go to waste.

    1. RIP kitty. 🙁 And I hope your friend is able to recover from the news, no matter how terrible. Prayers for them.

      And yes, there is sooooo much to choose from with Billy.

  18. To the Cabin Boy:
    How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.
    ~Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)


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